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Need some vocal-biased over/on-ear 'phones around 70$ that could survive WW3

  1. Cosmicsasquatch
    I'm no audiophile, I'm just a idiotic teen, so excuse my ignorance...all I am is a lover of good sound. And the destroyer apparently (one side of every pair of headphones I get goes out on one side within month or so of falling under my ownership...dozens so far--most of my family's...I dunno what it is I do wrong...). [​IMG]
    So I've researched some stuff. Wanted the Audio Technica M50s (I think they're sturdy...)...but I missed out when they were 80$...they were sold out. Of course.
    So at the moment I'm heart-broken and I just need headphones that're guaranteed to be under 90$ (my current budget...of course, you can make the judgment whether or not I should wait until I have more fun money/there's a good sale/I should say "F THIS" and get the M50s as is).
    To give you guys something, the tabs I have open are:
    Creative Aurvana Live
    Superlux HD668B
    Sony MDR-V6
    Koss Pro DJ100
    and the Grado 60i's. 
    I don't know the specifics from there. I know they all sound GOOD. 
    Things that I should mention...(sorry that I don't really know any audiophile vocab...)
    --They should appeal to the more electronic sound I like (I've been really liking Depeche Mode/Synth Pop in general), though heavy metal as well, without sounding tinny, I want my texture!...but also have just enough range/detail/whateverthehellit'scalled to allow a fairly thorough listening experience to, say, a musical or even Repo! The Genetic Opera's soundtrack (see Zydrate Anatomy). I like a good balance between a warm and cold sound too.
    --Flat/muddy/faraway sounding headphones...I really despise them, I like my sparkly treble and punchy bass. I want to feel the sound and be immersed.
    --I couldn't care less about comfort/what they look like. Seriously. If they sound good and are tight, I don't freaking care what type of physical pain or fashion turmoil I'm in.
    --What I really want...is to have a pair of headphones produce vocals that sound although somebody is REALLY whispering into my ear or I'm sitting right in front of a stage. Just saying. I'll have to pass up any pair of cans that aren't vocal-happy. 
    --Is built like a tank of course, preferably with a destroyer-friendly warranty. 
    Oh, and I'm interested in wireless headphones too...if the sound quality is up to par...'cause cables just don't like me...
    Hopefully I'm not asking too much. [​IMG]

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