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SM3 vs Monster turbine pro copper vs ....

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  1. masonchow
    How should I choose for a bass head?
    I would listen to some pop songs..
    Can anyone help me!!!
  2. shamrock134
    I would rank those 3 in terms of bass quantity:
    IE8 > MTPC > SM3 
    You could also consider the Westone 3.
  3. seanmo
    Consider the Miles Davis Tributes...great bass
  4. masonchow
    Sorry, but i don't think that mile Davis is my cup of tea.
  5. Anaxilus


    Why's that?  Looks?
  6. IpodHappy
    The IE8 is the bassiest IEM I own.
  7. Anaxilus


    Yeah, it would be between the IE8 or MD and you don't want a MD.  That was simple.
  8. yooss
    If you crave for bass I recommend the DDM, it makes me sick when listening to House sometimes because of its bass rumble. Never heard the IE8 though. 
  9. masonchow
    For mile davis, it is not 'clear' enough.
  10. masonchow
    I don't want to have bass quantity only but also quality
  11. yooss
  12. Anaxilus


    Sounds like a tip and fit issue.  So I take it you've heard them then?
  13. mywallethurts
    for audiophile basshead quality get westone 4 and be done with it
  14. masonchow
    I haven't try W4 before.
    To me, bass of MTPC is more attractive to me than ie8 even i turn it to the fourth level...
    But I haven't try SM3 before .... 
  15. Mad Max
    But what about quality?
    I recommend Turbine Pro Copper as well.
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