1. vic2vic

    Superlux HD681, HD668B or HD 661 ?

    Hi, I'd need to pick a can (and only 1) out of these 3 Superlux models, but I'm not able to come to a clear decision. Currently I have many IEMs (preferred ones: Sony MH1C & VSonic GR04) and only 2 portable headphones (Koss KSC-75 & Portapro, both sounding great to me). I meanly listen to...
  2. pro1137

    If I already own the DT770 Pro, would it be a bad idea to purchase an open-backed pair for around $60?

    I currently own the DT770 pro headphones. I was wanting to order a pair of open-backed headphones like the Superlux 668b or Takstar Hi2050. Would those headphones provide a different enough sound to be worthwhile? Or should I just stick with the DT770?
  3. lukethomas

    Start up DAC/AMP for a college student

    Ok so I have grado sr80i, v-moda crossfades, as well as superlux hd668b and I am looking for a dac/amp that can just sit on my desk so portability is not an issue. I have a macbook and I am still not quite sure how all of the connections work. I listen to alternative, folk, and rock music...
  4. pro1137

    Suggestions for open/semi-open headphones under $50?

    Hey Head-Fi! I'd like some suggestions for a pair of open-backed or semi-open headphones under $50.  I know about the Panasonic HTF600 and the Superlux 668b, but are there any others that you would possibly recommend more?   I have an amp, so it's not a factor whether they should be used...
  5. Joe Bloggs

    The Somic Thread--50mm driver open air full size cans pop out of nowhere, sound amazing

    2016-02-27 edit:  These have been replaced for the most part by a new model called the V2, which appears similar externally, with some internal tweaks.  The driver size has gone down from 50 to 42mm, it is however made of a different material.  The pads are now velour and are deeper.   I did...
  6. smodtactical

    Headphones with soundstage of ad700 but also bass?

    Do such headphones exist? I'm a pc gamer but also listen to techno, jazz, classical. Looking for something that has the nice soundstage for games but also has great bass. I just picked up the superlux 668b and so far really liking them. Haven't tested in gaming yet but music is a big step up...
  7. DaOneAndOnly

    Comparing Headphones: Which One Is Good? Suggestions?

    Well I'm about to buy new headphones but I have a bunch that i've researched and don't know which is better. *(Usually listen to mainly pop and occasionally soft and rap) (I don't listen to dubstep or other heavy bass needed music)* And play games (Foot steps in game) Audio-Technica ATH-M30...
  8. XaltanedgeX


    greetings!   hello,   i will go straight to the point because i am shy :}|    i have a philips mp3 player and my philips she 3790 headphone got break over 9 months. i might buy an ipod or cowon (whatever you will suggest for just music and nothing else)   but i want a...
  9. djsavage

    Superlux 668B's broken...or not?

    So I recently dropped my Superlux 668B's and the sound stopped coming from the right cup. I'm pretty sure it's not the cable because it's working with other headphones (the 668B's have a detachable cable that's basically a headphone extender). Is there any way to fix them? If not then Black...
  10. maxlice

    Need some help to narrow down my choices

    Hey all,   I'm quite new to the headphone world and just decided to start looking for a good quality headphone after listening with my friend's Grado SR60i back in July of this year. I know for sure that I will get an open can sooner or later, but as of now, I've been looking for a good...
  11. GNURush

    How much will semi-open gaming headphones leak?

    I'm looking for a pair of cheap headphones to use while gaming, as I find that my Sunrise Xciteds are uncomfortable when worn for long periods of time. The Samson SR850 and Superlux HD668B come highly recommended, and seem to be about in line with what I'm looking for with one caveat: They leak...
  12. Hymer

    New Headphones $200-300$ Mostly pc gaming,

    Hello, Just found this board so i hope you can help me. I just hate my aweful Corsair Vengeance 1500 and i want a big upgrade. I have a Xonar Essence ST in my computer. I will use it: 50% Gaming (mostly fps), 40% Music (Mostly Frank Sinatara atm but i usually prefer old school rap.) 10%...
  13. Poetic dreamer

    FUN sound signatures vs cold/analytical sound signatures

    What headphones/IEM's would you guys say are "Fun" to listen to?   So far I have owned:   Etymotic ER-4S   Spyder Realvoice   Superlux HD 668B   PX-100   Philips SHE3850   Of those, the only two with "fun" sound signatures were the PX-100 and the Philips SHE3850. The...
  14. sofastreamer

    Which closed back Superlux resamples the sound of the 668b?

    I am looking for a closed back Superlux. i would like to come close to the sound of their 668b or even better the sound of the hd381F.   any suggestions? short cable would be a plus, as i would use them outdoors.
  15. smodtactical

    Gaming + music/media headphones under $100 (recommendation needed, models I'm looking at inside)

    I'm looking for some headphones to replace my current Plantronics gamecom 367 headset. I found this headset to be quite good except for a relative lack of bass. Also I'm mostly a pc gamer but also enjoy listening to electronic/detroit techno, jazz, classical and space ambient music so I wanted...
  16. xzifi

    Neutral headphones under 50$

    I'm looking for a neutral headphone under 50$. I know there aren't alot of options at that price, but that's what I got. I mostly listen to electronic music, and while I know a bass oriented headphone might fit my preferences more, I don't like headphones that emphatize bass as the mids sound...
  17. dilshant

    Which one of these headphones would match my requirement? :)

    Hi everyone!   I am a newbie and basically my requirement is: - Headphones under $50 - Good bass with decent highs and mids - Listen to pop, rock, gospel, hip-hop, rap - Should be comfortable to have on - Should work without needing an external amp - Source of music is a Creative...
  18. gmreplay

    New pair of headphones after 2 years of AD-700

    After much research I purchased the AD-700 about two years ago. I use my headphones only around the house, and mostly for listening to podcasts and gaming. The 700s are super comfortable and sound quite clear, but don't have much bass, and let in way too much sound.   I'm looking for a pair...
  19. ccubeice

    Help me pick the best headphones! :))

    I REALLY WANT NEW HEADPHONES! I listen to a lot of electronic music (drum and bass) and occasionally pop, rock etc. I play games as well. I have really crappy 10€ headset right now, but I don't even need a microphone. I am on a budget for new headphones and that is 43€.   I live in Estonia...
  20. bobbysmith131

    Which Headphones are better for gaming and music?

    I'm pretty new to quality headphones, and I was looking at buying a pair to use for both gaming and music. I was thinking of buying either the Audio Technica ATH M50 or the Audio Technica ATH AD700, and I was just wondering which would be better for gaming as well as music (preferably from...
  21. drummerdick

    Advice, suggestions, and general wisdom requested, for a noob

    Hey all, I joined Head-Fi recently for the plethora of information that's available here, which is fantastic! Only problem is, I seem to have too much information now, or lacking in some of the connecting points. I'm looking to enter the hi-fi world, but I am doing so on a budget, as I am...
  22. idruke

    Monoprice DJ or Sennheiser 202. Which is a better, who cares if they break, phone?

    Or other suggestions. No more than $30. Must be fairly compact.   Look forward to hearing your opinions.

    Monoprice 8323 Good for My Needs?

    First off, I'm completely new to this forum and headphones in general, so my apologies if my post makes no sense or if its in the wrong place.   I've been scouting for a headphones <$30 that will fit my needs of: -Music listening (emphasis on pop/dance/electronic, but I want headphones...
  24. li9680

    Have m50 and gr04, should I get another pair?

    I have owned m50 and vsonic gr04 for a month. They are good. Gr04 actually sounds clearer and a bit louder than m50, but with m50 I feel the vibration more. But I wonder how other headphones sound like. Will I find grado 60i, superlux hd668b, or panasonic RP-HTF600 interesting at all? Will I...
  25. csice

    Best headphones for under $60

    I don't really have a preference for style (in ear/over ear), I guess the more portable, the better, but sound is foremost. I will be using them with an ipod and maybe some on my pc/laptop. What are my best option at this range? So far, it looks like these two are the highest regarded...