1. PascalT

    Looking for a new soundcard to replace Chaintech AV710

    I'm looking for a recommendation on a new sound card to replace my AV710.   Currently I am using: AV710 -> Optical out -> Concerto DAC -> Havana   What's the cheapest card out there that will allow me to get perfect output from the computer to my DAC using optical? Is the XONAR DG going to...
  2. shorty11

    AMP - Meier Concerto, Meier Classic or Schiit Valhalla

    Hi All,   I am interested in purchasing one of the three above to be a dedicated desktop amp for my Westone 4R's.   I am a noob... so I do not know which one would be best or if these are even ideally suited for the 4R's...So which one should I choose?   Any suggestions would be greatly...
  3. PTom

    Head Fi's Favourite Amp for the Audeze LCD 2: $200-$1000 [POLL]

    Votes for Other Amps    - ALO Audio Pan Am: 3  - Bottlehead S.E.X.: 1 - Darkvoice 336SE: 1 - Schiit Asgard 2: 1 - Woo Audio WA7: 1   -----------------------------   I thought it would be fun/informative to see which amps are the most loved among the Head Fi community for driving the...
  4. WiR3D

    [LIST][OPINION] Amp recommendations for Fostex/Denon Headphones.

    This is gonna be  bit of a rant here but I feel it needs to be done. If your easily offended leave now or just skip the rant section.   NB Trying for yourself is not always possible, although its the most desirable situation. This is aimed to guide people along what lines they must think...
  5. zakazak

    Please rate my future setup

    I plan to upgrade (well I wonder if you call it upgrade as the only thing I have right now are Sennheiser HD555) my audio system: Laptop (Malibal/Clevo P170HM) ODAC (or would you recommend something else?) Little Dot MK III Sennheiser HD600 Thanks to  filus for helping me with choosing...
  6. Argo Duck

    Schiit Bifrost vs Eastern Electric MiniMax DAC and Meier Corda Stagedac

    Updates and where to find them are listed here   1. 22/23 November: Added comments to 'Part (a) Highs'  based on listening with my old Stax Lambda Pro. Obviously, the Corda Concerto was not involved.   2. 20/21 December: See post 48 (p.4) for tentative comments of Beyer T1 with...
  7. zachchen1996

    The absolute BEST amp for the LCD-3 (only vote if you have heard the mjolnir and at least one other amp, preferably most on the list)

    Set on getting LCD3s, preferred its sound to the hifimans in general by a wide margin. Heard LCD3s with the mjolnir and gungnir and loved it. But I have only heard the LCD3s with the mjolnir amp, are there other amps that are better than the mjolnir FOR THE LCD3s in your opinion? Only vote if...
  8. musicmaker

    Back on head-fi. Amp recommendation please

    hi folks, back after a bit of a break from head-fi :-)   Just sold my beta22 and would like to try another amp to go with my Edition 8 and Buffalo dac. Have been looking at the Rudistor RPX-33 EV-08. I feel a bit out of date as there seems to be a bunch of new players in the last year I've...
  9. whatsntomake

    AMP/DAC suggestion for ATH-W5000 & Sennheiser HD 650

    Hey Head-Fi'ers    I'm looking into AMPs and DACs to drive my Audio-Technica ATH-W5000 and Sennheiser HD 650. Could you guys give me some good suggestions?   Thank you!
  10. asmagus

    New MEIER AUDIO headphone amp "CORDA CLASSIC"

      Corda Clasic - probably Concerto successor.      
  11. Szadzik

    Amplifier and DAC Choice

    Team,   I have been researching choices of headphone amplifiers and DACs to build a desktop rig.   I currently have an All-in-One desktop PC that I will use as the source - coaxial out or USB to be used to connect a DAC and amp.   I have been reading about Burson Audio HA-160 and it...
  12. ronrad

    Beyer A1 or Meier Concerto with Beyer T1s?

    So I'm looking for an amp for my T1s.   All the reviews I've seen on the A1 complain about it at the price point of $1200 or so, however, Headroom has a sale on the A1 at the moment for $779.   I'm seeing used Concertos for $600 or so.  At any rate, anyone have any info on how those pairings...
  13. W0lfd0g

    Looking for night time companion (erm, not that sort)

    Looking at setting up a night stand rig consisting of the following   iPod Classic > Onkyo ND-S1 > StageDAC > Corda Concerto > W1000X   Need something closed so as not to disturb my long-suffering wife at night.  Currently have the AT AD900s and find them to be quite comfortable listing...
  14. thegr8brian

    Meier Audio Concerto vs Headamp Gilmore Lite w/ DPS

    So I've been reading quite a bit and have narrowed my search for a solid state amp. My goal is a "wire with gain", "revealing of the source" philosophy. So within my budget it seems that the best options seem to be the Headamp Gilmore Lite with the dedicated power supply or the Meier Audio Corda...
  15. thegr8brian

    Most Transparent SS <$1000

    So I'm looking to buy my first standalone amplifier to break out from the one built into my Yulong D100. My goal is to purchase the most transparent and detailed amp I can for under $1000. Some of the options I've compiled after doing a lot of lurking around here are Yulong A100, AMB M^3...
  16. Tigers Go GRRR

    Are headphone amps frustrating and depressing?

    Most $1,000 headphone amps have nothing but a volume control. I'm used to "bass boost" or "equalizers" in my lower-end audio world and I was wondering if any headphone amp owners find it frustrating to not be able to adjust the highs, mids or lows to your preference on your amp. My fear is...
  17. qqbingbing

    The best Headphone Amp under 1000usd

    I am looking to get an amp soon, budget is 1000usd and not sure which one to go for. Currently have the RS1 and CD3000 but may get the T1 or HD800. I dont need the amp with DAC as I will get the DAC on its own. Mainly listen to Pop and classics, hope you guys could help me out.
  18. DavidMahler

    A great Solid State amp?

    I'm brainstorming for far in the future. What is a great solid state dynamic amp to add to my collection. I've narrowed it to 5: Beta 22 Luxman P1U RSA Apache Meier Concerto Headroom Balanced Desktop Headamp GS-X Any suggestions ? Thanks:) And since I write this OP on Xmas eve I feel it...
  19. TigzStudio

    The Violectric v282 thread

    I figured it would be nice to have a thread for the future Violectric V282 amplifier, based on the V200 circuitry.  There is also a possibility of two new versions coming out in 2011.     I recently emailed Violectric and got more in-depth details on the amplifier(s), which will hopefully be...
  20. USAudio

    LCD-2 details/transparency ?

    I recently purchased a pair of Audeze LCD-2's.  Let me first say the LCD-2's are like a fine, hand-crafted musical instrument.  Very solid, very well made and the presentation factor with the wood trim and wood storage box is excellent.  A beautiful product and a refreshing change from the...
  21. daremedy

    Corda Concerto accident - possible hearing damage - advice please

    I have just started getting into this hobby and suffered an unfortunate accident with the volume switch on a Corda Concerto. After having purchased a pair of Denon D5000, I went to a showroom here in Hong Kong to try various amps. When trying the Corda Concerto, there was a problem with the...
  22. judy1992

    Don''t want to try a bunch of entry level amps.. would like a solid amp in the 500-700 range.

  23. ktsai1283

    DT 880 or HD 600 or SRS-2170 System (~$1000)

    Hey, everyone!   I'm looking to purchase a new full-sized circumaural headphone with amplifier for around $1000 USD.  It will have to be a great all-rounder because I listen to many genres of music and because I hope to keep it for the next several years.   To give you an idea of my...
  24. tubulis

    Saying Hello - and the BURSON HA-160D versus the CORDA CONCERTO + CORDA STAGEDAC

      Hi all   A long time lurker has finally summoned up the courage to post. Over the last few months I've been an avid reader of the forum sucking up information and new audiophile terminology like a demented vacumn cleaner.    So my virgin paragraph leads me on to my first question but...
  25. project86

    Review: Yulong A100 headphone amp

        INTRO   Anyone who is familiar with me or my posts on HeadFi probably already knows how much I enjoy the Yulong D100. I end up recommending it constantly both as a reference grade DAC and a very good all in one solution. Ever since I discovered the D100 I’ve been wondering what...