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Europe Deals Thread

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  1. igor0203
    Yup, it's very annoying living in EU and missing all those stealing deals that US buyers have. Mostly US$ are just converted to € or even worse, they multiply price with at least x1.5 factor.
  2. Proglover
    One nice example:
    US: 695 $  / 530 € 
    Netherlands: 1099 $  / 839 € 
    I can understand differences, there are a couple of factors that justify that in this case. But this difference should be called stealing. I guess if you see this, you know why Grado doesn't want US sellers to ship their headphones overseas. This really pisses me off. Only problem is, I just love their sound, looks, I love Grado, but it's just plain awful what is done here.
  3. vrln


    I don´t need them, but at this price I´ll go for it:D Will be a nice backup IEM. Might be good for gym use too (very light)
  4. LooptroopRocker
    well as a general rule I always check prices on idealo.de/idealo.co.uk as well as testfreaks.co.uk 
    second, try to avoid pixmania. it is very tempting to go for their deals but I have read far too many negative reviews on their services to wage the risk.
    will post later with deals if I come across anything worthwhile!
  5. Angelopsaro
    Post by accident. Anyway. I have the feeling that pixmania is better to be avoided too. its hard to find a proper email address to contact them. but it seems i cant find the headphones i want anywhere else. What have you heard about them?
  6. Luhaine
  7. LooptroopRocker


    I know it is tempting, trust me, they were selling the Koss UR55 for half the price and I toyed with the idea for a long time. What made me realize it was foolish to buy there was the overwhelming negative reviews it got from various price comparison and other such websites. One of them, tweakers.net, is a website I trust with such matters and they basically thrashed the pixmania service. Apparently they list stock on items which they clearly do not have, at times people were waiting for weeks and their after sale service was not helpful at all. I must stress this is not from experience but I do trust the reviewers on this particular site. Hope this helps!

  8. royhendo
    There are a few TF10s going on the for sale board for sub-Amazon 2009 prices by the way - EU/UK sellers.
  9. igor0203
    Where did you found them? I used search but didn't find them.
  10. elfary
    I've been shopping in pixmania for a few years now. I did never have a problem. Got my SE530 on Monday and everything is working properly. The only qualm one might have is that the return service is slow (3 or 4 weeks till they fund you back). Otherwise there's nothing to fear.
  11. Angelopsaro


    I dont think its a good idea to buy a pair of iems which cost 500 euros from a company that doesnt offer warranty for cable failure and told by email and telephone that no manufacturer offers cable warranty so they dont either.
    I think ill go and buy a 17 euro headphones, but more than that is risky IMO.
  12. yliu
    You can't even get Westone in Europe (at least I haven't found a seller). 90% of the better headphones and earphones are all Sennheiser or AKG (ok, less than that)! Other brands like Grado, UE, Shure etc. are rare and most of them sells at MRSP or higher.
    but things seems to get better here where I live, since more brands seems to come in.
  13. vrln
  14. tuahogary
    The official distributor of Westone in EU is Variphone N.V. in Belgium. I ordered my W3 LE via email from them.
  15. treal512


    my wallet would probably thank you if you didnt tell me, but where is the "main deals" thread? thank you!
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