1. teatime0315

    Which one? Samson SR850 or Superlux HD 681?

    Debating on which one to buy. Barely found out about these gems today. I'm leaning towards the SR850 because aesthetically they look better IMO.  I'm coming from HD595's. Anyone know how those two compare to the HD595's? Thanks a bunch. 
  2. MegaMind

    Good Headphone under $50.

    Guys, i need ur valuable advice on a good headphone under $50...  Usage : Music, Movies & gaming with Xonar DX.   I was thinking of Sony XB500 & JVC HARX700. Any better options?    Thanks in advance..
  3. DrDublin

    Choosing Between Sub-100$ Headphones

    Hello, I'm looking for some sub-100$ headphones for listening to indie rock and various nonstandard electronic music (chiptune, Crystal Castles, Chemical brothers, etc.). So far, I've come up with this list of contenders:   *Audio-Technica ATH-M50 Studio Monitor Headphones (Overbudget?)  ...
  4. ursdiego

    We ALL like such threads: HELP! ~200$ choice 4 head-fi newbie, hi-fi oldie, wanting *involving* music!

    Hello everybody!   I was searching around about 5 hours and read dozens of threads like this one... but while reading, instead of getting clearer, the picture got more confusing. So I decided to open "my" own thread.   Short version: I want a revealing, direct, resolving, emotions...
  5. drNOMboss

    Need beginner headphones for $60-$100

    I am new to the scene of headphones, but as a musician am trying to get into it. I am looking for a decent beginner set of closed full-size headphones that range from $60-$100. They will be used mostly at my desk with my computer. I listen mostly to metal/hardcore/progressive music. I will also...
  6. TheVincanity

    Headphones for a learner?

    Hi ive just joined the site, since it seems to have great people who have knowledge on earphones. If anyone would care to just give me a great recommendation i would appriciate it. Ok so heres some info: Im a 14 year old athlete. My music is pretty mainstream, with Eminem Jay Z, Mac Miller...
  7. staxxx

    Giant Killers

    After reading the T50RP thread, I see that posters said that a modified T50RP can compete with flagships. Are there any other headphones out there that can be considered giant killers or deliver amazing performance for the price?
  8. tiotempestade

    Help me choosing

    hi all! I've been reading the forums for the past two weeks now looking for info and oppinios about full size headphones.. And there's a lot of good info here! :) The time to buy as come and I was wondering if someone could answer my doubts before I commit to a new headset.. My budget is...
  9. Prophet88

    Suggestion/Recommendation for new Headphones

    Hey fellas, i am new to this jargon of headphones (in the learning process). So i am in the market to get some decent cans. My budget is around $50. I did some research though and found these to be the best bang for buck. I don't know how far i am from some quality ones.     Able...
  10. Flumphy

    Need cheap headphone quick (my good pair broke)

    Hi,   While waiting until I can get warranty for my Koss headphones I need a cheap (20-25$-) headphone to watch movies and play games...    Who knows a good comfi headphone that fit's my needs?   Something like this:  ...
  11. misiektd

    Denon DN-HP700 or ... (180$)

    Hi guys,   I recently moved on with developing my audiophile needs, and found buying new cans necessary :) My previous HP where Denons AH-D310, which i must say where fine - until I started to listen to higher quality drivers. BTW they fall apart few days ago, so I wouldn't recommend them...
  12. vortex2450

    Top headphones for computer gaming under $40?

    Hello,   I am currently hunting for a set of full size cans that I will mainly use during my gaming sessions.   I don't need an inline mic because most of my gaming is solo. I wear glasses so I want something that is going to fit comfortably without pushing the top of my ear against my...
  13. Wizzard

    Gaming Headphones

    Greetings y'all. I've seen plenty of "gaming headphone/headset" threads but there is a problem. Most of these threads have been made by American users but I'm British and the headphones usually suggested (AD700 & HD 555) are ridiculously overpriced in UK so I'm looking for a cheaper...
  14. KenAdamsNSA

    HD 555 vs. HD558 and HD598

    Hey all, I've searched this forum and found some similar topics to this, but I haven't seen my question in particular. I'm wondering if the Sennheiser HD555's are significantly different (worse) than the HD558 and HD598 lines. I'm a big fan of the coloring for both the 558 and the 555 (matches...
  15. lemon2

    Upgrade from Goldring DR150s?

    Hello, I just got the Goldring DR150s.   Is there anything less than £70 ($115) that is better than these headphones?   I will use them for gaming, classical music, jazz, rock and more modern music.
  16. Sneakily

    Best headphones for under 50$ (semi bass)

    Whats the best headphones that I could get for under 50$. I listen to some hip-hop that has some bass in it also I listen to rock. I just want some headphones that are also very clear with a lil more bass then some. I was looking into the Superlux 668B for like 40$. Would that be a good choice?
  17. CosaNostra

    Superlux HD668B or Samson SR850 or upgrade current set-up

    Hi everyone,   I am very new to the world of good sound so I'd like a little advice on what to get. I currently have an old Philips SBC-HP1000 which I use to listen to music via my laptop (I have a little amplifier called the Fiio E5 which I friend gave me). I don't have much knowledge about...
  18. Nick01

    Save which 3 headphones if your house is on fire??

    Senn HD800, coz it's freaking expensive Grado GS1000i coz I can't live without its bass. Um...I can't decide between the Grado RS1 or the Alesandro MS Pro for the third one....I'm so gonna die in the fire....    
  19. zxcv314

    Rock listeners, Metal Fans .... Please help this newbie here

           Hi all :)  1)   I listen Metal and Rock music   2)   I am student.     3)   I want Over The Ear headphones with good sound isolation and descent sound quality.     4)   My budget is estimated around 60$ but it may expand easily if something good comes up over the horizon. So...
  20. x3Luffy

    Looking for a pair of headphones (Newbie)

    Hello everyone, I'm new here and am a total newbie at headphones. I'm looking to pick up my first set of headphones and have actually looked around.    For now, I prefer the headphones to be able to play well without amps. I like more of pop rock music, however, don't really know how to...
  21. Maciek 89

    New headphones dor iPod Nano 6th Generation, similar to AKG K319

    Hi, I used to use iPod Photo 30GB with AKG K319 headphones. For me it sounds great, especially with track recorded on Apple Lossless format. Now I've lost either iPod and headphones so I have to buy new one. I've decided to buy iPod Nano 8GB 6th Generation and now I'm looking for headphones...
  22. Dan1121

    MP3 Player headphones

    Hi there, brand new meat here   Although I have been researching a lot recently into which headphones to buy, so I know a certain amount, I've only just now realised that maybe more expensive headphones are not worth it when used with an MP3 player not a hi-fi? Any help would be appreciated...
  23. masuuuuud

    £60 headphones

    Im looking for some £60 headphones, that dont require an amp and generally have good sound quality for hip hop and rap like music :)
  24. agent47er

    akg vs audio technica

    hi there i am looking to buy a good pair of headphones and in my budget these are the ones that I found to be best( by reading alone):   AKG K240MKII Audio Technica M50s   both of them are costing me the same.... I have no interest in mixing and want to use them only for listening to...
  25. dmann

    $200,$300 headphone, DT770 80ohm for gaming/music or?

    Ok I have done alot of researching and learned alot (or I am pretty sure I have) since I joined this forum to find a headphone. I am a competitive gamer, but I also listen to music like classic rock, and dubstep, rarely movies, and like to be immersed with gaming(CS 1.6/CZ(don't make fun of...