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Amp recommendations for Audeze LCD-2

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by oqvist, Jun 4, 2010.
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  1. CarlosUnchained
    Anybody tested LCD-2 with the Jot?
  2. sludgeogre
    Not I, but have heard amazing things, and I want one.
  3. Nick727
    Anyone know how well the LCD-2 works with Magni2/Modi2? Just ordered b-stock and very excited! Will likely upgrade my amp down the line but for now any idea how the Schiit stack will fare?
  4. sludgeogre
    It sounds fantastic. Go for it.
  5. Scott Branham

    ​Where do you get the b-stock units, Nick?
  6. Nick727
    I may have worded that sentence incorrectly. I already own the Magni2/Modi2. The Audeze b-stock sale can be found here: https://www.audeze.com/promotional-products/audeze-black-friday-b-stock-sale
  7. cuiter23
    Should be a safe route. Can't go wrong with the Schiit. 
  8. Blotto80
    So I grabbed a Burson/Supreme Sound Lycan today with the SS5 OpAmp after only using my LCD2.1 through a Dynalo for the last while, these are like a whole new headphone. The bass response and weight has taken a huge leap forward and the overall sound is much more open. I've loved these 2.1s since the first time I heard them but I've been listening with the biggest grin on my face all evening. 
  9. HarryWarner1
    Burson Soloist Sl Mk2? 
  10. Blotto80
    No, the Lycan. Considerably cheaper and seems to be a great value so far:

  11. Scott Branham
    Well, I ended up ordering the Deckard. And since I have no experience with amplifying headphones (always used IEMs) , I'll have absolutely ZERO baseline or frame of reference to judge it buy! [​IMG]With all this talk of 8 watts, 12 watts, etc, I'm a little curious with the Deckard being 4 watts, which I do understand will way beyond drive the LCD-2f. I'm also curious how the Deckard will do with d5000 and 770 pro.
  12. bassaddicted
    The difference between 1mW and 1 watt  is only about 30dB. With the LCD-2, that would be about 130dB with 1w. From there, another 4 watts would get you half way to 140dB. They state 15w would get you >130dB, but if their 101dB/1w is accurate, 15w would be over 140dB. That is insane. 
    If their specs are correct, you can drive these more than adequately with a tiny cmoy. No need to worry about having gobs of reserve power.
    Scott Branham likes this.
  13. qaminh
    Finally got a LCD 2 Fazor for myself after a long time :) I'm looking an amp to pair with it. Now i'm wondering if the Schiit Jotunheim or Audio-gd C2 will be the better choice :) A friendly seller ( who sold me the LCD 2 ) adviced me should go with the Jot ( clean power, clean sound ) . But the C2 also have good scale . Both of them can drive Lcd2 well and have the same price. 
    (I also think to use ESS9018 as Chip for the DAC)
    Can anyone give me the advice, what amp should i choose ?
  14. David Maki
    Anyone have any thoughts on powering the LCD-2 with the Jolida Glass FX Tube DAC III?  
  15. jimmyjim
    One piece of the Puzzle.
    He ya Folks... 
    I just received my LCD-2 headphones...  I have not had any decent stereo equipment since I bought a Pioneer Receiver a CD-player  and 4 loudspeakers at the age of 16. Worked that whole summer in a hot factory and after those 2 months were up I payed the Audio man in cash for this system... Did it sound good who knows... I had the thing blasting when ever I had it on, but I sure did love it. 
    Now without any Stereo equipment for over 13 years and listening to some pretty awesome set ups from friends family ect I thought maybe it's time I throw away my no name book shelves speakers  that sit on my PC desk.  I do have a question regarding amps is the AMPS goal to make it like there was no amp even there?  What I am saying is if I am looking for the most realistic sound that the medium was released as would it make sense to pick the most Neutral Amp?   One that does not add anything or take anything away as much as possible...
    Reason I am asking is I want a AMP that will not make my Cans different. I do not want rounded bass mids this highs that... I do not want my AMP to do nothing but power my Cans.. If a song lacks bass then it lacked bass. Not by my AMP but it just had bad bass.. Not sure if I am even making sense. What I am looking for is a AMP that tries do stay in the background and I never even think about it Ever...      
    Thanks a lot guy's I spent a lot and I mean a lot of hours reading this forum and thought after grabbing my Cans I could finally join in:)
    My budget would be 500 max for both a DAC and AMP. Size does not matter.   Hope to get a few suggestions. I got my Cans. I need the Rest..... Peace and Love from Canada :)
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