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Urbanist / University Professor

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    Urbanist / University Professor
    Serious Music
    Headphone Inventory:
    Stationary Listening (office):
    OPEN: Stax Omega 007A #SZ2-1008 [replaced (in order of preference): K1000 #04158, HD800, DT880 600ohm, K701, ATH-AD900, SR325]
    CLOSED: Stax 4070 Monitor #SY1-1134 [replaced (in order of preference): ATH-W5000, DT770 600ohm, ATH-W10VTG, PRO900, K271MKII]

    On the move / bedroom:
    ACS Encore Studio, EarSonics EM3-Pro (TWag), Beyerdynamic T5p and Shure SRH-940 [replaced in order of preference: JH13-Pro (TWag), EarSonics SM2dlx, ER-4p,, Custom 3, X10, IE8] [they also replaced the following portable cans: Ultrasone Ed.8, Audio Technica ESW10jpn, Sony MDR-CD3000, PRO900, DT770 250ohm, PortaPro, ATH-ANC7, SR80]
    Stax SR-001 MK II
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Stationary Listening:
    Woo GES Maxed, Mullard 12AX7/EAT Cool Dampers
    [replaced (in order of preference): Leben CS300x, Franke Custom Siemens C3g, SPL Phonitor, van Waarde custom OTL, Lehmann Audio Black Cube Linear, Graham Slee Solo SRG]

    On the move:
    Sony Zx-2, AK120 [replaced: Headstage Arrow 12HE iQube v1, Rx, TTVJ Slim, Corda3Move, Pico]
    Stax SRM-001 MKII UltraFatCat+ mod
    Source Inventory:
    Stationary listening:
    naim DAC (office)
    Benchmark DAC1 Audiocom Level 2 mod + squeezebox classic 3 (bedroom)

    On the move:
    Sony ZX-2, AK120 [replaced:Cypher Labs AlgoRythm Solo, Ipod Classic 160gb 7th gen., Iphone 3G]
    Cable Inventory:
    Wireworld Silver Eclipse 5.2 (Franke)
    Acoustic Zen Matrix Reference II (Woo)

    On the move:
    Whiplash TWag Mini LOD [replaced: qables silvercab]

    van den Hul Optocoupler (naim)
    van den Hul Digicoupler (benchmark)

    Power Cables:
    van den Hul Mainserver (Benchmark, Aqvox, Franke)
    Isotek Premium (Woo)
    Power-Related Components:
    Xentek 1kva Extreme Isolator Transformer + Siltech Octopus (office)
    Isotek EVO 3 Sirius (bedroom)
    Other Audio Equipment:
    SPEAKERS: Kharma CRM 3.2FE -> v/d Hul Inspiration
    PRE: Lyngdorf DPA-1 -> Kharma Grand Reference XLR's -> AMP: Halcro MC20
    ANALOGUE: Clearaudio Ambient CMB, Satisfy Carbon & Lyra Helikon SL, ASR Basis Exclusive phono pre -> Acoustic Zen Silver Reference II XLR’s
    DIGITAL: Slim Devices Transporter -> Siltech Golden Ridge AES/EBU -> Lyngdorf DPA-1
    AC: PS Audio Power Plant Premier, PS Audio Statement(PPP), ASR Magic Cord(ASR), Siltech SPX30 MKII's for the Lyngdorf, Halcro & Transporter
    Music Preferences:


    STAX (007A / 4070) ← Woo GES Maxed, EAT Cool Damped 12AX7 Mullards ← Berkeley Alpha 2+USB ← MacMini Server
    ACS Encore Studio(Linum Balanced) / EarSonics EM3Pro(TWag3) / Beyerdynamic T5p ← Sony ZX2
    Sony MDR-1000x ← Sony NW-A35
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