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Amp recommendations for Audeze LCD-2

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by oqvist, Jun 4, 2010.
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  1. bassaddicted

    By full size amp, are you referring to the enotiva mini-x?
  2. joed83
    im interested in trying to use the speaker terminals of a power amp and have the possibility to use a spare Linn LK 85 or 100 or 140 (http://docs.linn.co.uk/wiki/images/3/39/Lk85_lk140_info.pdf and http://docs.linn.co.uk/wiki/images/7/7f/Lk100_user_manl.PDF)
    i have the LK100 in front of me now and im very tempted to chop off the 1/8 jack and solder on some banana plugs and give it a go, would that be advisable? alternatively i can grab a hifiman adapter today as there is a shop close by that has a few 
  3. jimmyjim
    I am referring to the Emotiva stealth dc-1. This thing rocked my socks off.. It blew me away compared to my Element, I am just curious if there are bad specs on it somewhere. The stealth must have something sub par in it for the price no?  I am just shocked that this product has not blown up on the headphone forums.. Would love to hear comparisons on specs and sound vs other products under 500 bucks..
    If anyone is looking for a Balanced headphone system I would check it out.. Do not be like me and BUY something that paled in comparison.
    I have to give a shout out to my work friend Steve he introduced me to the  product. Also to all of you for all your insightful and enthusiastic
    discussions regarding matching up are Glorious CANS....    
    Peace my friends.. I hope you find your PERFECT match that is right for you...
    Merry XMAS to me :)
  4. WayTooCrazy
    I'm trying to decide between Jotunheim or Oppo HA-1. I'm not sure i need all the features of the Oppo. Just looking for great sound from my LCD-2f and future LCD-XC. I will be using USB input. Thoughts?
  5. Bubblejuice

    Personally, i've still found that the Audeze Deckard is my favorite Amp/Dac for my LCD-2f. 
  6. WayTooCrazy
    Have you tried either of the others?  The feature set of the HA-1 draws my eye, but if I were to be honest with myself, that is better as a Headphone amp/pre-amp to a 2.1 channel system. If I'm sitting at my 2.1 system, then I'm not listening to headphones... but my speakers in near-field configuration. That is why, I think the Jotunheim might be my best bet. I have not really have privy to listen to the Deckard with the LCD-2f, but I have briefly with the EL-8... and at the time, was not impressed with either (I was running the HE-400i out of a Vali 2). With that being said, I don't know if I'd want to pony up for the extra $$$ for the Deckard over the Jotunheim (which I have not heard).
    Right now I'm using a Micca Origen+, and it does drive the LCD-2f with authority... but somewhat blandly. I've decided on Audeze as "my" brand of headphones so I need to find an amp that will synergize with their full lineup (as I intend to get the LCD-XC and possibly others).
  7. Bubblejuice

    I have not unfortunately. I've only tried 4 amps with them. The O2, Deckard, Lyr 2, some really expensive amp whose name I can't remember ($3,000 range).
    I've heard good things about the HA-1. Most people seem to start off with that one with the LCD-2s as far as I can tell.
    I've also heard good things about  the Jotunheim. I hear it's better with the Bifrost than it's internal DAC, but the internal should do fine usually.
    I tried the Deckard with the EL-8 also. I was also not impressed. Not by the Deckard, but by the EL-8. Maybe they are not good with that amp, but the LCD-2f definitely are. At least to me. I think it would be to your advantage to find a way to listen to a Deckard with your pair, considering you'll be spending a few hundred on an amp/dac regardless. The Deckard I think should only be like $100-200 more than the Jot with a DAC.
    Yeah I get you, and I agree. I am in the same place, though I may be looking at some HD-650s in the future too. Definitely take a look at the Deckard if you get the chance. The only amp I can tell you I straight up did not like was the Lyr 2. Maybe it was tubes they had or something, but they just didn't resonate well with me. The Deckard was perfect synergy so far, but I've not had the pleasure to try the Jotunheim. I'm currently using the O2 with no DAC.
  8. Ashah
    I 2nd this and agree , still testing the Ly2, /modi uber , Audeze Deckard and Peachtree Nova 150 among the 3 I still prefer the Deckard 
  9. WayTooCrazy

    I have to agree now as well. I went to my local BestBuy Magnolia and tried it, and the McIntosh MHA100. The Mac was very nice, but out of my price range for now. The Deckard sounded fantastic. So, i ordered a lightly used one through eBay.
  10. daddyo1973
    Count me in as a happy camper using the Schiit Jotunheim / LCD-2 combo.  Real nice upgrade over my Leckerton UHA 6S MkII and Audioquest Dragon Fly Red.  
    I may try and experiment in the future with using the Dragon Fly as a DAC into the Jotunheim just to see how the DAC sections compare.
  11. parttimelovah
    Has anyone used a supremesound lycan (http://www.ssaudio.com.au/lycan-op-amp-test-bench/) amp for their LCD-2s? I found a new one for a pretty good price (nearly 140 off retail) with the v5 opamps, i would likely just keep it as it is and none of the opamp rolling stuff. I was just going to save for a deckard/jotunheim, but this is pretty interesting and for the discount I found I'm willing to potentially give it a shot. Upgrading from a magni 2 
  12. WayTooCrazy
    The Emotiva is still quite interesting, and I may purchase it to try out.
  13. Blotto80

    I've got one and to pretty kickass with my 2.1s and my 2.2s. Huge upgrade over my Dynalo.
  14. Blotto80
    So I loved the Lycan so much that when the opportunity came up, I grabbed a Soloist and WOW!!! This thing takes the LCD2 to another level. The soundstage has opened up well beyond what I could have expected. I'm pretty convinced that this is the perfect match for the LCD2.  If anyone wants to try the Lycan I've got it posted the the classified forum. 
  15. tbxmar
    This may be a silly question (I'm fairly new to the technical aspects of headphones and headphone amps), but I'm hoping someone can help since I've searched around quite a bit and couldn't find something that touched on this precisely.
    Is the Woo WA7 w/ WA7tp powerful enough to drive the Audeze LCD-2 headphone to full capability/performance? I understand that the optimal power range for the LCD-2 as specified by Audeze is 1-4W (and they're a 70 ohms impedance headphone). The WA7 is specified to have a max output of 1W @ 32 ohms. So, I'm curious if the WA7 is enough to feed the power hungry LCD-2, especially since the WA7 is beautiful and I'd love to have it.

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