1. Olimoronio

    Best place in the US to buy Superlux HD668B?

    I wanted to compare them to my current budget champions (Maxell DHP ii) as they supposedly cost around the same - $30. Problem is very few retailers seem to carry these and the ones that do all seem to want well above $30.   Any place in the US still selling them for around $30?

    Qualified advise only please

    OK I am looking for a SS amp and I think, hope, believe I’ve narrowed it down to 3 possibilities, the Asgard 2, Objective 2 or the Matrix M-Stage. I have Beyerdynamics DT880 600ohm, Sennheiser HD598 and Superlux 668’s. I do have a LD MKIII that I use with the Beyer’s now but would like to try...
  3. Falcon10275

    Do I need a headphone amp? How do portable devices drive sound?

    I have a iPod Nano 5th gen with reported specs of   Audio Frequency response: 20Hz to 20,000Hz Audio formats supported: AAC (8 to 320 Kbps), Protected AAC (from iTunes Store), HE-AAC, MP3 (8 to 320 Kbps), MP3 VBR, Audible (formats 2, 3, 4, Audible Enhanced Audio, AAX, and AAX+), Apple...
  4. Galex

    Headphones with low outside isolation (optional) and almost no leakage?? 350$ budget

    Ehi head-fi!   I've been using a dt 770 pro and i don't really like how they sound,even if i've not used an amp with them (was trying to find one with dolby headphone but didn't really find any). Also the isolation really got to me since i talk a lot on skype and hearing my voice like i'm in...
  5. Superunknown94

    Audio-Technica ATH-AD900

    I have chosen to buy this headphone to be my first major purchase of headphones from the Superlux HD688B.  People that currently have or had these headphones please state your opinion about them.
  6. Monk3yboy305

    Best sub $100 Headphones + Mic combo for gaming

    So I was originally planning on getting a gaming headset but I read much about how headsets suck and that headphones + separate mic combos were better. Can someone recommend me good headphones and a mic that add up to $100 or less? I will be using on board audio btw. My motherboard has the...
  7. Svetoman

    Superlux HD 668B- few questions

    Hello, Iam new to the forum and I want to ask you guys few questions about these headphone Superlux HD668B or HD 669.   Iam looking to buy new headphones for gaming, my main concernes in headphones are that it will have a good "sound stage" (if I understand from the reading of the forums, its...
  8. ltgrady

    Help! Headphones for my Son

    My son asked for a pair of beats for Christmas.  I was a bit shocked by the price and then reading a bit it seems like they're way overpriced for the money (the Bose of headphones maybe?).  So we had a talk about quality and value vs. style and what's "in".  He is onboard for a less expensive...
  9. Kron

    Sound card for Superlux HD 668B- primarily for gaming

    I need a sound card for gaming. I play BF3 and will probably play BF4. From what I read on this and other forums Superlux HD 668B is one of the best headphones for gaming and thats even better  than AD700 (or the differences are minimal). Which soundcard for these headphones? I was thinking...
  10. Xsoldier416

    Superlux HD668B Review/Burn In Help

    I wasn't sure whether this should go in the full-size forum or here, so I'll just put it here.   My question is this: I just bought a pair of Superlux HD668Bs and they will be in sometime next week.  As I am impatiently waiting for them I wanted to see what other people had for ideas of...
  11. Bobz216

    Recommendations for headphones at about $50-100 (A little over would be fine)

    Hi Head-Fi. I am new to this forum, so pardon my newbiness when it comes to headphones, considering I have used Skullcandy for so long and now found that *gasp* there are better headphones for cheaper (sometimes)! So, I listen to post-hardcore/pop/alternative (A Day To Remember, Rise Against...
  12. Perox

    50$ Budget Studio Monitor headphones?

    Hey guys, my Koss PortaPro's recently broke and I know that they're cheap, have colored sound and are bad for monitoring, but I didn't have an option and I monitored on them. I don't actually release and sell my music so I didn't care that much (I'm 14...). Now that they're broken, I need to get...
  13. germius

    Low Budget Home Djing Headphones

    Hi Guys, awesome forum and nice to emeet you all   I'm looking for a low budget home djing headphones.   I have Numark Mixtrack Pro (traktor) and Macbook.   Currently i'd like to buy one of this:   - Creative Aurana Live   - Superlux HD668B   - Superlux HD681   -...
  14. Supertoaster

    Need help choosing comfortable $70 - $80 headphones for alternative/rock

    I'm going to try to take a small step forward   1. Comfort is a big concern for me. I'd like something with velour/comfortable pads that don't get sweaty/sticky/scratchy. I like both Super-Aural or Circumaural (nothing like Grados    2. I'm looking for a open headphone with a half decent...
  15. gty112

    First Decent Headphones

    Hi, I've been looking for a pair of decent headphones for under or right around $50. I've narrowed it down to 4 that i kinda like the sounds of, the Superlux HD 661, HD 668B, HD 681, and the JVC HA RX700. I want these primarily for music, I listen to almost everything as far as music goes. So...
  16. gogmagog

    Superlux 681 evos OR Superlux 668B bins, plus what sub-£60 amp?

    I know how annoying it can be when someone puts up a first post in a forum, asking general questions that are all answered in the stickies, but... I've looked and not found the info I'm looking for. I have spent several hours on this site though and learned a lot.   Soo... some info/history...
  17. Gensou

    <$50 Home headphones

    My Pannies HTF600 broke so I am shopping for something a little bit better but at not much higher cost.    I use the Xonar DG soundcard if that matters, it has a built in amp for headphones. I game occasionally:Dota2, Smite, APB, etc. Listen to music: Prog./Alt. Rock, Trance, DnB Watch...
  18. greed378

    £50 Headphones for single player gaming

    I am looking for some headphones for arround £50 (willing to go up if I need too), which I will be using mainly for single player gaming, with some music (mainly bass and dance). I would be using it at home on my pc with fairly modern middle of the line integrated sound.  So far I have been...
  19. torro32

    Chinese "iKS" headphone manufacture

      For the past couple of days I am searching all over the internet for the best headphones. And on some chinese sites I stumbled on some chinese manufacture called "iSK". They have couple of really good headphones in their production line. This model "iSK HP2011"...
  20. ilikedonkeys39

    Whats the Ugliest Headphone EVER

    What do you think the ugliest headphones are? Post a pic or link to a pic   rules: must be over ear or on ear isnt a super old grampa headphone     ps ik this has been done before but not in 2012
  21. Spicez

    <$50 Closed. Decent isolation for Electronic music (RX700, HD201/HD202? Superlux HD-668 B?)

    I'm after some closed full over-ear headphones for electronic music, I almost pulled the trigger on the Sennheiser HD202s until I saw that they are more on-ear than over-ear, bit of research later I've narrowed it down to:   HD201/HD202[?] JVC HA RX700 Superlux HD-668 B (poor isolation?)...
  22. mgoblue

    Broke college student, headphones for music and gaming

    Title says it all, I'm a broke (well not broke, just budget-conscious and not willing to spend a lot on headphones right now) college student, and I'm looking for some headphones that will fit some simple criteria:   1. Good build quality that could withstand the usual wear and tear 2...
  23. Superlux HD-668 B

    Superlux HD-668 B

    Superlux HD-668 B studio headphones, dynamic, semi-open, 98 db SPL, 56 ohms, 10-30.000 Hz, 300 mW, self-adjusting headband pads