1. madad

    Am I deaf?

    Hi there, bit of a noob to all this stuff, but recently got myself a pocket amp 2, and a sendstation pocket dock to see if I could squeeze some extra life out of my iPhone 3GS and my Sennheiser HD555's.   But..   I cannot for the life of me hear any difference. Am I going deaf? I have...
  2. wonderba

    Good, comfy, foldable, on ear headphones without sound bleed?

    Hi, I am looking for a nice pair of comfy on ear headphones for my use, and I don't want to have them bleed sound since I don't want others to hear my music.   I want comfy ones, I find Dre's comfy but expensive, and 100 dollars is around my budget
  3. Rurouni

    A short PX200-II review

    Thought I'd try to give back to the forums after I used the opinions on the PX200-II to decide on my purchase. I did a mini review here, some background first, I listen to a wide range of music, ranging from classical, jazz, R&B, folk/rock/pop. In my review I'm basing it partially on my past...
  4. dilkrac

    PX-200 ii vs AKG K430

    Which one should i go with?   I listen to mostly acoustic music, little bit of rock, and some female vocals. I think i need mid and high as far as the sound goes. I really wish i can listen to them before i buy but i just can't.   Also, how is the durabilty of them? I don't want any...
  5. Naegis

    What can rival the illustrious Sony MDR-ED21LP earbuds? (plus small bonus review of PX200-II)

      G'day headfi'ers!   OK, the title is a bit of a joke. :) And as with all jokes, there is a core of truth in there.   I'm a n00b here :) and here is my first small review/comparision (hope you like it) and a request for help!   I've been watching this forum for about 2 months now...
  6. hcore

    Help me pick out an un-amped headphone! (Yes I've been doing my homework)

    I've been doing quite a bit of homework and since I'm not at all an audiophile (I think my Skullcandy Smokin' Buds sound great for $30; I feel so ashamed at what I paid for them) I'm having some difficulty making a decision.   I am trying to move to some nice, reasonably portable, and...
  7. KingFontenette

    I always break my headphones! Time for new ones.

    Hello everyone! My name is Terrance Paul Fontenette and this is my first post here after lurking for about a year. Like the title says, I always break my headphones. I ride BMX. I buy headphones knowing they are going to break when I ride my bike. This does not bother me since I don't wear...
  8. estreeter

    Aussie Head-Fiers : good deal on PX200-II at $75

    I honestly have no idea if this is a good deal, or whether these phones justify the rep they seem to have here on HF:   Apologies...
  9. justinmonty

    B&W P5 or AKG 271

    Hey guys I'm debating between these two I like the design of both equally however the P5's will be better for portable use however what do you think sound wise is the better choice?   I liek listening to acoustic,metal,rock, and rap , sometimes classical   thanks
  10. ghoststeps

    Best Sennheiser under $100!!!

    Hi, I'm new here and I'm a noob. I'm going to buy the first pair of high-quality headphones. Most of the time, I listen to music at my campus, library and home. I listen to Pop, Slow Rock, Rap, Hip Hop, R&B and Electronic (Taio Cruz and Lady Gaga stuffs). I'm considering PX100. Do you have any...
  11. MrBapti

    Accidently ripped the cord on my PX200 II cans...

    Is there a way to replace the cable, or re-cable it?   Thanks
  12. Akoya

    Looking for a new set of (foldable) headphones : AKG K 430/K 450/ K 518 ? Sennheiser PX 200 II ?

      Hi guys,   Currently I own a pair of Philips SHS8200, I really like them but the connector failed and now there's only comming sound from the left side -_-   So off we go searching for a new pair... Most of the time I'm listening to Dubstep and Drum 'n Bass, sometimes...
  13. sinniecoyote

    Best OE Portable Headphone for iTouch 4

    first of all, hi i'm just a newbie here and trying to get some answers from you all, that i believe will be the best advisor for me in this matter (so please help me out, guys and lady-guys out there) the thing is, i just want to find portable headphone with following spec: -...
  14. Minibear453

    PX 200II Broken???

    I've had these for around a month... and today, I noticed the right side was always  louder than the left. I spun the headphones around, and the right headphone is still louder...(although it was on the left ear)   Help?
  15. Champi94

    Advice for non-audiophile

    Hi guyz !   I am a new user on the forum and it's a pleasure for me to join this community.   I am not particularly someone that can be qualified of audiophile but I like good audio quality of course and I am willing to do my research and put the price for good cans.   My question is...
  16. topbananas

    Definitive recommendations where boxes need ticking...

    Hi All.   I am sure the answers are somewhere already, but afraid I don't have time to read through so many discussions about specifics.... I have no idea about frequencies, waves, maths and such.   I am looking for some headphones, as swimmer's ear stops me from using my IEMs (...
  17. vrln

    Europe Deals Thread

    Hello fellow Head-fiers! As I´m sure many from Europe have noticed, the main deals thread isn´t that useful for us as we have to scan out the deals actually willing to ship over here. And unfortunately we´re often left in the dark (hi!). So due to popular demand, I present the Europe...
  18. rb101c

    Closed, Portable, Budget Headphones for use with Laptop/MP3 Player

    I just discovered this site recently and was hoping that you could help me upgrade from my current, mediocre headphones.  I'm looking for a pair of closed headphones with minimal leakage to use (unamped) with my laptop and mp3 player.  I would prefer to not spend more than $80, but definitely...
  19. zmd

    The new Sennheiser HD558 have arrived

    Yesterday I took the plunge and got myself the new Sennheiser HD558, one of the updated models in Senns midrange of open headphones. I've been anticipating these ever since the first thread here on head-fi, so I guess I'd be the first to get them around here.   First off, I've never heard...
  20. Fleweezie

    Sennheiser PX 200 II "noise" when changing volume

    I have had these headphones for almost 2 months now, and whenever I change the volume on the integrated volume controller there is a extremely noticeable amount of scratchy "noise". I was wondering why this is happening and is it going to develop on the left or right sound being lost which most...
  21. hello12345

    Sennheiser help?

    Hello all,   Not a serious audiophile myself but wondering if you could possibly offer some opinions for me?  I'm looking for a pair of portable headphones for about £20-30, possibly stretching to 40. At the moment I have my eyes on the PX 100 and 200 or the HD 218 or 228.  Would people be...
  22. ugene

    Help choose portable headphones (Senn, AKG, Beyer ...) ?

    Hello, I am choosing new headphones. It has to be portable on-ears (not full). I am also planning to use them outside and in transportation. I dont have requirement, that they should be open on closed(I know the advantages/disadvantages of both solutions).I will also use them with portable...
  23. 65dos

    Headphones on 120$

    Headphones on 120$ i buy to china use on pc
  24. ggajako

    looking for headphones for everyday/library use

    I'm pretty new to all this so bear with me I'm looking for a set of headphones for library/study/everyday use under $100 and will be running it out of my laptop and ipod nano   Looking for: sound quality comfort portability/durability isolation/no leakage no IEMs (they get...
  25. calvingoive

    Suggestions for AKG450/Sennheiser PX200-ii/HD-238 alike seeked.

    Hi everyone, and this is my first post since arrival :D   First things first. This is definitely being lazy so I apologise up front but any suggestion is much apprecaited :)   So. I use the Sennheiser IE8 with my ipod video and apart from the sound isolation and slow-ish bass at times I...