1. Z

    Sound only coming out of one side HD-668B

    I got these headphones around 2 months ago and I have not been the roughest nor the lightest with them. Around 2 days ago they stopped playing sound out of the right side. I tried both 3.5mm cables that it came with but neither of them made a difference. Neither cables have any large dings or...
  2. loller

    Suggestions for a present

    Hi Guys, i'm italian so i will start the message apologizing for the errors that i will do.   My sister is searching for a pair of headphones and, since soon it will be her birthday, i'm thinking to take them as a present.       I know that she would like closed headphones, "big enough to...
  3. Z

    Astro A40's Or Superlux HD668B for gaming

    I currently have the superlux hd668b headphones and am planning to get the ASUS XONAR DG Headphone Amp & PCI 5.1 Audio Card sound card pretty soon. With the superlux(no sound card)I can barely hear footsteps in battlefield 4 even with the equalization modified. I have two questions. First of...
  4. pumaX

    Headphones for a beginner

    Hello. I am looking to buy new headphones with the budget of ~100€. Right now I just have my (bad?) headset. I've been thinking of Superlux HD 668-B's and as they're semi-open do they leak much sound? Like can someone hear my music from another room or from a three meter distance? Any other...
  5. xzifi

    Best headphones under 100$

    Hello, I have a Superlux HD668B headphone but it stopped working properly aprox. an hour ago. Was fine and suddenly when I tried to use it again after 30 mins, it sounded horrible. I'm sure its the headphone since i connected it to my phone and sounds exactly the same. So I am looking for a new...
  6. basje

    Superlux HD668B, HD330 or Audio Technica ATH-M50x

    Hello there, I'm looking for a nice headphone for use in a quiet studying room and everyday regular listening. I'm now using a Koss PortaPro with an IPod Nano and I mainly listen to rock (Radiohead, Pink Floyd, the dessert sessions, white stripes etc.). However, during studying I like to listen...
  7. antonm07

    Looking for a pair of beginner headphones. Any recommendations?

    Hello to the people here at head fi :) I'm looking to buy a new pair of headphones and I'm looking for recommendations, about a year ago I bought my superlux 668B and a small Fiio amp and I've been pretty happy with them. I'm not sure if you could really call me an audiophile as I don't know...
  8. geo2160

    Cheapo comfy headphones

    I've just noticed that an online retailer from my country has brought a lot of Superlux models. Up until now I've heard a lot of good things about the 681 and 668b's. Which one of those in the list should I choose? I value comfort and noise isolation above all and I think I would prefer a more...
  9. JoeDoe

    Cans for Teaching Music Lessons

    Alright full-sized budget junkies, here are my needs:   1. Isolation - I'll be using these for drum lessons so they need to block out a good bit of extraneous noise AND keep sound leakage to a minimum.   2. Comfort - Circumaural is preferred. May be wearing these for hour-long sessions at a...
  10. echoleaf

    Choices, choices: Superlux, Sennheiser, Audio-Technica or Koss?

    Trying to decide between the Superlux HD668B, the Sennheiser HD280 Pro, the Audio-Technica ATH-M50 and the Koss Pro DJ 100.  My old cans were the Audio-Technica ATH-M40fs, which I loved.  I was tempted to buy them on Amazon this weekend for $49 but I'm wondering if they can be improved on.  I...
  11. marone

    Mercator 6J1 - Very Inexpensive Chinese 2 X 6J1 Tube Pre-amp, Head-fi Amp. Consensus is that this is NOT an LD Clone

    I am starting at the bottom on Chinese gear, purchased this DIY set from Chongqing last month. A little about my perspective - I am a former club DJ of 20 years, got out of the business and sold most of my music and gear over 10 years ago. Now semi-retired and looking to reacquire some new...
  12. Belial88

    SR850 vs 668B vs 681 EVO

    Direct comparisons between these 3 would be greatly appreciated, especially by those who's used 2 or 3 of these. They're all basically the same price (sr850 $50, 668b $45, 681 evo $38).   I'm not sure if the SR850 or 668B would be more comfortable, with those 'wings' on the 668b. I hear...
  13. Belial88

    Pioneer SE-A1000 vs Takstar 2050 vs Superlux 668B/681/EVO/SR850?

    Just curious how these 3 compare. 3 open, $50 or less headphones that seem to dominate the sub-$100 category (if open is okay for you, plenty of good closed ones out there I'm not going into, but sound leakage is fine with me). The Superluxes are usually around $30-40, so even cheaper...
  14. AgentCw

    What is the BEST Budget headphones you can find for less then 60$?

    What is the BEST Budget headphones you can find for less then 60$?   I need it for home use only   I prefer over ear \ on ear   I listen to rock, pop, rap and a bit of dance   Cheers.
  15. cloudnine

    Upgrade from Superlux HD668B to Something better??

    Hopefully theres someone to point me to what im looking for.. I currently have some Superlux HD668B.. which are OK but find them a bit uncomfortable if i wear them for longer than an hour or so (ive changed the pads to velvet ones).   I mainly listen to streamed music from deezer @ 320kbps...
  16. Heartl3ss

    Need Comfortable Ear Pads for my Superlux HD668B

    Today arrived my new headphones, the inexpensive Superlux HD668B and im totally stunned by the difference in sound quality compared to the previous cheap gaming headset that i had. Im using it with a zalman clip-on mic and everything is perfect. The only thing that i would like to improve is the...
  17. naurto75

    Looking for reccomandtation for a 100$ range over the ear headphones

    Hey guys I am new to this forum and have a few question. Ive recently built my self a pc and am looking for a pair of headphones. These headphones will be used for gaming and listening to extreme metal music. They will be used strictly at home so do not need to be portable. I am looking for a...
  18. Erico9001

    New amp needed for Superlux Hd668B?

    Having recently moved into the world of high quality sound, I could use some clarification on some few details. I want to make sure that I am using the 668B's at or near their true potential with the Fiio E5 amp that I am using.   So amps – there use... From what I understand it is that high...
  19. rahuldagli

    Is Xonar DG Amp comparable to fiio6 ?

    I recently bought xonar dg soundcard to power superlux hd668b. It seems to increase the volume sufficiently with in-built amp. However, I find treble on superlux hd668b a bit harsh. Would fiio e6 help to reduce that? Superlux hd668b has 2x56 ohms impedance.
  20. rahuldagli

    Superlux hd668b vs Beyerdynamic DT 990 are they similar in terms of SQ?

    Superlux hd668b has same sound signature as that of Beyerdynamic DT 990. However, Superlux hd668b cost 1/8 times that of Beyerdynamic DT 990. So is it worth to buy Beyerdynamic DT 990?
  21. Can Junkie

    Finally figured out Why different types of HP's are owned.

    I always wondered why some people own more than one HP. I'm a budget guy so my home HP's are M50's and 668B's.(Yes from being up here I had enough sense to make sure one was closed and the other at least semi-open,..thanks!)) When I want the tunes straight in my face with slightly pronounced...
  22. Scythe713

    Superlux 668b & Asus Xonar DGX

    i read a lot of reviews that said this is a good starter set so i went ahead and got both. I like them, they are decent and affordable. I only use them for my pc, But i would like to know if there are any settings i should change to optimize the sound?  Im also getting an echo. Im not that...
  23. Bio-Rhythm

    Upgrade my superlux HD 668B

    Ok so I really like the sound signature,the over all specification & simple construction of the superlux 668B's ( £35 pounds ) . Their sound reproduction is relatively uncolored, thus their a non fatiguing listening experience .They are semi open so I don't feel too disconnected from the ...
  24. untranslated

    Samson 850SR/SuperLux 668B - weak/soft bass ?

    I recently bought myself and my gf a 2 for one special on these headphones after reading and rereading many reviews. I had the choice one set of Siberia V2's or 2 of these. I decided to go for the Samson 850SR's due to everyones reviews. As for comfort I love them, they are so light. As for...
  25. TheHistorian

    Superlux HD668B vs Sennheiser HD 428 vs JVC HARX700? Mainly used for Metal and Classical music as well as gaming. Thanks.

    Hello. I narrowed down my search of a new pair of headphones to these three. I am upgrading my headphones after breaking my Sennheiser 201S. I will be using it to listen mainly to metal, with some classical music on the side. I also play a ton of games, though I'm not really sure that matters in...