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Ayre Acoustics "Codex" DAC/Headphone Amp

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  1. BlackstoneJD
    Check this thing out! Based on how good Pono sounds, this thing is going to be a giant killer! It actually has better paper specs than my $3,000+ Ayre QB-9 DSD DAC. 128 DSD and 32/384 playback. The product is expected to be under $2,000. I wonder if will actually sound better than my DAC.
  2. NA Blur
    Looks interesting, but it does not look like a typical Ayre product.  I mean Ayre gear always looks extremely high quality and this thing, as it stands in the photo, appears to be a demo or prototype.
  3. BlackstoneJD
    It is a prototype. I would be shocked if this does not end up being the best sounding product in its price range.
  4. hola
    Looks good! Hope its output impedance is lower than Pono's.
  5. Joeybgood
    I've exchanged a few emails with Brent of Ayre Acoustics today  looking for some production updates. Here's what he had to say:
    "Right now it looks like we will begin shipping these in the second week of May. That is a little later than we hoped, but it is going to be spectacular!"
    "We are still on track for a price of $1495 and yes you are correct on the inputs and outputs. The front 1/8" can be configured to be two single-ended outs or a set of balanced outputs. There will also be single-ended and balanced outputs on the back of the Codex as well."
    "The outputs on the back will be for audio components. The Codex can be used as a stand alone DAC or a DAC / Digital Preamp as well as a headphone amp. We will be coming out with other products in this new Anthology line to go with the Codex to make small audio systems. All the Codex will be sold through dealers"
  6. Frihed89
    I know nothing about this amp, but if you are asking questions, ask about the power supply.  The Dac section, from what i've read, is pretty standard on new Dacs and that's OK.  I haven't heard any of their new products, but the ones from 5-10 years ago sounded warmish, and that's not a bad thing either, but it does depend on your taste.  I hesitate to characterize what's on the other end of warmish, but if you've ever heard one, the Cavelli Liquid Fire (?) is at that end.  I'll go ahead anyway - brain-cell destroyer.
  7. Jodet
    'We will be coming out with other products in this new Anthology line to go with the Codex to make small audio systems.'
    That's the most interesting thing said here, at least to me.  
    So, a dedicated headphone amp?   One with analog inputs maybe?   Let's hope so.  
  8. Joeybgood
    agreed... Would have liked there to be more than just USB and Toslink available. This is the first I've heard mention of them releasing a "Anthology" line. Intriguing.
  9. Joeybgood
    A couple more tidbits from AA:
    "The Codex should have plenty of power to drive any headphones out there. The power listed is twice what the Pono player has and not only that, but the Codex has an amazingly strong power supply which lets it drive difficult loads.

    "If you live anywhere near LA we are going to have it available to listen to at the upcoming CanJam there. Otherwise it will start to show up in our dealers around the middle of May".
    "We will have the Codex at Expona. It will be at the Audio Consultants room. Definitely take your headphones and listen to it there".
  10. Daeder
    I'm very curious about the Codex 1 from Ayre. As I'm looking for a new amp at that price range of about $1,500, I'm curious how it would stack up against the Woo wa7 Fireflies with Wa7tp. As that is what I am currently eyeing but could see myself picking up the Codex if it reviews positively over the Wa7.
  11. Jodet
    We're talking about something that is not even out yet.   But guessing on my experience with the WA7 I'd say the WA7 might have a better amp but the Codex might have a better dac. 
    This is just a guess, obviously.  
    Wasn't the Codex supposed to be out in April?   
  12. Joeybgood
    I've posted some info (see posts above) from Brent of Ayre. (Sounds like a British knight eh? Lol) he is saying middle May for a release. Haven't seen very many impressions about Codex from Headfiers that attended Can Jam . this was rather disappointing and I'm left kinda scratching my head.
  13. Daeder
    Yeah. I was left scratching my head also trying to find anything about it regarding its sound. We will have to wait and see.
  14. Joeybgood
    Yeah... I am kinda left thinking that perhaps it didn't leave a really GOOD impression nor really poor, but rather, somewhere inbetween or else folks would have given it more mention. Know what I mean?
  15. Daeder

    I just hope that's not the case as they the Codex seem really like a really promising amp/dac.
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