1. mLink

    Upgrading from RE-0 - $300 budget

    When I first got my RE-0, I loved them.  It was the first time I was hearing all the details and nuances in songs I had been missing. But, I've grown a bit tired of them.  They are too thin, cold sounding, un-involving, and borderline fatiguing.   I'm looking for some IEM's or on-ears up...
  2. audiogamma

    Sennheiser IE8 or MX 980?

    Which would you choose and why? I've not done an A/B with both, but have listened to the IE8 and the MX W1 (same driver as 980). 
  3. djbasketball1

    Klipsch image x10 vs Sennheiser ie8

    Which would be your personal take? Specifically for: -Electronic music -Physical work   Thanks in advance,
  4. Yoloni

    Dynamic IEM's

    I've had the 10's for about 3 months now, but I could never appreciate its sound. It sounds amazing when I listen in my bed, but it just doesn't sound good when I'm on a train to school.   I guess that I prefer the dynamic IEM's fun sound. What would be one of the top-tier IEM's? I...
  5. cmgunn

    $300 for IEMs

    I'm looking for a new set of IEMs for around $300. I've been looking at a set of Shure SE530 headphones or something similar. As for sound quality, I would like something thats closer to the Dynaudio sound if that's possible, I have a set of BM5a monitors that I love. Based off info from several...
  6. djbasketball1

    Does sennheiser give an authetiction card when you buy their product?

    Hi, I was thinking of buying the IE8, and im wondering if they issue an authentication card of any sort.   Thanks in advance,
  7. ProtegeManiac

    IEM that sounds closest to HD600

    What IEM - universal or customs - sounds closest to a de-foamed HD600 for around $300 or less?* I need a portable better than my JLab J3,** which doesn't fit me right (so basically I'd prefer a nautilus-shaped universal) and also I'd like to get something better, specifically, sounds close to...
  8. Frankrizzo

    Gym head phones with lots of bass

    I need some gym headphones with lots of bass willing to spend up to 200. Can be used. Any recommendations? It's for an iPhone 4. I was thinking about the sennheiser 680 sports
  9. djbasketball1

    Could someone please post how the Sennheiser IE8 look in the ear?!?!

    Im comparing the westone 3 and The IE8.   So could someone please post a picture on how they look?
  10. T.F.O.A

    Dynamic drivers IEM searching, ie8, monster turbine pro, and what else? any suggestion?

    OK, wasn't planning to do this, but I've decided i'm going to anyway. I first started my audio journey with shure e2c, which is a dynamic driver iem, and then upgrade to westone um2. And I found i don't really like the um2 sounds, after a while, and now while my friend is in the states...
  11. aznritard

    Decision time... 3 IEM Battle?! (Westone 3, IE8, SM3)

    Help, and copious amounts of it...   Like the title says I'm about to make my decision on my (to be) final universal iem purchase. I am going unamped (for now until I can get the cash for a nice amp) but basically I want this to be one of my last universal iems before I go custom.   To...
  12. djbasketball1

    Sennheiser IE8 vs Westone 3

    I was just wondering if anyone that has the two could do a head-to-head comparison.   Please keep in mind which of the two would be better for: -Techno/Trance music -For physical work -Isolation   Where can I buy these in Canada?   Also if anyone has these for sale, please PM...
  13. djbasketball1

    Where are the Sennehsier IE8 made in?

    Im thinking about getting the IE8, just wondering where there made in.   Thanks,
  14. sproule17

    1st Pair of HQ Earphones/In earphones

    Hi there, I'm looking to buy my first ever expensive earphones and I'm really lost as to what to go for, the dre beats immediately got my attention but I don't like alot of the reviews, apparently the bass is brilliant but the sound and clarity is really poor, I have a budget of about £200 but...
  15. masonchow

    SM3 vs Monster turbine pro copper vs ....

    How should I choose for a bass head? I would listen to some pop songs.. Can anyone help me!!!
  16. k3oxkjo

    REVIEW: Amused to death with the Sony MDR EX-1000 IEM

    When it comes to portable audio, it just doesn't get much more portable than an IEM and a Ipod/Zune/Sansa etc. Even tethered to one of the small battery headphone amps, we are talking about something that fits in a shirt pocket. And if, like me, you commute 2 - 3 hours a day, anything that...
  17. Zedd56

    IE8s from Tesco Direct? Legit?

    Hi, I've been looking to buy a pair of IE8s but I'm seriously concerned about fakes.... they seem to be absolutely everywhere!   I've contacted a seller about his and where he got them, and he says he purchased them from a Tesco in Turkey.  I can't find them in Sennheiser's list of...
  18. jjb3

    Upgrade from IE7?

    So far these have been the ideal IEM for me. I am seeking an upgrade, but only because I want to upgrade, not because I want a different signature, etc. So, please recommend a set of IEMs that are similar, but better. Tough task, I know.
  19. imadedend

    Lost my IE8s, what should I buy to replace them?

    Yes, sadly it seems I have lost my Sennheiser IE8s, must have been on my recent trip overseas.   Apart from being gutted, I am now deciding on whether to get another pair, or if you guys can recommend another pair for me to get. I'm open to either IEMs or Circumaural Headphones, but I do...
  20. Zalken

    Problem solved

      So, I recently found my IE8s lying in juice   I dried them out and tried to get as much juice out of them as possible - then I left them in a jar of rice for several hours.   I'm using them right now and...well at least it works.   However I'm a little worried there is still...
  21. lordfiend

    Where to buy in Canada

    Hi everyone I have been through loads of threads and have some IEM in my mind but does anybody have an idea where to buy thse at decent price in canada. I am talking about: CK10, TF5, RE0, Klipsch S4, and all the other good IEM's thanx in advance
  22. SteelRattus

    IE8... Fit?

    Hi folks,   I'm considering the IE8's.   My only concerns centre around fit.   1. Is there any issue wearing them with the wire down, rather than looped over the year?   2. Do they protrude much from the ear at all, when worn as per 1.?   3. Do they provide as good or similar...
  23. Poetik

    In a dilemma: Should I keep my headphones or go with a custom IEM?

    Hey guys, I was wondering if any of you have actually gone from a dedicated headphone setup to a pure iem setup? The reason i ask is because recently I've been thinking of selling my Denons and going with a custom IEM.  I've given it a bit of thought and I'll provide some facts to help as...
  24. Photofan1986

    If you could keep only one IEM, which one would it be?

    HI! If you could only keep one single IEM/headphone of your whole collection, which one would you keep, and why?   Personally, from the phones I own at the moment (SM3, RE-252, IE8, Radiopaq Jazz, HD-555)  I think I would keep the SM3, because they offer the best balance between isolation...
  25. Rocco Khan

    Shure SE535 are pretty awful at everything other than mids

    I own a good number of high end universals and customs and when I bought the Shure SE535s a few months back, I expected them to be outstanding from the reviews. However, since then I have realised that they have:   1) Absolutely no sub-bass to speak of 2) Rolled off and recessed highs 3)...