1. tropicana

    el84 vs 6080 tube amps

    I noticed that there are quite a number of tube amps that use el84 output tubes (ear+, cs300, taboo, etc...), how do they compare against the 6080 based tube amps (wa2, wa22, crack, teton)? Is it possible to tell how an amp would sound based on the output the used?
  2. Pustik

    Amp from overseas, need your help.

    Hello guys, I'm thinking of buying an amp from EU, unit has 230v. So my question is how will I be able to use it here in US? Any recommendation on power transformer, or will it be better if I had professional to change it to US vol. I would like to hear your opinion. BTW amp is leben cs300sx.
  3. BugleBoy

    Leben CS300X went up in Smoke - HELP!!!

    This morning when i switched on the Leben I heard 2 popping sounds within 10 Seconds with smoke starting to come up from underneath the amp. I immediately switched off the Leben and tested the tubes...both tubes on the right channel were dead with the left channel still testing strong. (The...
  4. mlantinen

    Need to downgrade from Leben CS-300X to another Headphone/Speaker Amp. Need alittle help please.

    Here's a funny one for ya.  Most people are perfectly happy with their Leben's...including myself.  But I need to downgrade to recoup alittle nest egg.    So, I need an Integrated with Headphone out and Passive Speaker Taps.  Here's what I'm thinking:     1) Peachtree Nova ($750 to...
  5. Beyerdynamico

    Leben's owners request! What I found inside my Leben CS-300X limited.

    Hi guys,   Several days ago, I wanted to open the under cover of my beloved Leben CS-300X limited edition. What I found was weird. I loose wire from the filtering section of the rectified AC to DC from the transformer, the power supply (I think, I'm not an expert). I will show you below two...
  6. Spaniard

    Cavalli Liquid Fire & Leben CS300X

    Disclaimer- this is not only my first post in Head-fi, but also my first equiment review. Plus I am just an audio aficionado- no sound engineering nor musical credentials. As such, my listening impressions only represent my personal views, although I hope they can be of help to other Head-fiers...
  7. M

    a steady noise only on the right channel if the Leben cs300

    Hello, I have a Leben cs 300 amps for two years and has recently started to make a hum noise only on the right channel, the sound has a volume of about -65db, audible, especially with my high efficiency headphones, but the noise does not change whith the volume is always fixed, but is...
  8. Purnendu

    Newbie question

    Hi folks, Dumb question may be? Is it possible to run a stax electrostatic headphone on a leben300 xs amplifier? If not, could someone please explain why. The AKG 1000 can apparently be driven to good effect on this amp, although from the speaker terminals Am just begining my head phone...
  9. zachchen1996

    The absolute BEST amp for the LCD-3 (only vote if you have heard the mjolnir and at least one other amp, preferably most on the list)

    Set on getting LCD3s, preferred its sound to the hifimans in general by a wide margin. Heard LCD3s with the mjolnir and gungnir and loved it. But I have only heard the LCD3s with the mjolnir amp, are there other amps that are better than the mjolnir FOR THE LCD3s in your opinion? Only vote if...
  10. GuyDebord

    A Twisted Review: HD800's Calculative, Clinical and Sterile Soul

    This is an extension of opinions I recently posted in the high-end forum. I felt it was interesting to share my views on the HD800 in the general forum, where everyone hangs out. I just sold my HD800's to a friend, after having them for almost a month. At the beginning, I remember being very...
  11. seacard

    Integrated tube amps (Leben, Luxman) vs. stand-alone headphone amps

    It's been a long time since I've owned a tube amp (Singlepower soured me on the whole tube experience), so I haven't really kept up with many of the recent tube offerings.  But I'm getting the itch again, as my HD800 sounding a little harsher and brighter than I want it to sound.  (I know...
  12. ardilla

    Integrated Amplifiers and Preamplifier with Good, Great or Excellent Headphones Output - Contribute to a LIST of amps!

    I've been searching for integrated speaker amplifiers/integrated amps that doubles as a great headphone amp, and now I am the proud owner of two such pieces. There are other threads that have tried the same thing, but not all threads are easily found on this site - and I've tried to formulate...
  13. Pingvin

    Leben CS600 in DC area -- anyone with LCD2, T1, GS1000, HD800, 702 who wants to listen?

    I have a Leben CS600 and want to get some better phones. But I'd like to avoid the hassle and expense of returning and paying restocking fees if I don't like the match. Perhaps there are some Head-fiers in the Washington DC area with Audeze LCD2, Beyer T1, Senn HD800, Grado GS1000 or AKG701/702...
  14. mvdventura


    The story goes like this.   I have the following rig:   Amp: Leben CS-300 (with Sylvania tubes) CD player: Esoteric UX-1 DAC: Yamamoto YDA-01 Loudspeakers: Zu Druid Subwoofer: Zu Method Cables: Zu Varial, Zu Method and spanish made power cords.   Music preferences:  ...
  15. rgs9200m

    Can o' worms? Are HD800s evolving with new frequency-response curves?

    This subject was brought up in the Apex Pinnacle vs. Leben 300XS amp review thread and I thought it deserved its own thread. For the record, my 800s, #6320, seem to have lots of bass but there is slightly mild chill in the lower treble compared to my T1s and PS1000s (not bothersome with my...
  16. Lan647

    Leben CS300(XS) vs Woo Audio WA22

    I was looking into some higher end amps and would like to read a comparison between the two above. Let the WA22's balanced option face the integrated speaker section of the Leben. I'm using the Sennheiser HD 800...
  17. Lan647

    Warm setup for the HD 800

    I prefer to start my own treads instead of using existing HD 800 threads, then I get all the focus      I think the HD 800 is a very balanced headphone with relaxed (yet extended and detailed) treble, nice mids (though my current setup doesn't provide the same wonderful presence I heard with...
  18. d1554573r

    AKG K701 - AMP

    Greetings Head-fiers,   I understand that im picking an old subject that keeps coming back on these forums quite frequently.   I got a problem with my AKG's, I know that decent headphones need equally decent amp but when it comes to these they need a powerplant...   Im using Project...
  19. superjohny

    how is audio-gd phoenix different to its c-3mk3?

    they are pretty much about the same price.   it gives me some kind of feeling that phoenix has more features and c-3mk3 has better amping.    is it so? i am very interested to know how different will they sound to amp a headphone.
  20. mophead

    Eddie Current Balancing Act vs Leben 300 or 300xs - pls share your experience

    Hi fellow music lovers,   pls share your listening experience on the 2 amps? Planning to pair it with Audeze LCD2.   Many have rave about the performance of the Leben as a head-amp and its near perfect price to performance ratio.   Im however intrigued by the idea that the BA can...
  21. mbllbm

    Best headphones for LEBEN cs 300?

    I've been thinking of buying myself a pair of headphone for LEBEN cs 300. so any suggestions ? thanks
  22. IJetPhone

    Beyerdynamic DT880 (600ohm), amplification for movies/games

    Hello, i am a long time reader and first time poster (almost) here and after reading several topics concerning amplifiers and a high-impedance headphones like DT880 i had to make some questions and hoping to get answers, since i do not have the most knowledge for this..   So my questions...
  23. minimus

    Question for former Singlepower owners: What amp are you using now?

      A lot of Head-Fi members who used to own Singlepower amps must have moved on to other headphone amps by now.     If you used to own a Singlepower, what amp are you using now and how does the sound quality compare to the Singlepower?  I am especially interested in experiences with other...
  24. thinkpol

    Best amp/dac for D7000s?

    I love my D7000s, so much so that I got rid of my HD650s, T1s and will be selling my DT990/600s soon. I purchased an amp specifically for the T1s before getting the D7000s and have since sold it because I found out that the D7000s are the cans for me. I'm having them pampered right now (lawton...
  25. TigzStudio

    Which amp are you the most curious about hearing paired with the LCD-2's (poll)

    Doing a simple poll to see which amp the general head-fi populous is curious about hearing paired with the LCD-2's.  If you have another not in the list, post it in a reply.