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Amp recommendations for Audeze LCD-2

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by oqvist, Jun 4, 2010.
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  1. x RELIC x Contributor

    For the LCD-2.2 I like the Mojo very much. with the XC not so much. Although the XC is much easier to drive I find the XC too bright for my tastes nowadays. You can read my Mojo review from last year to see my thoughts on each pairing (near the end of the review). Compared to the Deckard the Mojo may sound not as full (from what I've read - I haven't personally heard the Deckard).

    If you want very good transients and exceptional transparency to the source the Mojo is your device. The DAC of the Mojo is special. If you want a more lush or euphonic presentation you may want to look at other gear like the WA8, ALO CDM, ALO Cv5, all transportable tube amps with the ALO CDM and WA8 having a built in DAC. There are a couple solid state amps like the FiiO e12 or Cayin N5 with gobs of power and bass boost, but i find their sound to be slightly grainy. Some find the Mojo thin with certain gear and I can see how they feel this way depending on where they are coming from. Others find the Mojo to be warm, and again, this depends on what gear one is coming from.

    Edit: I should emphasis that my LCD-XC is weak in the bass, and my LCD-2.2 is likely not as bright as the LCD-2f. Good 'ol Audeze variance.
  2. hawkward
    I actually would! I just got a 2nd hand Mojo and i find that it actually improves imaging and the soundstage by a fair bit as compared to the O2. However, it suffers a little in terms of the treble as there tends to be a bit of roll-off towards the higher ends. Still, the Mojo itself is an extremely capable DAC/amp that does sound worth it's price with the LCD-2f.
  3. WayTooCrazy

    Thanks guys. I just ordered up my Mojo. Now, do you prefer USB or Optical in for best sound on the Mojo? I'm looking at USB to Optical converters and wondering if I should even bother.
  4. martinrajdl
    Really interested to see your comparison of Mojo and Deckard sound quality wise. I have been looking into different desktop amps for the LCD2 but at the same time, I would like the versatility and portability of Mojo. I know you were looking into getting Jot too, so if you do that as well, let me know what they sound like [​IMG] [​IMG].
  5. WayTooCrazy
    The Jot is off the table for now. I'm more concentrating on a portable rig. If anything, I may add an RSA Protector in the mix (in future) if I feel I need more swing in power.
  6. martinrajdl
    @WayTooCrazy oh that's too bad, but definitely understandable decision considering that you already have the Deckard.
    The balanced setup of Jot and LC (and others) is still very intriguing though, at least to me. [​IMG]
  7. ripwallet
    is there any easy way to tell which revision you have? Checking my proof of authenticity card from Audeze it looks like mine were purchased in 2014 and they are the fazor model.  I bought them used, can grab the exact serial # is that helps. 

    So far loving my Lyr2 with them, looking forward to some tube rolling to experiment with the LCD-2s. 
  8. hawkward
    The Fazors feel like grilles located on the centre of the headphones. If you can feel it, then it's fazored. To confirm, you can also email Audeze CS; they can confirm warranty status and provide you with the individual FR graph for your unit as well.
  9. garretwp
    Those of you with a Jotunheim and LCD-2, at what volume position do you have your Jotunheim set at for both SE and Balanced? I have the Jot set at low gain and with SE, I have to have the volume set to around 11-12 o'clock position to be at a reasonable volume. When using balanced, it is around 10-11 o'clock. Does this seem about the same for you?

    - Garrett
  10. martinrajdl
    Hey, just a question here, but is it crazy to be considering getting a Mojo as my only dac/amp combo to use with the LCD-2? Since I got them and got rid of Val2 I have been picking out a replacement, but I can't really settle on anything, and I really like the fact that I could take mojo around the house etc, even though my primary use is would be a desktop. 
    I have been considering other things as well, namely Jot (which will probably be then one I'll get if I don't get Mojo), Lyr2, NFB-11, Liquid Carbon (I would like this one the most, but price and import fees), Deckard (still pretty darn expensive), Corda Jazz and Classic and Soloist SL mk2 and even Elise, but I'm not sure if it would be such a great pairing.
    I currently own an Odac, but I am thinking about selling it and going with either this or other Dac/amp combo or keeping in and getting one of the amps above.
    So my question is, would it be crazy to get Mojo instead of the other desktop amps above, even though desktop use is my main priority? Any opinions?  
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  11. WayTooCrazy
    I'm actually hoping the Mojo is all it is cracked up to be. If it "sounds" good, but doesn't have the driving power, I may pair it up with an Ray Samuels Protector or something similar for extra driving power. I don't intend to use the desktop amps often. I will probably keep my Deckard, as I like how it sounds feeding my desktop setup, but that could also change as well and if I replace it, I might go with a Schiit Modi Multibit.
  12. martinrajdl
    @WayTooCrazy Huh, like I mentioned before, I am really looking forward to your opinion about it when you get it. A lot of people seem to consider the Deckard an exceptional pairing for the LCD-2, and if the mojo manages to somewhat keep up, I would probably be sold.
  13. WayTooCrazy
    What I meant was, I'm actually quite interested in the pairing of the Mojo with the LCD as well. I will be heavily comparing the two (Mojo and Deckard). If I find that I enjoy the sound (DAC) of the Mojo, but think that I need more power (according to everyone, that isn't likely)...then I would consider adding on the RSA Protector to the Mojo to give it more driving power for the headphones (and also adding in Balanced mode). I prefer to stay "mobile", so I do not intend on looking further at many desktop style amps. 
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  14. Tom Blake
    @garretwp- I have my Jot at about 10-11 o'clock for SE connection on High Gain with my LCD2.2F. I will try balanced connection later this week when I get a cable. Very happy with my Jot/LCD2 combo!
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  15. Steve Wilcox
    I use the Mojo with my LCD2s in my main listening rig connected by optical and with a power cable permanently connected from my power conditoner. I generally listen in the orange zone which is very near the bottom. I don't think anyone would find the Mojo lacking in power for the LCD2s.
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