1. iNdig

    Need help deciding..

    Hi from Argentina. ^^   My options:   1- Senn HD 202  2- Senn HD 218 3- Senn PX 200 II 4- ATH M-30 5- AKG K-512     I need cans for the PC, these are the cans I can get with my budget. There´s no place where i can try the cans, so the only option is read reviews, opinions...
  2. Sebastianbf

    Replacing dead e4's: SE215 or PX200II ?

    Hey guys My beloved pair of Shure e4 just passed away. I fixed them many many times but they didn't take another solder job so off to the earphone cemetery with them.  So now I'm looking for a new pair of portables. My budget is a little tight this time so I'm planning to expend no more than...
  3. ljokerl

    Review: Beyerdynamic DTX 300 p - Pretty in Red

    Competing against the likes of the Sennheiser PX200-II and Soundmagic P20, the DTX 300 p is Beyer's new mid-range closed ultraportable. There is no doubt that Beyer can make a great-sounding headphone but the new 300 p is Beyer's cheapest ever over-the-head set. What does one of head-fi's most...
  4. kdern

    Help me choose FOLDING over-ear headphones - poll.

    I've used Bose QC for years and love them but they are too big and heavy to carry around all the time.  I've been trying IEM's (Ety MC3) for the last month but they hurt my ear canals. I've decided to try to find a smaller pair of over-ear headphones.   Criteria:   Folding / very...
  5. serein

    Need Headphones (full-size)

    Hi Everyone,   I am looking for the full size headphones and I have recently heard of these Audio technica.     Are these good ones please help me in choosing the headphones which have good bass and vocals.Dont want to spend too much    Will appreciate your help.     
  6. meppadua

    Need headphones with a short cable

    Headphones with either a short cable or a coiled cord for ipod nano with camera 16gb portable and for macbook pro 2011 version and collapsable.   my price range is $125   i was looking at the sennheiser px 200-II.   any other suggestions?   can be over or on-ear headphones.  ...
  7. estreeter

    Need something cheap and hard to drive !

    No, this isnt a thread about Yugos - sorry to get your hopes up :)   I'm putting together a review of the iBasso P4 (with stock opamps), and my 'biggest' headphones are the PL50s at 55 ohms (wow..) - the rest are 16-32 ohms, although I still maintain that you need more than a DAP to drive my...
  8. Aliox

    Looking for Isolating portable headphones

    Hi everyone,   I have a pair of EP-630 in-ears (creative) and i'm looking for good isolating headphones for portable use. I've already Tried the following headphones :   - Shure 750DJ : I recently purchased these but i had to return them because of their shape once they are put on the...
  9. Emptysky

    Sennheiser PX 200-II questions

    Hey guys, allright i think i have finally decide what headphones i will buy tommorow, after lot of research, looking among AMH, senn, Ultrasone, sony etc... I think i have come with those two, first because they are easily available at a hifi shop, and as im going to take a plane really soon, i...
  10. Karuto

    Headphones for a Gamer

    Hello there, guys! I am looking to buy some new headphones for my sessions as I will apparently will not always be always to use my home theater for a few months and still want that great sound. I review a lot of games for a site that are typically action-oriented so superb quality is a must. I...
  11. Daefen

    50€ portable headphones with low sound leakage?

    I did a little research and i think that the PX 200-ii fits my needs perfectly. Am i correct or should i consider other headphones? I was very interested in the Koss Portapro but they have an open back design so maybe they are not suitable for a silent work place :(
  12. AllNothing

    Looking for new headphones

    Hi everybody I'd like to listen music on my laptop while I'm using it, but I really can't decide with all of these good headphones available   Here are the criteria: 1: over the ear 2: open or closed? I don't know the difference. But I don't care about sound leakage. so you teach me =)...
  13. warm apple pie

    Advice on portable on-ear or over-ear headphones

    I am looking into buying quality pair of headphones for portable use. I travel and weight lift a lot, which would be the primary use of the headphones. After several hours of researching and reading reviews on Head-fi I think I have narrowed down my selections to the following group:  ...
  14. Boullion

    GENERIC THREAD #1232: $80 to spend on Portable Headphones - Any sort of advice is appreciated (more details inside).

    Hello Head-Fi! I know I'm just another one of those uninformed newbies, but I would really, really appreciate it if I could get some suggestions. Thanks in advance.   As the title says: My budget is around $80 - anything lower is fine. I am looking for Portable Headphones - something...
  15. MicroNik

    Recommend me some good headphones?

    Hi, you may know me as the guy who comes on the forums once each month, pokes around, asks about headphones knowing nothing about anything and then leaves, only to repeat.   Well here I go again, looking for headphones. But this time I know a bit more.   Im looking for some portable...
  16. MicroNik

    Choosing between Sennheiser headphones.

      Hi, you may know me as the guy who comes on the forums once each month, pokes around, asks about headphones knowing nothing about anything and then leaves, only to repeat.   Well here I go again, looking for headphones. But this time I know a bit more.   Im looking for some...
  17. TheNewGuy8

    Best not-embarassing public headphones?

    Hi all :) I know this is a subjective thing, but I'm looking for a pair of portable headphones that are not silly looking for use in public cafes.     Things that seem like they fit the bill looks-wise:   Senn PX100, Bose Triports, Bose on-ear.   Anyone have experience with the Senn...
  18. ctate

    Recommendations sought for sort of odd criteria: non-isolating but don't "leak" sound?

    Yeah, I know this is a little off the wall.     I've been upgrading a bit lately at home, and now that I have a quality DAC + headphone amp instead of using my PC's janky built-in audio, I'd like to ditch my thoroughly wretched Sony MDR-V400s [don't bother ragging on them; i know!].  I know...
  19. emptySpace

    ~$100 headphones for public use

    Right now I have Sony MDR-Q68, which are convenient, but I want something with a little less leaking (doesn't need to be completely isolated, just don't want them to sound like speakers), and hopefully a little better sound quality (comfort is important too, of course). I actually bought the...
  20. LaBrosse

    PX200 II and equalizing.

    I dunno if I worded that right, "use an equalizer with," but the PX200 II's seem very neutral, and I read that neutral phones benefit more from an equalized player.   Also, can anyone recommend a player that has a decent equalizer? I heard that iTunes distorts when you equalize it.
  21. SKisaGooner

    Sennheiser HD 218, HD 228, PX 200-II

    I'm a college student looking to buy a pair of closed, supra-aural Sennheiser headphones for my laptop and MP3 player. I don't need strong isolation, weak enough to hear my mum yelling at me, but strong enough to listen to my music in the noisy bus.   I have narrowed my list down to these...
  22. blub

    Comparison of "good IEM's" (e.g. Westone UM2) and/or 'small closed portable' headphones (e.g. PX-200-II, AKG-K450/480) to the headphones I already have? (Yuin G2A, Yuin OK3, Sony MDR 7506)

    High,   Over the past 2 years, based on many things I read on Head-Fi, I bought a Sansa Fuze, the Yuin OK3 and the Yuin G2A. I already had a Sony MDR 7506 (similar to MDR-V6) studio-headphone. Now I am looking for a new portable (!) headphone with good noise-isolation, for listening on the...
  23. tempor

    Headphones for running - down to 3 choices.

    Down to 3 choices for running headphones (will use them on trips etc also)   1) Sennheiser HD25-1 II 2) Sennheiser PX200-II 3) Grado SR60i   I am really wondering if the HD25-1 II are suitable at all to run in and if I should get the PX200-II instead.   IEM are not an option, and I...
  24. Psychlist1972

    Recommendations for home studio / computer / conferencing Phones

    I work from home, and wear headphones > 12 hours a day. I do a lot of teleconferencing, and need to be able to make out individual speakers on the line. This is challenging to impossible with headphones that are open. I had a pair of inexpensive noise cancelling phones in the past that worked...
  25. murfhom

    headphones for low price range

          hello    I  need  some  advice  from  you  about  which  headphones  to  choose     my  price  range  is  between  20  to  35  dollars  .  while  searching  in  the  forum     I  noticed  that  at  these  prices  koss  kostapro  is  the  most  recommended  .     now...