1. afrinick

    New Pair of headphones

    hi guys, i'm looking for a new pair of headphone. My current pair is the superlux 668b with all the mod. I listen music (Flac) with my notebook through the creative x-fi hd usb. 70s Prog is the music I like best, but I also listen jazz, fusion, metal; so I would have another pair of headphones...
  2. stop

    Superlux HD668B or Samson SR850

    I cannot decide between the two, one of which i think will be my next headphones, am looking for something clear, but displays bass pretty well, not overbearing, anybody that has listened noticed any major difference between the two?
  3. stinkysbsc

    New, Moddable Headphones

    I am looking for some new relatively inexpensive full-sized headphones which are highly moddable. I will use them at the computer for playing Counter-Strike and listening to mostly rock music, however I would definitely like some nice punchy bass. Therefore I have been looking for some...
  4. sky777

    Trying to get a headphone under $100.

    Thinking about getting Audio Technica ATH-PRO5VA Audio Technica ATH-T400 Audio Technica ATHM40                                                      Tried the ATHM50 and loved them a bit heavy though ****Technical Pro HPT990 Professional Headphones                    Is this a good brand...
  5. Fryde

    Need help to find a good starter headphone!

    Hello Everyone!      First of all  I know that this kind of threat comes up a LOT but bear with me please.    I would like to start a debate of what kind of headphone you will recommend within my specifications.   - It will be my first really serious investment in a headphone!   ...
  6. NDyse10

    Headphone Suggestions

    Hello All,   Been reading here for a while, and am interested in possibly buying a pair of headphones. My budget extends to about $200-$300, but if there is something cheaper that is just as good I am obviously interested in that too. My music choices are quite varied but mostly I listen to...
  7. Amenoyouni

    Christmas Headphones?!

    I'm new to audiophile headphones (never had any) and really want good headphones I have the sennheiser hd 201 but I have to have volume on my iPod all the way up because its not loud. and its lacking bass. please can someone recomend me headphones maybe under 70-60 and it needs good acoustics...
  8. detonate

    SuperLux HD 668B availability in the U.S.? Alternatives to this headphone?

    I had my eyes set on the SuperLux HD 668B after reading a few threads that claim this is superior to the AD700 but now I am having trouble finding one to purchase in the U.S. I don't want to purchase one from overseas or ebay so what comparable headphones are the same price range do you guys...
  9. DioBrando

    Any suggestions for Burn-in tracks playing with Superlux 668-B?

    Hi,   I've bought a pair of Superlux 668-B. What sounds/files d'u suggest to play for an optimal burn-in? I wanna mantain the equilibrium amongst the frequencies, especially not exceeding in bass.   I've used some of tracks linked in in this order:    ...
  10. AudioHipster

    Superlux HD-662F ~ Affordable Closed Ear Headphones ~ Amazing Quality

    AudioHipster just received the HD-662F and they are awesome right out of the box, excellent isolation & clarity & bass is right on. Being closed~ear the pads are thicker and hug your ears tighter...(perfect fit no adjustments needed) and give's accrete bass. these will be are #1 monitoring cans...
  11. sam jay

    Headphones for ASUS Xonar DG

    What would be a good set of headphones with the Asus Xonar DG sound card WITHOUT an amp? I will mostly be using it for gaming . Also, I don't play competitively, so I don't need to pinpoint every sound, rather, I want a pair of headphones that will immerse me into the game.
  12. debug96

    Best headphones for 100€ (~$150 USD)

    I've been reading you guys for a lot of time, this is my first post, and I hope it's not the last. :3   I'm looking for some new cans, since I will sell my HD668b to a friend. I mainly listen to metal (In Flames, Sonata Arctica, Metallica, Symphony X... etc) and rock (Red Hot Chili Peppers...
  13. superluhar

    Ad700 or Superlux 668b

    I am new to purchasing full sized cans and i need some help deciding. I own a pair of RE-2 from head direct and i really like the airy and very clear tone it presents. Although not the best clarity the company offers, i really enjoy some of the effects that it creates and I decided to find a...
  14. cerpintaxt

    Replacing my HD555's, help appreciated.

    Hello, as the title suggests, I'm on a hunt for a new pair of headphones. The right channel driver on my HD555's has broken. There's buzzing at the low-mids at fairly low volume. Now, the only decent pair of headphones I've ever heard are these 555's (with the 595-esque mod). I have enjoyed...
  15. dustdevil

    Audio Technica 3D wing headband vs AKG auto-adjust headband

       I haven't seen any comparison of them and so I decided to start a new thread.    I am actually deciding between the superlux hd668b and the hd681f, with the former having the AT 3D wind headband design and the latter having the AKG headband, but I figured out that less people will be able...
  16. SoundFox

    Good headphones....

    ARE AWESOME! I just got my first pair of quality headphones. I did go for the hd7 by personus and wow they are so much better than my ipod ear buds, even better than my stereo system and I have never found something that sounds better than that. I can hear things in the bass I have never heard...
  17. oSpectrum

    What is the best headphone I can get < $200?

    I've seen the Audio Technica ATH-M50's and I was planning on getting those, but it has been brought to my attention that I can get better headphones. I really want over-ear headphones, not in-ear on on-ear. I mainly listen to techno as well as indie rock every now and then. I want to get the...
  18. KevC

    Narrowing down a budget/value comfortable circumaural can for me

    Hello,   I'm looking for the absolute _BEST_ bang for buck can in the budget category .. preferably <$50 (soft limit) but must absolutely be < $100 shipped.   My priorities are the following.   -comfortable, circumaural design  -easily driven (plugged directly into TV or macbook)...
  19. Psilocybe

    Superlux HD661

    Hey guys, I currently own a pair of Samson SR850s (OEM HD668B) and I love them. However, they're open so I can't use them in noisy environments, and they cable isn't very durable. I heard about the new Superlux HD661s from the rockgrotto forums, and they sounded like they solved both...
  20. AirX

    Superlux 668B way to increase comfort

    No one talked about it so I don't know if people noticed that the two top head-rests on the Superlux 668B can actually be adjusted by pulling it out or pushing it in?    Maybe I'm naive to think I'm the first one to notice this, but for those who didn't know about it, give it a has...
  21. jeezus

    has anyone heard both sr850 and hd668b?

    what are your impressions of these headphones? which has better sq, clarity, soundstage, balanced sound?
  22. nicklemarr

    Need help picking a set.

    Hello, my names Nick. This is my first time to this forum. I need some advice and I've been redirected to this forum. A little background, I sold Car Audio and Home Audio for a living for years, so I'm more than familiar with terms and specs. A few things you might need to know beforehand. 1...
  23. dodawasthere

    was this a good advice?

    hey  my friend was thinkin of spending max 100$ on a decent headphones after he likes my d2000 , he dont buy used stuff tho (rock head) and going to use them at home ,  so i advice him the Superlux NEW HD-668B  + the fiio e6 amp , thats about  90 usd  . is it good deal or there is other...
  24. jeezus


    anyone heard both of these?  
  25. Flumphy

    PortaPro vs. AKG K403

    Hi,   I need a sleek and light headphone that I can take with me to school.   I've narrowed it down to the Koss Porta Pro and the AKG K403.  ...