1. chukwe

    Buying SE530PTH for running on the treadmill

    Hi All, I've been running on the treadmill a year now and I'm always covered with sweat (plenty). I listen to R&B/HipHop during the running with my 1st gen Nano & ER4P. I always change the filters in the ER4P every month b/c the sweat damages them. Few months ago, I bought a
  2. elfary

    Shure SE530PTH

    Purchased from an authorized dealer on December 2010 (Proof of purchase included). Less than 50 hours of use. Full warranty in place till 2012-12-27. Mint condition. All extras, accesories and package (Except for the PTH module that i will keep for myself).   Will ship to EUROPE ONLY. Price...
  3. sridhar3

    SOLD: Shure SE530PTH in-ear monitors (w/ extra eartips, extra case)

    For sale is a pair of Shure SE530PTH universal-fit in-ear monitors.  I am the original owner.  The IEMs were purchased several years ago, but were warrantied in January of 2011 due to a blown driver.  A brand new replacement pair was shipped out to me.  Since receiving this new pair, they have...
  4. wormsdriver

    Shure SE530PTH like new in box

    Up for sale Shure SE530pth. These have been used for about 5 hours total. Only the iems and a pair of olives were used, tips, 3ft extended cable, and all other accessories are new and sealed. The metal box has a few scratches. $220 shipped, Paypal gift or add 4%.  Conus shipping only.  ...
  5. woodcans

    Shure SE530PTH

    Excellent condition pair of Shure SE530PTH headphones. Very low hours. I am the original owner. Original box (including the nice, square metal box), manual and extra eartips including. Selling because I went with customs. Add $8 shipping to conus + 3% for paypal.
  6. all2ofme

    Shure PTH (Push-to-Hear) - unused

    Never used these, and would rather they went to a good home.
  7. nonns

    Advice Needed - Not sure which forum to post in as its kind of general

    Apologies In advance for committing what I'm sure is a cardinal sin and posting incorrectly but after a lot of dithering I gave up trying to decide which forum to post in.   I currently Listen to a Krell KAV 300i with a Micromega Premium 18 and a set of Sonus Faber Concertos with Nordost Red...
  8. vrln

    Europe Deals Thread

    Hello fellow Head-fiers! As I´m sure many from Europe have noticed, the main deals thread isn´t that useful for us as we have to scan out the deals actually willing to ship over here. And unfortunately we´re often left in the dark (hi!). So due to popular demand, I present the Europe...
  9. dariusf

    Need Custom fit IEM replacements for Shure ES530

    Hi   I was out of the scene for quite some time so I realized that quite a bit more IEM companies are out there now then in the past. I'm looking to replace my Shure ES530 with a comparable IEM sound wise but one offering custom fit molds.   Any suggestions on custom fit options that...
  10. weston

    amp for shure se530

    I have a Sansa clip with a set of shure se530s could anybody suggest a good amp for this combination?  thanks
  11. zdkaiser

    Do all IEMs sound thin?

    I don't have a lot of experience with IEMs... I have only owned the Shure E2c, se310, and currently the se530.   Everyone of those IEMs has sounded very thin and weak to me. The se530s are supposed to have the best bass response of them all, and they still, to my ears, sound weak in the bass...
  12. JosephKim

    Shure se530 quality

    Are there any people out there who have had the 530 for an extended period of time and HASNT had the cable separate?
  13. buddymydog


    OK, I am curious, what is your #1 favorite Universal IEM? and why?
  14. m0rpheus04

    Shure SE-530 VS Sennheiser IE8

    Ok guys, I'm new around here, even though I've been reading this forum for ages now. I've been wanting to buy a pair of IEM's for a while now, and have narrowed down the options to those two: SE 530 and IE8. Both the SE-530 and IE8 are at the same price (from where I buy, 530's are 14...
  15. learoy1

    Help! I'm a girl, I know nothing, what headphones should I buy???

    Hey all, I need some help, I'm guessing quite a few people here will have a bit if knowledge about headphones, this is why I've just joined this forum, it seems incredibly helpful and knowledgable. I've tried reading up on the forums for advice but i just keep going in circles and no one has...
  16. robochrist

    1212 -> ??? -> Shure SE530

    Those questionmarks need to be replaced by something within my budget f €/$ 150,-   I know the impedance of my Shures is 36 ohms The impedance of my 1212m soundcard is ~600 ohms   So I definitely am going to need an amp, but I'm on a tight budget. I'd prefer the amp to be under €150...
  17. IneptSavant

    Sensitive to bass, looking for gentle headphones with clear mids and highs.

    Hey all, as my title suggests I'm looking for some headphones that are gentle on the low end. I currently use my HD650s with a tube amp most of the time and I get listening fatigue from the bass on almost any piece after an hour(it goes faster with some types of music obviously). I think I might...
  18. blablacio

    Audio Technica ATH-CK10 for $69?!

    Hi guys,   I've been busy reading tons of reviews of IEMs in the past couple of days and made up my mind on Audio Technica ATH-CK10. I've been searching for a deal because my budget is $150 and I found this:     Do you have any...
  19. Dogen

    Upgrading from the Shure 530s

    Head-Fi, First post, so I thought it would be best to give a brief self introduction. My name is Kevin and I am currently working in Japan on the JET Program. I teach English at two middle schools in rural Kyushu, the southern most main island. I'm also currently working towards becoming a...
  20. Naim.F.C

    Will I see an upgrade in SQ going from Shure SE530's to the Monster Turbine Pro Copper's?

    I guess I'm getting a little bored, and want a bit of an upgrade. Maybe a bit more sparkle in the high end and more clarity all the way through. SE530's are brilliant in most regards except the high end.   How do the Copper's fare against the SE530's SQ wise? Also, one other important thing...
  21. Abel27

    Shure Warranty

    hey people, this is my very frist post on this website.. ok i have a question about Shure Warranty.. the other day something happen to my se530 and im not if shures warrenty would cover the accident i had. this is my story: acouple of days ago i was cleaning the black foam with soap and water...
  22. maverickronin

    Full Size Most Similar to SE530?

    I love my SE530s.  I can listen to them for hours on end with no discomfort or fatigue, whether classical or death metal.  The problem is that they just aren't convenient to use at home.  To remedy this , I am looking for a full size pair of cans that I can use for music, movies, and a little...
  23. kieronmckeigue

    Iphone & Shure SE530 - can it be improved?

    OK. So I have the above combo, and I think it sounds great.   The thing is, I thought Apple in-ear earphones sounded great until I switched to Shure SE210 which, in turn, I thought were fantastic until I got my hands on the SE530s.    My question is this: What can improve the sound...
  24. bangraman

    Silicone sleeve for Shures question

    Hi all,     I have a question regarding alternative sleeves for Shure earphones, specifically in this case the SE530. It's something that's been mildly bugging me since the E5 days, but long-term use of triple flanges particularly in my Ety days left my ears really irritated, and my...
  25. bcwang

    Hmm, why do my e4c sound better than my se530?

    I haven't used my two shure IEMs in a while, but in the past I remember the SE530 sounding much better than the E4.  However, recently I began trying them out again, and after noticing my E4 was clogged (sound softer on one side), I replaced the nozzles and got comply eartips.  Then I listened...