1. Saethyan

    Under 50$ headphones: Superlux HD668B vs Samson SR850 vs Pioneer SE-M 390

    Hi, everyone. I've been researching the web for the past week in order to find a pair of full size headphones, seen a lot of possible good buys and gradually eliminated most off my list, and i'm currently left with 3 models which i can get at roughly the same price, meaning 42 $, or 32 €. I...
  2. ayaflo

    Head Direct RE-0 or the Superlux HD-668B?

  3. lvrhs

    FS: Selling Superlux HD668B and Sunrise Xcited

    Hi, selling these two headphones separate or both. They are rarely used and looks like new. I'm selling them because i don't like sound signature and now i have ATH-M50. Shipping to anywhere in world. Both headphones comes with all accesories and original boxes. For payment accept paypal. Feel...
  4. jon08192

    Superlux HD-668 B

    How does the Superlux HD-668B compare to the Samson SR850?  I see places saying it's the same exact phone, and others disagree with that.    Second, how does the sound sig compare to the RE0?  I currently have a pair of those and I love 'em, but I'm not sure if these phones would be a worthy...
  5. ostewart

    Superlux HD668B Stock or Modded? Post your mods here

    i have found some mods posted around, and it would be great just to have one thread with mods for Superlux HD668B instead of trawling through various threads searching. also please say how each mod affects the sound.   i would also like to know who kept theirs stock and who has modded...
  6. rahuldagli

    Superlux HD668B vs Audio technica ath t500

    Which is best headphone among the two?
  7. jon08192

    CAL! Vs. Superlux 668B

    So I've heard that the CAL! is better quality, sound wise.  Is there anything I need to take into account if I'm listening to genre's like indie, electronic, at the moment?  I listen to just about everything but lately I've had a heavy emphasis on those two genres.  I've heard that the Superlux...
  8. gareim

    Superlux 668B vs Brainwavz HM5

    Hi guys, I was wondering if I should get the Superlux 668B for $50 or save up some more and get the Brainwavz HM5? Is there a huge difference between the two? Build quality matters for me and I guess soundstage does matter too. EDIT: For soundstage, I understand that since the HM5 is closed, it...
  9. Spardasieg

    Superlux HD668B vs. Samson SR850: Whats the difference?

    I heard these both use the same drivers, both are basically the same price, yet I heard that the Samson SR850 somehow sounds better, how true is this? If so by how much, I do like the way the 850 looks better yet I like that the HD668B has a changable chord and honestly seem to look more...
  10. jcdgriever

    Alternative to Superlux 668b: Sennheiser HD 598? ATH-M50? Brainwavz HM3? HM5? AIAIAI-TMA1? AKG242? AKG550?

    Hey you audiophiles! I'm new here in this forum and the audiophile world. Heard a lot of amazing things about the Superlux 668b so i gave it a shot. It definitely sounds amazing, precise, and perfect. But ...thats my problem with it. Sometimes, it gets a bit boring from being too precise, too...
  11. eyal1983

    FS: Superlux HD668B (modded to perfection!)

    FS: modded Superlux HD668B,  Excellent condition!   Recabled with Ashton Professional Microphone Cable (gives the extra clarity and details) cable under the pads to raise them (nicer fit) dampening in the cups (comfort and sound)  Terminated with Pailiccs jack (very sturdy)...
  12. DoxiZz

    Superlux hd 668b vs steel series siberia v2

    Hey guys,   Soon will I buy a new headset for the most for gaming and sometimes for music.   And those i have looked at is superlux hd 668 b and steel series siberia v2, And i want to hear with you guys want is the best for me.   The games i will play for the most is battlefield 3...
  13. idruke

    Just bought a Superlux 668b, what pads should I put on them?

    What pads will fit it? I hear that akg pads fit. What about beyer pads? I definitely want velour. Any advice you guys can give me?
  14. kalston

    Superlux HD668b

    Selling those Superlux headphones (if you've never heard of them, check these threads: ; ), in perfect condition, with the AKG velour pads...
  15. mrinspire

    Superlux hd661 vs hd668b?

    Anyone own them or experienced them? which is better? I want something with good soundstage..   Thanks
  16. eyal1983

    Superlux HD668B .VS. Fostex TH-7B - A Review

    This is a review, or actually, a comparison, between the Fostex TH-7B, and the Superlux HD668B.   Common Both are considered killers within their price range (<=~100$) Both are NOT open headphones (if you need to hear your kids / phone, don’t use those) Both are light on your head...
  17. kefalo81

    purchase of superlux 668b, over Grado and Dennon.

    Hello head fi community first greetings from Serbia :) I have dilemma about about purchase of superlux 668b. Currently I am owner of grado sr80i and denon dh hp500. sorce is asus xonar dx and amp is cmoy. I am curious about should i get any enhance, if i buy superlux 668b in comparing to...
  18. Captain Cranium

    worth the upgrade? Superlux 668B to Audio Technica AD900

    Can anyone tell me is there that much of a sound "upgrade" to go from the Superlux 668B to a set up Audio Technica AD900?  I want an open backed set for sound and I do like the sound sig of the Superluxes and actually bought them instead of a pair of Audio Technica AD700 that i was about ready...
  19. Roderick

    Most commonly used amp/dac around $40-70?

    I like trying out inexpensive headphones. My current system is bit of an overkill for headphones that cost about $50. I wan't to know what those headphones sound when paired with gear more suited to their price. So what is the amp/dac people are most likely to have as their entry level setup?  I...
  20. irishsammy

    Superlux 668B with extra felt pads

    Hi guys.  I have a pair of Superlux 668B's that I am not using nearly enough.  They are in mint condition as they've only probably been used for 30 hours or so.  I purchased felt pads for them from HeadRoom and it was a great addition.   The headphones themselves were B-stock from HeadRoom...
  21. ostewart

    Sold: Superlux HD668B (modded) (price drop)

    Up for sale are my pair of superlux HD668B, recabled with ashton microphone cable, terminated with pailiccs jack, coins to add mass, middle foam out, cable under the pads to raise them, and dampening in the cups. I love the sound of these, very crisp and detailed, but they just dont get enough...
  22. Bagheera

    [Review] Superlux HD668b

    I bought these after reading all the rave reviews on Headfonia and Head-Fi... here are my impressions of them.   Materials & Craftsmanship I think any criticism concerning materials or craftsmanship of the HD668b is nitpick considering its price of $50 (easily found for less) - I personally...
  23. Neeleyjared

    Superlux HD-668b vs. Creative Aurvana Live!

    Hello!   I'm looking to get my first set of high quality hadphones after going through several cheap in-ear ones. The two headphones I have narrowed it down to are....   1. Superlux HD-668b 2. Creative Aurvana Live!   I have done a lot of reasearch on these headphones but I would...
  24. jon08192

    Superlux HD668B vs. next price tier.

    So I know the Superlux is highly touted especially after some burn-in, but I want to know if I go ahead and spend $100 or even $150, how much of an improvement will I get over the Superlux if I'm looking for a good phone to complement RE0 IEM's and that will be able to somewhat match their...
  25. sygyzy

    Crack in Superlux HD-668B band?

    I've been using my HD-668B's for a few months and just yesterday, I noticed that both bands have a crack on the top. Has anyone seen anything like this?