1. beardz

    WTS: Audio-Technica ATH-W1000X [ON HOLD FOR NOW]

    Hey everyone, Decided to let these go after comparing them directly to W5000s. Guess it's just not really my cup of tea. :) The headphones are in fine condition overall, but there are some minor scratches on the earcups (barely noticeable under normal lighting, see pictures). The earpads...
  2. beardz


    After careful consideration I decided to trim my headphone inventory a bit. These headphones were purchased from a fellow head-fi member a while back - in 2017, I believe. Still in fairly good condition, as I've kept them in a pet-free, smoke-free environment, and I generally handle my stuff...
  3. headphones1999


    Selling my Sony IER-Z1R in very good condition. I bought them directly from Amazon in late January this year, the invoice is included and there are roughly 1.5 years of warranty left. I used them for about 2 months (around 120h of listening time) excluding quarantine where I used my headphones...
  4. frost15

    [FS] Cayin i5 + Leather Case - First Owner, excellent condition

    For sale is a Cayin i5. I loved this device and enjoyed every minute of playback, but I got a better DAP so I finally decided to sell it. Condition: Used for aprox 280 hours. NM physical condition. The screen protector has a few scratches but the real screen is in perfect condition. The extra...
  5. lawshredpower

    SOLD Pioneer SE-Monitor5 like brand new in box [EU/UK]

    Selling this underrated and unusual gem. Neutrality beast, only selling because I own two. This is as new as it gets. Box it’s a little rough but that’s it. Headphones look brand new (please see pictures). Two cables are still sealed, manual is still sealed, extra velour pads are still sealed...
  6. Dobrescu George

    EarMen TR-Amp - Donald DAC - USB DAC - Preamp - Headphone Amp – Battery powered, ES9038Q2M, 400mW, 3700mA Battery, MQA rendering, SNR +128dB SNR A-Weighted (Discussion Thread Earmen)

    Hello everyone. I'm bad at making threads. But could not find any for TR-AMP. PLS erase this if it already existed. I am just copying the information about TR-AMP in this first post USB DAC - Preamp - Headphone Amp – Battery powered All audio formats PCM 32bit/384kHz, MQA and native...
  7. xxx1313

    SOLD: Focal Utopia (EU)

    I am selling a Focal Utopia in good used condition (pictures below). I bought it from an authorized Focal dealer in Austria in December 2016 and bought extended warranty until November 2020. The ear pads have been replaced with new original ear pads only few months ago. The Utopia comes in its...
  8. M

    Loxjie P20 + 3 sets of extra tubes

    Selling this amplifier along with 3 pairs of extra tubes. The extra tubes are JAN 5670W (worth $19) ( Raytheon 5670 (worth $37) (Cannot find this one, it's from seller "on the simmer" on AliExpress but no...
  9. T

    [Closed] For Sale: BGVP DMG (hybrid) in Europe

    Selling my red BGVP DMG - as shown in picture. Originally purchased from in October 2019, still under warranty. Specs (from Amazon): QUAD BALANCED ARMATURE DRIVERS AND TWO DYNAMIC DRIVERS WITH A FOUR WAY CROSSOVER: The BGVP DMG features four proprietary balanced armature drivers and...
  10. M

    Fostex TH900 mk2 [SOLD]

    Selling these beautiful pair of headphones. They are unparalleled in the bass category, while still providing excellent dynamics and detail. With the pad selection on offer they really become the jack of all trades. As they are not my daily driver I cannot justify keeping them just sitting...
  11. Viper Necklampy

    (Sold) THX AAA 789 (EU) Mint

    Selling mint condition THX AAA 789, received by MassDrop 3 months ago, by April batch. Price is 499€, I'll cover Shipping and PayPal fee.
  12. magicguy

    SOLD : Astell&Kern JH Audio - Billie Jean

    Hi all, I bought them in order to compare them to my Noble K10. Since, I bought Ambient Acoustics AM7 LAM-U. Bought on Astell&Kern online shop the 7th october 2018, so still under warranty. They look as new. Headfonia had this to say, “At this price however, it is the best I have heard. I...
  13. c0rp1


  14. candlejack

    SOLD: Andromeda Green v2.0

    For sale is my Campfire Andromeda Green version 2.0 (rounded corners, stainless steel spout). Condition: - Functionally perfect, including clean bores and MMCX. - Cosmetically very good, some small paint loss around corners. Please see attached pictures - pictures are high resolution, high...

    Meier Audio Corda 2Stepdance Portable Amp, Mint, Europe

    For sale is my 2Stepdance in mint condition, I still have papers and box but it has no longer warranty. I was using it for years for k701, t50rp, te100, LCD2, and it handle it all like ninja. I didnt use it for more than year, as I have strong balanced amp at home and for portability I gave up...
  16. Ragnar-BY

    SOLD Schiit Wyrd (230V, Europlug, item in EU)

    For sale is my Schiit Wyrd. Great USB decrapifier at a reasonable price. You can read full description at manufacturers website. Or read a review of Wyrd at Darko.Audio. It comes with original 230V LPSU and Schiit PYST USB 1m A-B cable. I`ve bought it in 2018 from Schiit and it was doing a...
  17. Giupy

    [SOLD] Sennheiser HD 800 S

    Hello, I am selling my Sennheiser HD 800 S. They are in very good shape, both functionally and aesthetically and come with their original box. The headphones come with the following: - Cable with 6.3mm jack connector - Balanced cable with XLR4 connector - Cable pouch - Manual - USB flash...
  18. axismundi

    [SOLD] Topping D50 new

    For sale Topping D50 DAC new, in box with all original accessories. Payment via bank transfer or Payapal. Shipping worldwide from France - shipping charges to EU countries already included in the asking price, for other destinations please PM me for a quote. Item will be carefully packed and...
  19. Pahra

    [WTB] AK380 Copper

    Hi. I’m looking for an AK380 Copper in Europe. Thx!
  20. exhale

    [WTB] Sony MDR-Z7

    Looking to get back a pair i've (stupidly) returned of Sony MDR-Z7. Mint/close to perfect condition, no modding done to them whatsoever. Original package is a bonus;original accessories are a must. Romania would be perfect, Europe is largely O.K. The method i'd prefer to use is shipping via GLS...
  21. OnlyHazeRemains

    [WTB][EU] Sony MDR-XB90EX | defective right side / cable / 3.5mm jack

    Buying any kind of defective MDR-XB90EX with a working left side driver. Possibly with an intact cable from earphone up to the Y-Split. Mine died with the left side driver dying, so i am planning to make frankenstein balanced XB90EX. I am situated in germany. No initial offer since i have no...
  22. Kulgrinda

    [SOLD] Highly modified Monoprice Monolith M1060 // Europe

    Hello, I'm selling my highly modified M1060. This is the result of half of the year information gathering and trial in practice. Dampening is changed, 3D printed grills added, front fazors with mounting rings as well. All the original parts will be sold together, mods are reversible, no changes...
  23. prollyNOT

    FS: Matrix X-Sabre - price dropped

    Hi all! Up for a sale is my Matrix X-Sabre unit, as it's been mostly sitting on my desk since I've bought it. I'm travelling a lot with work, so I use it only about every quarter in a year. Quality DAC, amazing sound quality for the price! In great condition apart from a tiny scratch on the...
  24. angpsi

    [Sold] Final Audio D8000 planar magnetic headphones [EU]

    This is Final Audio's brand new open back planar magnetic flagship, already well received by various reviewers. To me they sound beautifully neutral (if not a touch on the warm side) with exceptional tonal balance and soundstage. You can look up my unboxing pics and ongoing impressions here (in...