1. BlackstoneJD

    Ayre Acoustics "Codex" DAC/Headphone Amp

    Check this thing out! Based on how good Pono sounds, this thing is going to be a giant killer! It actually has better paper specs than my $3,000+ Ayre QB-9 DSD DAC. 128 DSD and 32/384 playback. The product is expected to be under $2,000. I wonder if will actually sound better than my DAC.  ...
  2. peregrinare

    Can I run headphone directly from Ayre QB-9?

    Hi guys. I'm still waiting for my amp to arrive. In the meantime, is it okay to run full sized cans from the Ayre QB-9 DAC directly?
  3. carm

    Entry dac: Esoteric D7 / Ayre QB-9 / Weiss 202 / Antelope's Zodiac Gold+Voltikus / other

    Hi Guys,   I was wondering maybe some you have heard one or even all of them and could share your opinion: maybe they are just overpriced and I should look into something cheaper that could somewhat be in the same league as those entry DACs ? Thanks    
  4. Toob-Toob

    REVIEW: Red Wine Audio Isabellina (Pro) LFP-V DAC

    Alright, let me give a little back. Since I've benefited far more from Head-Fi than the community has with my lurking presence, it's time I posted something of substance. My first contribution are my impressions of the Red Wine Audio Isabellina LFP-V USB DAC. As a matter of disclosure, I much...
  5. Freazy

    Looking for a great DAC to match the Cavalli Liquid Fire

    Hey guys,so i need some good advice here so what better place than to ask the members at head-fi. So i will be receiving my Cavalli Liquid Fire in a short while so i will be looking for a great DAC to match the LF. As of now i'll have to use the DAC section of my Burson HA-160D, that's no...
  6. Tuberoller1

    Best DAC from $1500 to $2500 (or so) Can anything beat the Eastern Electric Minimax?

    I currently have an eastern electric minimax dace with a mullard tube in it as well has a musical fidelity v-link asynchronous usb->spdif feeding it.  From what I've read the EE seems like a giant killer (especially with the MF v-link feeding it).  My question is, how much would I have to spend...
  7. aklein55

    Stax 009/Woo WES - what's the DAC that goes with this setup?

    I just purchased a Stax 009 and Woo WES amp and need a DAC - what are the obvious choices in the $3 - $10K price range?   Thx
  8. Surfski

    Ayre / NAD / Eximus comparison?

    Ok I sold everything and will be starting from scratch. Goal: computer audio + TV + headphones.    The previous non headphone centric system was Musical Fidelity M5 integrated with Revel M22 speakers. However NOW I have thin walls and cranky neighbors. I still have the speakers but sold the...
  9. yanfeng

    Some Impressions of Ayre QB-9

    I've lived happily with the legendary Benchmark DAC1 and HD650 for over 4 years, until I married with an HD800 recently. Suddenly I felt the old DAC1 as the bottleneck. The Uber resolution of HD800 somehow magnifies the shortcomings of DAC1. I narrowed my path of upgrade to Weiss DAC2 and...
  10. dudefromearth

    sennheiser hd800 amp in the $500-$1000 range

    Does anyone have anyone recommmendations?
  11. freakmax

    Please recommend the replacement for my Apogee Duet

      I'm looking for a new DAC with USB or Firewire to replace my Duet. I heard good things about Ayre QB-9 and I probably buy it. I think I would spend about 2500USD or less. Please recommend me the alternatives to Ayre QB-9.(Can I do better for this price range?)   Thanks
  12. burnspbesq

    Manley Stingray as Headphone Amp?

    Has anyone out there had an opportunity for extended headphone listening on the new-generation Stingray? If yes, would love to hear your impressions. I'm looking for an amp that will be used in my desktop system. Source is mostly high-res files (downloads and vinyl rips) residing on a...
  13. USAudio

    CEntrance DACport & Ayre QB-9

    Granted, measurements are not always indicative of final sound quality but out of curiousity I compared the Stereophile Measurements of the CEntrance DACport (June 2010 issue) to another USB-only DAC, the Ayre QB-9...
  14. regal

    Ayre QB-9 USB

    Is there any chance that Ayre will release their fantastic USB implementation as a transport?  I like this DAC from the I2S input back,  the DAC and analog isn't my cup of tea.
  15. Ayre Acoustics QB-9

    Ayre Acoustics QB-9

    From Ayre's Web site: "Perfectly proportioned, the QB-9 is destined to convert your computer into an uncompromised digital library of your favorite music. A simple USB connection engages the Asynchronous transfer mode ensuring accurately timed music with jitter levels over a hundred times lower...