1. Rocko1

    Looking for the next level in budget cans...

    Having little experience(or cash) with cans I bought the Panasonic RP-HTF600 and really enjoy them. I plan on giving these to my dad and wanted to know what the next step(small?) up in great budget cans is. $45 is my max. Like the bass and smooth highs of the HTF600's. Is there something a bit...
  2. wasabiroll

    Headphone reccomendations for 'bout 50-60 bucks

    I'm lookin' for something good for vocals and stuff for example Taylor Swift. My friend had suggested the Koss Pro Dj100's and the Superlux 668b, Superlux 681, and Samson SR850. Any others or a specific one of the four I should checkout/buy? Thanks!
  3. Icicle666

    Help choosing new cans

    Good day ...   It was recommended by the computer forum that I frequent that I come and post my question here as I would get a better response ... so here it goes ...     My headphones have just broke and I am in the market for a new set. The problem is that my country does not play...
  4. bukujutsu

    Has anything come out that's better than the HD668Bs for the price?

    The SR850s too, since they're rebranded, but with only one cord, no removeable cord, and the impedance is 32 ohm instead of 56.    The SR850s are 34$ on eBay, the HD668Bs are $50.    There are so many headphones out there and as the time goes by things can go unnoticed.    Some...
  5. supereuropa

    Superlux HD-660 or Superlux HD-669

    Which of them is better? I'm talking about the sound quality and everything excluding the price. Thanks!
  6. kevinzone

    Any good 100$ headsets canadian? Good for sound and gaming

    Hi im trying to find some good headphones that sound great for music and have a big soundstage for positional audio. Also it has to be 100$ in canadian because on amazon the a700 are like 120 in usa but in canada it went up to 180. Way too much. Im fine with a bit over 100 but yea. Im a noob :)
  7. Lost4468

    Samson SR850 vs JVC HA-RX900 vs MDR-XB700

    Which one of these is best gaming/music/other general things? 
  8. htalasil

    I am in need of a full size headphones around 50 $ price range

    I am in search for the best 50 $ price range, preferably with detachable cords(minimum priority). My basic need is decent sound clarity along with good bass for music pleasure. Also I want them to be comfortable for around 2 to 3 hours.  I would prefer durability over portability. Please help...
  9. htalasil

    Full Size Headphone under 50 $

    I narrowed down my search to Beyerdynamic DT 235 and Superlux HD668B. I purchased the Superlux and now I want to cancel the order and but the Beyerdynamic only because it looks cool.  Should I stick to the Superlux or not and are they any other good full size headphones under 50 $ Please...
  10. tosen

    Need a new Headphone/SoundCard combo (some options inside).

    Hey,   Priority is to improve my gameplay in multiplayer FPS, meaning I want to hear very clear footsteps, how close or far are from me, etc. However I have been told that AD700 is king for that BUT it's bas anemic, which I'm not sure if I should get this for FPS only and whenever I watch a...
  11. NickAcrobat

    Best headphones for 50 bucks?

    My choices are skullcandy Hesh, skullcandy Agents, Koss UR50, or Koss R80.   If anyone knows of anything better than these close to $50-$60 please let me know.   Im looking for a headphone that covers the ear, with minimal leakage, and low frequency response like less than 20 Hz. Thanks.
  12. CaptainAhab

    Looking for a good pair of headphones for listening to music (mostly bluegrass/classical) and gaming

    Hello Head-Fi!   I'm looking for a good pair of headphones for listening to music in Apple Lossless quality, and whatever quality comes straight from an audio disc being burned into iTunes. I will be listening through these headphones while connected to my iPod Classic, or to my computer (as...
  13. melina

    Recommendations for new headphones

    I'm in the process of replacing my Panasonic RP-HTX7, which are going kaput on me after having bought them in October. I bought a Koss UR20 a couple weeks ago to replace it, but I find the sound to be vastly inferior to the RP-HTX7, even after burning them in with lengthy listening sessions, so...
  14. JVineaux

    Office Over-ears: Beyer 235, Superlux 668B, Creative Aurvana, or iGrado?

    Hi all,    I'm looking for a decent pair of office over-ear headphones which I use almost for the full 8 hours at work. I'm used to iems, but I worry about damaging my ears by using them for so long, and sometimes have to use desktops for which the cables won't reach all the way to the back of...
  15. jazh23

    Help with this mid-range Headphones please...

    Hi, I wanna buy a headphones inexpensive, basically for playing on my PC. I'm looking for: Comfort, sound quality, and durability.   Which one is better from the list?     1. Sennheiser HD 419= 58.88$...
  16. SonicScientist

    Can't deside, help me choose cans for ~150e

    There's just too many apparently good headphones on the market. The more I read review the more I'm lost. I listen to almost everything, tho I'm a bit rock/metal biased. I'm not bass-shy, but I like it tight and controlled rather than booming over everything. I don't know if I like neutrality or...
  17. JayNetTech5

    I think these might be the right headphones for me.

    Good built quality:   Great sound quality:   Great bass:   Great construction/built:   Great soundstage:   Budget price ($35):        This has gotten great views and is a fairly underrated set of cans. I never heard of these, or really cared to look at them.    ...
  18. Dyjon54

    Monoprice 8323 Vs. PANASONIC RP-HTF600

    Trying to figure out which ones to buy right now. My limit is at 40$ Will be used for gaming and mostly R&B music. (More gaming than anything)I will take any other recommendations as well.
  19. silvernoy

    looking for comfortable overear headphones! budget < $70

    hey guys,    new to headfi. im looking for comfortable headphones with great bass for under 70. currently own the shure srh 240 but the bass too weak for my taste and its highs are quite piercing at times..   anyway, the important thing is good bass (quality and quantity) and wont...
  20. SteelFiction

    HELP! Choosing a Headphone! Extremely Detailed!

    Hello, I am looking for a good neutral type of headphones. Planning on using them for 50% Gaming and 50% Media. Media includes music, videos, movies and the like. Gaming just being good sound and hearing things, being emersed or just having fun with it. My budget is $125 - $150, I can go over it...
  21. Areios

    Need help deciding between TF 10's or Budget Headphones

    I started out with sennheiser HD428's and really liked the signature of the headphones and the only complaint I had was that the bass wasn't as strong as I would like it to be. I decided that I would rather try in ear headphones so I got some RP-HJE 900's and loved them. I loved their balance it...
  22. Can Junkie

    HD668B VS HD 558 and HD558 Burn in.

    I have owned a pair of Superlux HD668B's for a while, reasonably burned in. I just picked up a pair of Senn HD558's on sale at Best Buy for $139. I was expecting the Senns to be much better sounding than the Superlux but to my surprise, they sounded very similar. I am not the type to take...
  23. DogandPonyShow

    Suggestions for Closed headphones, with detachable cable

    Hi there,   I wonder if you can help here.  I'd be very grateful for some suggestions for some closed-back on or over ear headphones (ideally between £30 and £120) for portable use with an iPod.   I've had three pairs of Sennheiser 202 HD now.  They are excellent budget headphones...
  24. abhimanyu316

    Over the ear headphones under $100

    hi im looking for a pair of headphones for about 100$. i want to use them mostly for movies and music on my laptop. i wont b using any amp. i found ath-m35 and ath-ad700. plzz give ur suggestions. u can also suggest apart from these two. i dont have much knowledge on this. plzz help.
  25. cereal86

    Best Portable Headphone under 50$

    Greetings   I would you recommend me a portable headphone, i like detail and crisp sound with some bass too and isolation off course, not basshead like AKG K518DJ. I liked the Denon AH-P372 (i have the CAL), but already read that the new models are "dark". My portable gear are Clip+ and fiio...