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Europe Deals Thread

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  1. vrln
    Hello fellow Head-fiers! As I´m sure many from Europe have noticed, the main deals thread isn´t that useful for us as we have to scan out the deals actually willing to ship over here. And unfortunately we´re often left in the dark (hi Amazon.com!). So due to popular demand, I present the Europe deals thread. No horrible shipping costs, no customs!

    I´ll start:
    1. Shure 530PTH: 239 euros @ Pixmania.com. Good time to get one as the new (almost identical sound) 535 has just been released with a nice 499 price tag.
    2. Jays Q-Jays: 118 euros @ Play.com. If you are in the UK, you can get them even cheaper from the same site (at around 70 pounds!).
    The deals hunt is on!
    Last edited: Mar 22, 2018
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  2. Deep Funk
    If I am correct the Sennheiser HD4x8-series is getting cheaper... Even my beloved PX200 II is lowered in price here and there. 
    I checked out pixmania by the way. The next headphone I am eying is an oldie though.
  3. Luhaine
    I thought this was a fair price (deal).
    1. Sennheiser IE 8 185 euros @ Redcoon.nl, .de and .be (187). The site has shops in other countries as well but was unable to find the IE8 on the spain version. Check www.redcoon.com for the countries.
  4. maximon
    Deals on q-jays and others found here:
    designgadgets.com ...  Q-Jays for example is 89,90 euros incl vat
  5. Proglover
    nice topic OP, definitely subscribing
    Let the deals come...
  6. Zol0ft
    Great topic, I hope to see some great deals! ;D
  7. Deep Funk
    HD25-1 II, basic edition for 145 euros on music store professional which is fair...
    K701 for 215 euros which is fair too, same website...
    K601 for 149 euros with headphone bag, same website...
    Thing is, I am eying either a K141 Monitor (old school 600 ohms) or some other rare oldies. That K601 is priced very attractively I must admit.
  8. anadin

    Jays q-JAYS Dual Micro Armatures Sound Isolating Earphones - Maroon Red 69.99GBP Delivered, thats a great deal!

  9. Proglover


    Check this: http://www.thomann.de/nl/index.html 
    Same as above, prices are steady for months now
    K240's for 95 euros (studio) or 122 (MK II)
    very fast delivery
  10. Proglover
  11. proedros
    Great thread people - kudos to you all [​IMG]
  12. sepinho
    This thread was definitely needed, thank you very much. I've subscribed it right away.
  13. Deep Funk
    Lake People G93, ever so tempting for 229 euros: (at the moment the Sansui amplifier is withholding me from buying dedicated headphone amplifiers)
    Lake People G100, clean looking headphone amplifier: 
    Music professional also offers the K702 for 317 euros... 
    I consider this almost a steal, the K181 DJ for its AKG sound quality in a bulky DJ headphone with effective features:
    Knowing the sound of the K181 118,80 euros is more than fair when you consider the extra features with very good isolation and the feel the music does not sound that closed in with plenty of sound stage. It is not the most the most comfortable headphone though... I find its sound addicting.
    The prices for PX100 II are also good around the web. 
    The good deals are abundant now... Are the prices on Grados lower these days? I might try one...
  14. Proglover
    Grado's from ebay or a head-fi buddy who buys in US for you, Funk (or watch our Dutch marktplaats, sometimes they'll pop up, but biddings are too high for it)
    Dutch retail prices are way too high
  15. Deep Funk
    Monumental X2, it is outrageous.
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