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Amp recommendations for Audeze LCD-2

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by oqvist, Jun 4, 2010.
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  1. ScareDe2
    Is there anything better than the soloist mk2 below $500?
  2. sludgeogre
    Schiit Jotunheim might be pretty stellar, I haven't heard it but the amount of power and control it has could be perfect for the LCD-2. Worth looking into. I really want to hear about the pairing.
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  3. ScareDe2
    Hi, [​IMG]
    wow you say it sounds better than with the BHA-1? What else than the magnavox 8802 I can get with the HiFIMan HE adaptor to feed those little babies?
  4. BassDigger

    C'mon @Amish! Spill the beans!!
    What differences have you noticed with so much juice powering the LCD2f?
    [​IMG] [​IMG] 
  5. Amish
    Sorry I haven't been on lately. I've noticed it gets a heck of a lot louder and stays clean. lol IMO it brightens up slightly too. That might not be liked by some. 
    I listen to my music pretty loud (to the point that is most likely bad for me) and with all of my other amps there was always a point where if I went just a little bit louder it started to not sound as good. Looking back I figure this was due to the amps running out of juice but with the extra watts I can push with the Maggie this issue does not happen. They just take it and I have not found the point where the headphones cannot handle it. It's gets louder than what my ears can take and while doing it they sound more open or spacious, very slightly brighter, mids are still lush sounding and bass is tighter. Bass seems really precise. It is hard to explain. In any case the headphones seem to liven up with the extra wattage.
    As for the BHA-1, I always thought it was a solid amp but it never excited me. The BHA-1 is one of the most dead silent amps I have heard and IMO it worked wonderfully with my Grado 325is. In fact it actually got to the point that I just didn't want to use the LCD-2 with the BHA-1 and would only use the Grado with it. IMO the BHA-1 (balanced) was the best way to run it with the LCD2 but it never had enough power to satisfy me. I would have the gain adjusted way high to get the output I wanted. To me the Bryston wasn't worth the cost of entry when I found that I would prefer to listen to any of my other amps over it. 
    Before I bought the BHA-1 I sold my original Ember amp to help fund it. Within 6 months of owning the Bryston I could not stop thinking about how much more I enjoyed the Ember with the LCD. So I bought another Ember and was very happy that I did.
    That's not to say that the BHA-1 is not a fantastic amp but it just didn't excite me like other amps have with the LCD2.
    I really enjoy the LCD2 with my Ember II amp and it continues to be one of my favorite combos but I always wished for just a little bit more power, a little bit more volume output and the Maggie has provided that. 
    The LCD2 hasn't been changed. It sounds like the LCD2 but it now goes much louder, remains clean sounding and I guess if anything a bit more spacious with very slightly opened up highs.
    Little differences that seem to be how the LCD2 should have always been but had it full potential locked away just waiting for some extra power to set it free.
    I'm not sure what else to say. I've never been great at explaining what i hear well but all I can say is it is the most happy I have been with any amp to date. I haven't thought of buying an amp in the last 2 months....that has got to mean something lol
    I think I should be clear on one thing though; I'm a tube guy. I enjoy how it can flavor music. I think if you are a SS guy then the BHA-1 is a fine choice but I also think for less money the SS guy can get the same experience elsewhere. IMO the BHA-1 is overpriced. Sure it is built like a tank, has the best warranty in the business but I feel that you are paying more because of the badge on it. I have compared that amp to multiple amps and came away feeling that my other amps do it just as well. The BHA-1's main thing going for it IMO is how dead silent it is. The only other amp I have that is just as dead silent is my Maggie tube amp and I have to give the builder credit....he made one dead silent tube amp and it is not something I usually expect from anything with tubes. I can crank the volume up to max and hear...nothing. That's good in my book. The other thing the BHA-1 does well is sound neutral. It doesn't color the music at all and some people will prefer that. I like a little color though so... 
    /edit 9/15/16   I might have to add this one more time. With this extra power these cans get SOOO much louder than with amps like the BHA-1, Ember, Polaris, among others I have on hand. Louder but still clean music. It is quite shocking as I am again listening to this combo as I type and It's shocking the difference when pumping 10+ watts per channel. of course the HiFiman HE-adapter makes this possible. I was for the last half hour running these cans off the Ember II and very much enjoying myself. Then I plugged it into the maggie and my smile increased 10fold. The LCD2 with this much power will get louder and done cleanly than anyone can stand. I'd bet money on it. It's the closest I have come to floor speakers....on my ears. Lush.
    I'd like to add that none of my current headphones other than the LCD2 can handle this kinda power. I'm now tempted to look at headphones like the HE-6.
  6. Loose-Leaf
    There's a literal flood of headphone amps on the market however Ag audios master 9 with Audeze line is quite good , I use the HE 9 with Audeze 3f and currently the Audeze 4 .
  7. Amish

    I can only dream of the Audeze LCD4. Good lord I cannot make myself spend that kinda money on headphones but I can live vicariously through people like you.
    Ive played with the LCD3 for a good while as my buddy owns a set and brought them over. TBH the improvement is not enough over my LCD2 to make me consider them but the Audeze4 is another story.
  8. Loose-Leaf
    Hi Amish , I don't mean to come across as smug and please don't take me wrong however there is a good difference between the Audeze 2 Fazor and the 3 Fazor mostly overall refinement of the sonic picture all though is it worth the extra dough ? I would look for slightly used for a discount .

    Audeze is still evolving however even with the statement LCD 4 I don't feel it is fully mature yet as there are some issues in the treble . This pair I purchased slightly used at just slightly over a grand off .
  9. Amish
    Yeah I agree that there is a difference between the two. I just don't think the difference is worth upgrading to IMO. I listened to both side by side for a good amount of time. I have not listened to the LCD 4 but I feel that if anything that should provide a big enough jump to warrant the purchase but unfortunately I do not have the dough to make the jump.
    Don't get me wrong I am not putting down the LCD 3 I just don't think the differences are worth the higher cost. The LCD 2 does many things right on it's own. Not the perfect headphone but perfectly well suited for me.
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  10. qaminh
    Can Ath ha22tube can pair with audeze lcd 2 rev 2.2 as a "temporary amp" ?? I mean can ha22tube sound how much performence of lcd 2?
  11. Amish
    Man....at 12 watts per channel...clean clear and awesome. Am i listening to this combo again? Yes....YES I am.
  12. Lohb

    Which amp would that be ?
  13. BassDigger

    [​IMG] You'll probably have to shout! [​IMG]
  14. Amish
    Don't mind me. I put my LCD's on about once a week and I'm still like a little kid it seems and I get overly excited. [​IMG] 
    I was referring to my LCD2 & Magnavox 8802 combo. Maybe I should listen to it more often so I don't get so damn excited lol.
  15. oqvist
    Wow this thread is still alive. Been a happy camper with my Lcd 2 on my modest Yamaha rds-440. I decided I wanted to try my speaker terminals so I unhooked my adapter then realizing it didn't have markings to easilly recognize which connector goes where. I have stock Lcd cable stripped with a red and white on one channel and light red and transparent on the other. Which connectors go to black versus red?
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