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Amp recommendations for Audeze LCD-2

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by oqvist, Jun 4, 2010.
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  1. cuiter23
    I prefer the look of the Jot more. AGD stuff looks honestly horrid.
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  2. Steve Wilcox
    I don't think there's really a simple answer to your question.  If your cans and DAC are exactly as you like them you probably don't want an amp to add its own flavour to the mix.  But if, for example, your DAC is on the bright side, you might want an amp to warm things up a bit.  Synergy is the thing.
    I'm using a Chord MOJO in my HiFi rig with my LCD2s and couldn't be happier.  This doesn't have a separate amp as such but provides more than enough power for the LCD2s (and all but a few particularly power hungry cans).  It's been compared favourably to DACs costing several thousand £ and has the added advantage that you can use it portibly if you want.  Possibly slightly over your budget if bought new but really worth pushing the boat out for if you can.
  3. jimmyjim
    Thank you Steve for your reply... 
    My headphones are sitting proudly on my desk. I have no DAC or AMP yet. I am a fresh start. I am willing to spend after careful thought to bring my total budget to 750.00  This site is pretty amazing.. I feel out of my league in terms of gear and wallet size but I am just happy I can soon hear music that is gonna sound SWEET :)
    Thanks again Steve 
  4. jimmyjim
    Well I did it.... After many many hours of searching the web for a Amp/DAC I have decided to pick up a JDS Element.
    Then the only thing I will have left to decide is what will be the very First song I will listen to......I am thinking Brothers in Arms by Dire Straights...  Question when you first got your Cans set up what was your Very First song you played on it...
    Anyway's I have to shout out to Head-Fi and the forums... You have all been a big help.......
  5. ceiji
    I recently bought an LCD-2 and have an Oppo HA-2. Is Oppo HA-2 sufficient or should I upgrade? 
  6. darkninja67
    Brothers In Arms is one of the first songs I use when I first get a new pair of cans. Great song.
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  7. Amish

    I'd upgrade. I'm sure it sounds fine but more power sounds better with these cans IMHO.
    I have found success using a 2 watt per channel amp or more with these myself. I'm currently powering them off an amp that is capable of 12 watts per channel and they sound amazing.
    Anyways...sure it will power them and I'm sure you will be happy. Only upgrade if you feel the cans are lacking due to the amp. if you are happy that is all that matters.
  8. marcan
    I think that a powerfull amp is necessary to fully get the marvelous sound of the LCD2. Particularly the sub bass content will require a lot of headroom in order to be perfectly reproduced.
    The LCD2 having one of the best sub on the market it would be sad to not fully get them.
  9. WayTooCrazy
    I just picked up the LCD-2F from the Black Friday "B" stock sale. I have the Modi2U w/Vali 2 and it sounds nice. I was just thinking it may need more power to push it. So, I'm saving my pennies to get something nicer in the beginning of the summer (in my family... right after the holidays begin the birthdays till summer, ugh). I was heavily leaning towards an Oppo HA-1, but due to the fact I won't be looking to actually purchase till the summer, I'm sure more DAC/Amps will be introduced in that time period.
    Though, I was looking at the NuPrime uDSD as, it looks nice (though would end up attached to my laptop in my bedroom for evening listening).
    NVM, the uDSD doesn't have enough power.
  10. ceiji
    Between Schiit Jotunheim, Audeze Deckard and Alo Pan Am, which do you think will pair nicely with Audeze LCD-2? I currently have Oppo-HA2 and am thinking of upgrading to a decent desktop setup. I have not tried any of these and do not have any retailers nearby to demo these. Any inputs are really appreciated.
  11. Bubblejuice
    Has anyone been able to compare the differences between the Audeze Deckard, Shiit Lyr 2 w/ decent DAC, and Jotunheim with the LCD-2s?
    I have an O2 amp connected and i'm feeling it lacking fullness/sound-stage compared to when I tried it on a Deckard. Also, the vocals come from above me now, but with the deckard they came from the front?
  12. DoomzDayz
    Will my SOHA II (Super SE Hybrid) be sufficient for the LCD-2f's? 


    They were adequate for my AKG Q701 and Beyerdynamic DT880 600 Ohms, though as I understand it the LCD-2fs are low impdance and current hungry, like a much more extreme Q701.  My amp is a hybrid, but is it enough?

  13. WayTooCrazy
    Ok, so say I wanted to bring my headphones to friends/family's houses and let them try them out (yes, I have some Music appreciators...but they're more speaker than anything). If I were to take along an amp (and either run from my portable device or laptop), which should it be? I was thinking a Woo Audio WA8, a Mojo, Hugo, or a few others. The restriction is, it has to be under $2k. I'm looking to purchase come spring time.
  14. jimmyjim
    Update... Went to a friends house who has a Pair of LCD-2's. 
    He had me plug my cans into a Emotiva DC-1 and I am now selling my Element.
    I had no idea a full size amp would pair well with Cans.. I am not sure about the amp and DAC specs on the Emotiva but wow the difference was night and day... Is this because of the Power of Emotiva or is there something else in play.?
  15. WayTooCrazy

    As I understand it, the Element is a pretty Odac in a nice case. I had one for under 2 weeks, sold it and picked up a Modi2U/Vali2 and was much happier with that setup. Now I'm looking to move up again. The DC-1 is a nice price. It is right in-line with the Jotunheim though.
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