1. avngl

    Considering a new setup for Movies + Tv Shows | (Superlux HD668B + Asus Xonar Combo)

      Hey guys, I upgraded my connection a few weeks back and now I am able to download HQ shows for my computer (Itunes 720P). I understand that old tv shows were utilising the 2.1 sound channel while the newer ones, in HQ are using 5.1 . I am also a huge fan of Movies, so I am either watching...
  2. Marximus

    Superlux HD668B (about five hours on them, perfect condition)

    I just got these today.  They're in like-new condition and have about five hours on them.  I really like the sound; they're pretty awesome for their price, but I couldn't get over the comfort issues (my ears stick out a bit).  All accessories, packaging and documentation are included; they're...
  3. pro1137

    Takstar HI 2050 vs Superlux 668b?

    Does anyone have any experience with both of these headphones? I am looking for a pair of closed back headphones in this price range ($40-60, and I cannot decide between the Takstar HI 2050 and the Superlux 668b. I've heard people saying that the Takstar is better with bass, comfort, melody...
  4. choimiroquai

    Superlux 668B versus AKG K81 Dj (in terms of space perception)

    Hi, all Which headphone do you think is good at performing better and wider space perception: Superlux 668B or AKG K81 Dj?   I'm gonna monitor opera, drama, performance.. anything that has wide performing space.
  5. Povell42

    Ultrasone Pro 900 Gamers Gather! Opinions / Suggestions.

       I have been on my adventure to find my ideal Gaming setup using headphones.  I have always loved good sound and have a couple 5.1 setups in my home.  Becoming a father has put a very large damper on being able to use my sound systems for gaming and movies at night and I decided I need to get...
  6. sipsik

    [FS] Superlux 668B

    HI, Selling my Superlux 668B. Barely used, mint condition.   $40 via paypal shipped. (USA only)
  7. kuroshiro

    Superlux HD-668 vs Philips SHL5605BK CitiScape

    so what i want to know is which is one better in terms of sound and comfort.plan to use it for more than 10 hours a day and primarily for music.
  8. idruke

    WTB: Superlux hd668b

    Looking for a mint condition hd668b headphone. AKG pads are a plus.   PM me thanks!
  9. Brettt

    Superlux HD668B headphones any good for recording?

    Hello,    I currently have a pair of Koss UR-20 headphones and I would like to upgrade them so I am thinking on buying the Superlux HD668B Headphones.  I would mainly use them for recording and mixing.  Does anyone use them for that purpose? Are they a good set of headphones to buy?  ...
  10. mixalot2008

    Superlux 668b vs phillips the stretch headphone?

    OK im stuck between these two headphones so I could use some input. The phillips I've heard before and like a lot for the music I listen to (techno, electronica) but I haven't heard the superlux but I've heard really good things. But are about 40 bucks so that's great. Which would you guys...
  11. smodtactical

    Superlux 668B upgrade to Beyerdynamic DT770 worth it?

    I have the Superlux 668B and I definitely like it. Puts out nice clean highs and has good mids but Im somewhat disappointed by the bass. This is my only semi-decent headphones. I was looking for a potential upgrade in the beyerdynamic DT770. I like what I hear about the DT770 because of its...
  12. futurepocket

    Audio Technica ATH-M30 vs. Superlux HD668b vs. HD681

    Looking to get some over-ear and these are all in my budget. Which of these three is the best for sound quality + comfort? I've heard the M30's are far more comfortable, the 668b have the best sound? But the 681 are the cheapest and I've read mixed reviews about 681 being better than 668b.  ...
  13. ATi7500

    [Comparison] Superlux HD681 Series vs Superlux HD668B vs Audio Technica M50 vs Alessandro MS1i vs Sony XB700

    Hello everyone,   I'd like to offer my humble contribution to this amazing forum that I've been lurking for so long :) Infact, I've got all of the mentioned headphones because of the many many good opinions about them read here. Since i'm quite inexperienced with this kind of comparisons...
  14. idruke

    What pads will fit the Superlux 668b?

    I tried beyer dt880 velours but the fabric lip that holds it on was too small and it didn't work. I need some comfortable pads for these headphones or they are essentially useless to me, even though they sound great. Does anyone know which pads will fit?   Thanks
  15. f iDeL

    Superlux HD668B Filter Box (help)

    Hi guys!   I would appreciare if someone here can help create a filter box fo my headphones.   What I found so far:
  16. smodtactical

    Superlux 668B vs Ultrasone HFI 580

    What do you guys think about these headphones against each other for someone looking for a bassy headphone that still has good mid and high detail and a good soundstage.   Please assume they are the same price (I have the 668B and I'm trying to decide if getting the ultrasone for $120 is...
  17. Cloak

    New Buyer! Superlux 668b vs Technica M30?

    Hi, im looking for a pair of good budget headphones. Im new to the world of higher end phones. I recently got interested in them when i bought the sony zx100 for $20 out of walmart simply becuase i was tired of my phones shorting out an i knew of there thicker cords. I was fairly impressed with...
  18. HiFiGamer1995

    JVC HA-RX 900 vs. Superlux HD668B (Samson SR850) for gaming with Dolby Headphone?

    Which one of these headphones has the best soundstage, comfort, clarity, and balance for gaming with Dolby Headphone and creating an immersive surround sound effect without being overly bright or harsh?
  19. HiFiGamer1995

    JVC HA-RX 900 vs. Superlux HD668B (Samson SR850) for gaming with Dolby Headphone?

    Which one of these headphones has the best soundstage, Comfort, clarity, and balance for gaming with Dolby Headphone and creating an immersive surround sound effect without being overly bright or harsh?
  20. Okamoto

    Somic e95 vs Superlux HD668b for gaming

    Some people say somic e95 is better because it has 5.1, but i heard 5.1 is not worth in headphones since it won't deliver the desirable effect as it would on speakers, and that's preferable to have a stereo headphone with a good soundstage.   So, which one is better indeed?   Other...
  21. dubblewubble

    Already done research, would like opinions on ~$125 Over Ear Open-backed Headphones.

    Hey guys! This is my first post. I am 20, male, in college, and have never owned a nice pair of over ear headphones so I assume I'm in for quite a treat.   Stats: I listen to math rock, country, electronic dance music, classic rock, basically everything but rap. I don't like roaring bass...
  22. Lohb

    Cable that brings out the best in the SUPERLUX HD668B budget earphones ?

    Can anyone suggest a cable with the small plug that brings out the best in the SUPERLUX HD668B ? My friend is looking to pair it with JDS Labs altoid box to get a good sound out of it, but I'm sure at that price the existing headphone cable (1m or 3M) will be the weak link. I know the velour...
  23. Cosmicsasquatch

    Need some vocal-biased over/on-ear 'phones around 70$ that could survive WW3

    I'm no audiophile, I'm just a idiotic teen, so excuse my ignorance...all I am is a lover of good sound. And the destroyer apparently (one side of every pair of headphones I get goes out on one side within month or so of falling under my ownership...dozens so far--most of my family's...I dunno...
  24. Baltowolf

    Need Some Recommendations For Circumaural Headphones For Recording

    So here's the deal, I'm 16 and I'm into recording etc. I'm a multi-instrumentalist musician but I mainly play guitar. I'm badly in need of good studio headphones with a [more or less] flat frequency response. I want to get the AKG K240s but my mom says she doesn't think I need 60 dollar...
  25. fmmirel

    Is it worth the upgrade (SUPERLUX HD-668B - Audio Technica)

    Hi all,   This is actually my first post here. Awesome forum, with lots of knowledgeable people. I'm in a bit of a dillema, and I hope someone more experienced with headphones can help.   I currently own a pair of HD201s from Sennheiser. The problem is that, even if it sounds somewhat...