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Amp recommendations for Audeze LCD-2

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by oqvist, Jun 4, 2010.
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  1. WayTooCrazy
    The Deckard is nice. The Mojo has a "crisper" sound to it. The Deckard sounds more like tubes, and the Mojo is more refined. I'm not sure if I'm keeping the Deckard anymore.
    100% correct. The Mojo can power the LCD2 without issue.
  2. sludgeogre
    Chord designs tend to win people over pretty quick, same as Schiit. I have a Bifrost Uber and an Emotiva XMC-1 so I have yet to make the jump to Chord, but one day I really want to get the Mojo/Poly combo, but man, their stuff is pricey.
  3. martinrajdl
    @WayTooCrazy Wow, that's pretty interesting. Seems like all the hype is very well deserved.
    I have also come to the conclusion that I would much rather have something somewhat portable, and with what you have to say about Mojo, I guess I'll be getting me rather soon. 
  4. WayTooCrazy
    Agreed. It is a bit pricey. I also 'am looking at adding the Poly as I can leave my tablet in the house and just take that combo to the patio to listen. Now I just need to get into wine and I'll be set.

    The hype is real, the hype is worthy. I'm tempted to put the Deckard and LCD-2 up as a pair and put that towards an Elear.
  5. martinrajdl
    I don't know really about mojo being pricey, compared to everything I would have to pay import fees and taxes for, it's pretty OK to me.
    However, before I got the LCD-2 I was also heavily considering the Elear, and I am glad that I got the LCDs. I definitely wouldn't mind having the Elear as well, but between the two, I like the LCD-2 much better. 
    What makes you consider the switch ? 
  6. sludgeogre
    Mojo is very affordable on it's own, but adding a Poly it gets a little pricey for me. I just love the idea of controlling it with airplay. I have an iBasso DX80 for office/portable use right now and it sounds great, but can't drive my LCD-2 at work so I have to connect it to an Asgard 2.
    I also really like Chord's designer Rob Watts' work. Their line of DACs are really interesting designs. Everyone loves the DAVE, and it's a really weird product that sounds like it shouldn't work, but apparently it works great.
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  7. WayTooCrazy
    The reviews of the match, but now that I hear that the upper mids are a bit recessed, I'm no longer considering the Elear. I'm happy with what I have and will continue my search for my perfect closed headphone. I want the LCD-XC, but would like to listen to them before committing to purchase. I need to try out the Mojo more as a "Pre", since the 1 time I tried it, I preferred the Deckard as a "Pre". So... if it continues this way, I will keep everything and wait till end of year to purchase a nice closed headphone.
  8. WayTooCrazy
    I'm also considering the Poly for use outside on Patio... where I will not need to bring my Tablet. Even on the go, I can outfit my phone with a 256GB card instead of the 128GB and just use it wirelessly.   BTW: I hate the DAVE, not because it isn't good... because I can't afford it or justify the cost of giving it more than a side glance.
  9. WayTooCrazy
    @martinrajdl Doing more listening to the Mojo vs the Deckard. To be honest, I still really like the sound of the Deckard. It has a somewhat Tube sound that I really enjoy. The Mojo is definitely no slouch and a bit "cleaner", but also more analytical. I believe that the Deckard would pair better with more headphones than Mojo. If the Deckard was mobile, it would be what I'd take around with me over the Mojo I think. Still testing more music though.
  10. WayTooCrazy
    Deckard has gone up for sale if anyone is interested.

  11. martinrajdl
    Wow, that went downhill for deckard pretty quickly. Anyway, thanks for the impressions, I think it is really impressive that a tiny portable amp is good enough to give a popular pick like the Deckard a run for its money.
    I am almost certain I will be picking it up too as I became very fond of the idea of being able to take the LCD-2 around with me to different rooms and to bed etc.
    Can't wait to get it. 
    I don't really get all the hype about Poly though, I really don't think that the wireless possibilities are such a big deal, especially considering how much it costs. I don't see what is so bad about just plugging it via a cable. Maybe I am missing something but at least for right now, I am not very interested. 
  12. WayTooCrazy
    I would suggest you find someone local who has the Mojo and at least give it a listen with your LCD-2. Not everyone feels the way I did. There are also times when I feel the "slam" on the Deckard is better, but that is to be expected going from an "A" weighted Desktop amp to a portable one. I'm still looking around for a differential balanced headphone amp to pair with the Mojo. I'd still like to try it.
  13. SP Wild

    A differetially signalling amp to pair with Mojo doesn't make sense. The Mojo doesn't output a differential signal.

    Although having a balanced amp seems to be the defacto upgrade path these days, dvelopment of balanced amps will probably be humming along nicely.

    Be wary and educate yourself on balanced amps... Its a minefield.

    I keep looking at the Joteheim and the Asgard 2. I can't decide and money isn't the issue.
  14. WayTooCrazy
    As I understand it.. The RSA Amps (a couple of them anyway) can take the SE output from something like the Mojo and internally separate the signal into two opposing signals (isn't the differential... unless I have the concept completely wrong, and is likely the case) that can then be output via a balanced connector. It may not be "fully" balanced throughout, but this workaround still provides a workable balanced solution I would think. I was just wondering if there was anything else out there that does something similar.
  15. sludgeogre
    This is totally spot on. Absolutely zero point in buying a differential/balanced amp when you aren't pairing it with a balanced DAC. Chord makes everything single ended. They encourage XLR interconnects to their devices that have XLR to reduce noise that makes it's way to the device, but their designs are completely single ended. The more I read about balanced designs, the less I actually care about them for headphones, but my home theater is balanced all the way through.
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