1. silverensign

    Superlux HD 681 or HD 668b

    Hello,      In a former post I asked for advice in choosing a DAC, Amp, and headset. Now b/c of certain events, I am forced to severely limit my budget. The audio card I have chosen (just because I dont feel like spending 100+ in a sound card) is the ASUS Xonar DSX. To compliment that I was...
  2. SoundN00b

    Upgrade from Samson SR850 (Superlux 668B)

    Hi,    I'm wondering what would be a good upgrade from the Samson SR850 in either these prices ranges. I don't mind either closed or semi-open design. The source is a soundblaster Z which has a 600ohm amp. I listen to mostly electronic, deep house and sometimes trance or soft acoustic rock...
  3. commandercup

    Superlux HD 668B with Creative Sound Blaster Pads

    For sale is my Superlux HD 668B with Creative Sound Blaster pads. The 668B is $52 and the pads were $15 on Amazon.   The Superlux badges have been removed and the plastic sheath on top of the headphones is broken (doesn't affect the fit or the phones, purely cosmetic). You can see exactly...
  4. AnarchistFish

    Sony MDR-V6 or Superlux HD668B

    I've searched and there are a couple of old threads which compare these two but I wanted to be certain regarding what I'm personally looking for.   I'm looking mostly for a strong build quality (the whole point of me looking for a set of full sized headphones is that I'm sick of my in-ears...
  5. Sony Slave

    Superlux HD 681 vs Samson SR850 vs Superlux HD 668B

    I would like to know the differences between these headphones, i'm considering on ordering them tomorrow. Their differences as in.   Soundstage:  largest soundstage and the most accurate sound positioning/separation .    Base: How Prominent is it, as well as its characteristics, such...
  6. Itskewl42

    Headphone reccomendation

    Im going into high school and i want some new headphones. The main concerns are price sound and look. The sound has to have decent base and clear high lows and mids. I listen to rap but bass isnt that important to me. The price should be $100-150 and they should be portable and look decent. I...
  7. idruke

    TRADING: My Superlux HD 668B for your Electric Avenues PA2V2 amp.

    The headphone is in like new condition, with both cables and the travel bag. Sounds perfect.   Looking forward to responses.
  8. commandercup

    Superlux HD 668b + Creative Sound Blaster Pads + ModMic 2.0

    For sale is my Superlux HD 668b with Creative Sound Blaster pads installed as well as a ModMic clasp on the left side.    The Superlux badges have been removed and the plastic sheath on top of the headphones is broken (doesn't affect the fit or the phones, purely cosmetic). You can see...
  9. Wintersxx866

    Superlux 668b vs Somic MH463 vs Takstar Hi 2050

    Just wondering on the budget kings anybody have any recommendations how how these compare to the Mid fi class headphones?? I already bought the Somics but are very interested in the other two as well!
  10. Povell42

    Superlux HD668B vs. Samson SR850?

    So I have been trying to find some forums that elaborate on a comparison between these two headphones. There really isn't a lot of info on the two in comparison.  Some say the SR850 has more bass - others say they are exactly the same.  Has anyone used the two headsets and compared them?  I...
  11. AzixTGO

    Best "Budget" Headphones

    This is a duplicate thread. Seems the headphones I mentioned are in this section, and not the other.    Good morning fellow people with ears. I'm looking for the best headphones around the $50 range.. At first I was looking at the...
  12. antigen

    100 $: Open HeadPhones, Very High Quality, JVC S400 or SuperLux 681 or Philips UpTown?

    Hi,   I have a budget of 100 $.     What do you suggest with a superlative sound?   - headphones OPEN - with low impedance (for iPod) - hifi sound for FLAC file     I have see good review of:   - JVC S400 - Superlux 681   What do you think is better?   There...
  13. sygyzy

    Superlux HD668B

    Looking to buy a pair of these cool headphones, in mint condition please.
  14. Jonasklam

    SUPERLUX HD-668 B [EU]

    Hardly ever used, about 3 - 5 hours max! Comes with everything that it originally came with.   Maybe the best sounding headphone for the price? I sure think it sounds great too, but i rarely use them, so I'm selling.    
  15. 443330

    AD700's Superlux HD668B's Soundcard

    Hi there, I am looking at either purchasing some AD700's or some Superlux HD668B's mainly for gaming. Problem is I only have onboard sound at the moment and this would severely diminish the quality of these headphones right? So I am looking to buy a sound card. I do not want to spend any more...
  16. chrislangley4253

    Superlux HD668B

    Looking for a pair of Superlux HD668B for my friend.. He's a broke college student and could use a break on a nice pair of headphones.. Toss me a PM :)
  17. RuneMaster

    SUPERLUX HD-668B vs. SUPERLUX HD-669 please advise...

    Hello guys!   Has anybody tried Superlus 668B and 669 headphones?   I'm looking for a replacement for my Koss Porta Pro, which are too bassy - i need more neutral sounding headphones for listening heavy metal/rock (an everything inbetween) music without overwhelming bass.   The...
  18. libermail

    amp for fuze & Superlux HD668b

    Hi everybody   I like to listen opera, classical and jazz I have read many posts but I'm a little confused, FiiO, basso. . . . . . . ? I am looking for a portable amp for my Fuze and get along with my Super lux Hd668b. Which one do you believe may be better at a good price?   Thanks...
  19. AtrusHomeboy

    Superlux HD-668B vs Denon DN-HP700 : Pros, cons, etc?

    I'm in the market for some new headphones, and I've narrowed my selection down to the Superlux HD-668B and the Denon DN-HP700. However, I've got a few question before I make my decision. 1) Are there any notable differences regarding sound quality or signature? I'm looking for something...
  20. MrPickle

    JVC RX900 vs Superlux HD-668 B

    These both are around $60 and have great reviews. I was just wondering who had these cans and what you think of them. Anyone have both?
  21. Trendkill

    Alessandro MS1, Superlux 668b, Audio Technica ATH-FC700

    MS1's come with comfy pads and bowls. - $80 shipped - SOLD 668b's come with stock ear pads and Creative Sound Blaster ear pads.- $40 shipped - SOLD ATH-FC700's have cloth removed that covered driver (helps with the highs a little. - $20 shipped   All of these are in proper working order.
  22. bmoorthamers

    Creative Aurvana Live! vs Superlux HD 668 B (vs possibly Sennheiser PX 100/200 ii)

    Good Day!   As this is my first ever post here; a little introduction! For those non-caring but willing to help me, skip the first two paragraphs ;p Man, I get addicted so easily whenever I see a forum as enthusiastic as this one. Kind of reminds me of watchuseek, a forum on watches, which...
  23. dadong

    upgrade from the superlux 668b

    Hi, I've had the superlux 668b for a while now, and it is without a doubt one of my favorite headphones. I like it's neutral presentation and it's sparkle in the high and it's ability to reach to the deep lows. I want to now find a step up from these. I've searched the forums and most threads...
  24. bluemax23

    Superlux 668B with Tritton AX720 Dolby Headphone processor?

    Hi,   I currently own Tritton AX720 headphones, which I use mainly for gaming and its Dolby Headphone surround feature. The headphones are ok, and I can distinguish between front and rear sounds in games, but the separation is not very big.   I see that Superlux 668B (or Samson SR850)...