1. Pessimistic

    $60 or less headphones

    So, I purchased the JVC HARX900 headphones, and while I found their sound to be satisfying, they were too big for my small build, so they gave me head and neck pain... I also can't use them on the bus because they're huge... I'm in the process of returning them...   I'm looking for...
  2. Destroysall

    Now back in this loop hole...

    Okay, now I did start a previous thread down in the Computer Audio section of these forums, and while I was "fixed" on the Sennheiser HD 555s, I was suggested the Superlux HD 668B w/AKG Velour Replacement Pads.  Both of these headphones like good choices, but I also been looking at the Ultrasone...
  3. Ivan TSI

    Headphone suggestions

    Hi im new here and needed opinions on which headset its the best one for rock/alternative/metal in the $50 range.
  4. EpicPoptartPuma

    Help on buying bassy headphones.

    I'm new to this site and being ignorant in headphones I nearly bought skullcandy skullcrushers. So what I need help with is finding a good set of headphones that are good with rock, alternative, and dubstep. I like tight bass that is very clean and prominent. Price range is anything under $100...
  5. keanex

    [Review] Superlux HD668b, They Cost How Much? (Foam Mod+More for 668b+681!)

        Pros: Stunning clarity and balance Cons: Comfort issues, build quality feels cheap.   I chose to review these with my FiiO E7 with my E3 LOD to my iPod Classic as they definitely need some juice. The E7 is able to power these to comfortable listening levels though without a...
  6. connorwalsh123

    What Headphones are best for me? help!

      Hello Everybody, I want to buy new headphones and sell my Beats by Dr. Dre because they sound muddy. I love music and sound a lot. i listen to music a lot and basically every genre except country. here is the genre's i listen to in order of how often i listen to them. 1. Rock/Folk...
  7. geezlouise

    Need suggestions/advice on a pair of headphones

    Well,my Creative Fatality headset that was going strong for 3 years has finally died.I've been doing A LOT of research lately.Learned about closed/open headphones,the truth about ''gaming'' headsets and 5.1 surround sound and whatnot.Gotta say it's pretty interesting learning all of these...
  8. Crazy08

    Can anyone comment on the difference in comfort between the HD668Bs and RX700s?

    I'm trying to decide between these two sets of headphones as my first set of headphones. Since I will likely be using them for hours on end, one of my main priorities is comfort. The only thing keeping me from ordering the HD668Bs is the fact that they are widely regarded to be uncomfortable...
  9. Tacoboy

    Adding some SuperLux HD-668B headphones to my collection?

    I'm thinking of adding the Superlux HD-668B headphones to my collection. My Beyerdynamic DT-770 Pro 250-Ohms are wonderful (perfect?), but are closed, so I'm might be doing ear damage for using closed headphones, for hours on end. My Audio Technic ATH-AD700s are nice, great for easy...
  10. YTCrazyTieGuy

    Amp recommendations for Superlux HD668B

    Hey guys. I'm looking for an amp for my HD668Bs for mixing (and listening). I can't spend over $100, and every dollar I'll save will be used to buy microphones and other equipment, so I'm basically looking for the cheapest option that's good. The ones I have on my mind now are the Pimeta (I'll...
  11. Crazy08

    Looking to buy my first set of nice headphones and a soundcard.

    Hello, I'm new to Head-fi (just started browsing yesterday), and I am looking to upgrade the audio setup on my computer. I use it primarily for gaming (not extremely competitive) but movies and TV shows are also something to consider. I really don't listen to music at all.   I'm currently...
  12. Basick

    AT m50 or Superlux HD660's?

    The 660's are cheaper (69$) than the m50's (110$)   I was wondering which one to decide on?    
  13. Basick

    Anyone try the Superlux HD660's?

    I was planning on getting these, instead of the DT 770's as it is a MUCH cheaper solution for me.   Any one use these or have any sort of speculations on these cans?   Do these require an amp?
  14. sameesamdon

    Is Superlux HD668B a studio level Headphone?

    Hi guys,   I am looking for a studio level headphone for a cheap price :) Is Superlux HD668B a studio level headphone? I mean can I do studio level recording and mixing with this. I am hoping to start a home studio using Fruity Loops studio( a music production software) on my lap top. I...
  15. Boingofan

    Are the Sony V6 the best budget

    The Sony V6 around $40 are they the best budget headphones. Looking for something in the $40 range or less. Thanks everyone and sorry if im asking in the wrong place
  16. SweetLou

    Budget headphone comparos

    Hey all,    Ill try to keep this short, but as a short introduction, Im trying to find some good started full size (portable or non) where I can get a better judge as to what Im looking for in a headphone. While the descriptions and headphone terminology are helpful, reading about and...
  17. nick n

    Head-fi branded, edition, or maufactured flagship cans?

    Maybe this has been put out there already I could find no post of the sort.  With all the sponsored cans floating around, as well as so many OEM manufacturers and custom modders in here, together with the massive knowledge, experience and INFLUENCE this forum has, why is there not ( at least...
  18. tasosthunder

    Recommendation for headphones under 100 for metal music

    I currently have the razer carcharias and while it's one of the most comfortable headset i've ever had, i'd like to upgrade to some "real" music headphones and not a new gaming one. My budget is up to 100 but i'll go a bit above if it is truly worth it. I also want the headphones to be...
  19. Dissonant

    Newbie Requiring Recommendations

    I swear, there was a consolidated recommendation thread somewhere when I was still lurking. In any case, I cannot find it.    Anyway, I need some recommendations to be thrown around for headphones around US$100. I can exceed it by a reasonable amount. Looked at the other thread with...
  20. MGuedes

    Best Value for Money Headphones - Home Use only

    Well, I know there's the topic for advice, but as my doubts were very big, and it was getting quite hard to everyone to keep track of it, I decided to create this one. I'll PM a member of the staff to block/delete it, when it's not needed anymore. I now have a Meelec M21 as on-the-run...
  21. Negakinu

    Superlux headphones now with world-wide shipping! (+general reference and availability)

    To celebrate my 1000th post:   Remember that great review of the Superlux headphones by Headfonia and Joker here on Head-Fi? Remember how hard they are to order? Let me refresh your memory with a little quote from Headfonia:   "All in all, the HD668B is a kind of headphone that “wows”...
  22. WTFGoD

    sr850 or 668b

    nvm got the 850 .. thnx to all the ppl who shared their opinions ->me<-
  23. Mehgeh

    Hopefully I get quick replies here

    I'm on the verge of buying a new pair of headphones and I have to choose in between the SRH-440s and the HD-428 the HD-438s are also available but I haven't really heard about them
  24. kingvin60

    Superlux HD668B. I'm impressed.

    I didnt expect these headphones to sound this good. Especially considering the price.
  25. AF115

    Superlux HD668B - a tweak for some more comfort

    I keep on liking these headphones, that gratify me with a good deal of good music. But I don't like at all their little wings, Audio-Technica style: they press too much on my parietal bones and don't give enough support. So, after some time, they tend to slide down and to compress the upper...