1. thanp

    Sony MDR-XB500 vs AKG K518DJ vs Sennheiser HD-428

    I would like some opinions about these headphones. I want to buy one of them for watching movies on my macbook pro. I tried the sony mdr-xb500 and i really liked them...nice sound very good bass.
  2. IntensityX

    Headphones 80$ Music/gaming

    EDIT: I would also like to point out that these are going to be my first "audiophile" headphones, and not being an "audiophile" myself I probably won't notice the small faults in some products.     Hello and thank you for taking your time to read this first of all.   Well the past...
  3. wizeman

    Superlux 668b or ath ad700?

    I've been looking for a new pair of phones lately, and price is an important factor. I'm trying to get the most bang for my buck for under a hundred bucks. And after searching amazon, head-fi, and other forums and stores, i've come across two headphones that look like they would suit my needs-...
  4. Supertoaster

    Superlux HD669 vs 668b?

    I haven't been able to find a good comparison between them. All I can tell is that the 669 looks like a closed 668b. Does anybody have any info?   thanks!
  5. wizeman

    Best headphones that dont need amp under 100?

    I've made a few posts on purchasing my second pair of headphones, and me being as indecisive as ever on purchasing anything, I think I might buy the hd 668b superlux's, because they seem to be the best bang for buck. Though I've read that they need an amp. please give me some clarification if...
  6. Shrikee

    Searching a headphone for 200€ / 260 USD

    Hello everyone,   I've started to look after audio equipment two years ago, but headphones were a huge disappointment for me. Below I will jot down my experiences with them so maybe that helps choosing a new one (and hopefully THE one).   Tried:   Superlux HD668B As it was...
  7. drago10029

    Need some guidance PS4 Gaming Setup

    Important Info Below/Goals: WHAT IS THE BEST CONFIGURATION FOR SOUND QUALITY AND TO AVOID TONS OF CABLES??   1. So bad news, I have a measly 100$ ish.. budget for now lol. 2. This is mainly for a PS4 to hear amazing game audio and chat with my pepz.  I have a TOSLINK cable and my TV has a...
  8. sagi

    I need to buy new headphones Recommendation

    hey guys, i need a close over-ear headphones recommendation, I hear mostly dubstep hip - hop and electronic music, I prefer to buy on eBay or any other site that offers to buy through paypal, My budget is 50 USD If you can find a website that sends to Israel it will be cool. Thank...
  9. Lumos

    Semi open vs open headphone for classical music

    Hello people I am about to buy open or semi open headphone for orchestra and opera music. Besides AKG K 240 studio and Audio-Technica ATH AD700 nothing is in my head... can you suggest if I have any more options?   Which one is more better semi open or open?   My price range is 100 $...
  10. Gallade475

    Comfortable, Easy to drive, mid forward but well extended bass in open headphones for 100 usd or less

    O.k. this recommendation is not for me but for my father. My father mostly plays WoW and chats with his guild on mumble. He doesn't believe in amping so, it needs to be easily driven by a mobo, (although a rather good one i would say). He hates grado style pads with a passion, and prefers...
  11. RobustOrange

    AKG K240 studio

    Hey guys, I'm thinking about purchasing these. I don't own a pair of flat(ish) headphones, and I thought I should get these after seeing the good reviews of them. Though, no one has ever mentioned how they sound with metal or industrial, because that's what I listen to.  I thought I maybe could...
  12. NewbieKiddo

    Headset for a Budget ~US$70?

    Hi,       I am looking for a headset that is around US$70. I used to get gaming headsets but, I just feel that it isn't just as nice for music.     My uses:    -Music of course!(classical,lil rock n pop)  -Movies  -Games    What should I choose for headset that has clarity? I...
  13. zokster

    Final decision. (Sony MDR-V6, Audio-Technica ATH-M30, Superlux HD668B, Sony XB-500)

    Hey, I've been visiting these forums occasionally for over a year now, but have never really had any gear that would allow me to experience very good sound quality. I'm hoping to change that now.   I'm looking for closed, circumaural headphones, below 70$, and I'm of course, speaking of...
  14. hiddendh

    I can't choose headphones for gaming [Samson/Superlux]

    I'm sorry for my bad language, I'm new to English   I'm using Sound Blaster Arena now but i hate it and i decided to buying new headphones and soundcard   I will be buy the Xonar DG but i couldn't choose any headphones   My budget is only 50-60$ for headphones   I found the...
  15. rararasputin

    Best Valued Headphones Thread

    Post headphones that sound like they cost twice as much as they do! Any price range is fine, just post headphones that sound significantly better than average headphones at the same price range.   I'll start, Superlux HD668B. No, it's not the best headphone ever, but holy crap does it sound...
  16. Nikalsson

    SUPERLUX HD-330 VS HD-668B ! Little Review.

    Hi All    I will try to write correctly because my English is not perfect. Before 6 days finally I got the new Superlux HD-330 150 Ohm.   How I tested and Equipment.   I am also an owner of HD-668B. I had them from 4 months. I have also Zennnheiser HD-530 MARKII 300 Ohm, AKG K141...
  17. scanferr

    Gaming + music + movies headphones

    Hello folks! This is my first post here.   Im looking for an headphones to use on my daily basis on my computer. Its going to be around 50% gaming and 50% media.   I saw the plantronics gamecom 377, 380 and the panasonic htf600. I have a microphone already so it wouldnt be a problem. Are...
  18. Felixote

    Two Budget Kings: Superlux 681 evo vs Samson sr850 (Similar to Superlux 668b but with headband)

    Well I'm considering buying one of this to Budget Kings, and i was wondering which one do you headfiers think is better, i have tried the Samson and thought they were quite good but for nerly the same price you can get the 681 evo, that have a very good reviews. So I'm letting it up to you to...
  19. Vazquez

    e07k for superlux hd668b? or is there a cheaper dac/amp combo?

    i plan to buy hd668b headphones and i plan to use them on my desktop (no sound card atm), ps3 and laptop. i need a dac and probably a amp for them but i need it to not only work on my desktop and laptop but also on my ps3. i have the option of optical and 3.5mm open for ps3 assuming the ps3...
  20. xecure

    Cheapest velour earpads that fit Samson SR50, Superlux HD668b/HD661, AKG k240?

    I have a Samson SR850i and was wondering where you guys buy your earpads from. I've looked into the AKG k240 earpads but the were too expensive(~$40). I bought the headphones for $40 a year or so ago so I don't feel comfortable spending $40 on a pair of earpads. Anything around the $10 line? Any...
  21. rahuldagli

    Best budget headphone under $80?

    I am looking for best headphones SQ wise please choose from the options available. Or if you have any better suggestions please mention it below. Thankyou !!
  22. phunkfarm

    Best sub $125 "Giant Killers" Q40, RHP-10, RHP-20, DN-HP700, RP-HTF600-S, HD668B

    Best Value? Best Sound?   If you were to have just one back-up pair in the glovebox, which pair would it be?
  23. Thadious James

    Incipio f38, Superlux HD681 (or 668), or Razer Orca's? HELP!

    I'm trying to choose between these headphones. I'm new to head-fi and looking for a pair of nice sounding headphones to get me started. My budget is $56. Also, no biased reviews, and only suggest headphones in this price range please!! Thank you!
  24. laserpenguin

    Superlux HD661 vs HD668B from mobile device

    I have been searching for high quality headphones around the $50 mark and have come across the HD661 and HD668b by Superlux. People claim that the HD668b is an excellent headphone for the cost, but i don't appreciate the looks of it. The HD661 is much more appealing to me and is more portable...
  25. daniel521

    What are audiophile headphones for?

    What do you usually use expensive audiophile headphones for? Do you use it to listen to music at home or for monitoring, recording, using it with your guitar, etc. I used to own a pair of beats studios to a point where I started finding it really uncomfortable. I sold them and was planning on...