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Lost my IE8s, what should I buy to replace them?

  1. imadedend
    Yes, sadly it seems I have lost my Sennheiser IE8s, must have been on my recent trip overseas.
    Apart from being gutted, I am now deciding on whether to get another pair, or if you guys can recommend another pair for me to get. I'm open to either IEMs or Circumaural Headphones, but I do have some criteria:
    - Have to be bass heavy, like the IE8s, I listen to mostly electronic music and want a nice deep thud
    - Preferably detachable cables, I liked with the IE8s how I didnt have to worry too much about pulling the cable because if it breaks, I just replace the cable
    - Need to be rugged, my IE8s survived two goes through the washing machine and came out sounding just as they always had!
    - Doesn't matter about the brand, as long as they're good
    - Anything in the IE8 price range is fine (I'm in Australia, so 300 AU dollars plus is within my budget)
    - Must isolate noise well! I had to custom make my foamies to get the IE8s to sit right, but they worked fine after that.
    I'll be using them mostly on my iPhone, so no huge impedance cans please :) (no amp too)
    I haven't looked at earphones/headphones in quite a while, so I'm unaware now what's new and awesome. 
    Thanks guys!
    EDIT: Also, if anyone could link me to a cheap Australian website to get the 'phones that would be great :) 
  2. sofastreamer
    had the ie8 for e few weeks. if you would go to cans, the shures srh-750dj could be the right choice. bass heavy, but more refined than the ie8 without disturbing mids and highs. i liked them over the ie8. though soundstage on ie8 is great for an iem the shures a better in this term.
    otherwise maybe the westone w3 could be a step up from the senns in terms of precision.
  3. imadedend
    Will the Westones deliver a similar bass heavy experience to the IE8s?
    I have always found Shure's in ears to be really lacking... Seemed to be a more treble centred experience.  Are their over ear headphones any different? 
    What about something like the Monster Turbines, I've heard good things, but seeing as they are a cheaper pair I'm thinking it might reflect lower build quality and thus less longetivity. I want these to last me for years :)
    Thanks for the reply!
  4. dragonfyra
    Former Westone 3 user here.  Like what sofastreamer said, W3 will be more accurate, better treble, but there will be a bit little bit less bass.  ie8's bass is much thicker in comparison. W3's bass is mainly in the mid bass region and it hits you quick and hard.  With the right songs, they'll knock you around silly.
    One big difference for you (edit: as an ie8 user is) if you decide on the W3 is that you might be bothered by the treble, it's a bit hot at times.
  5. imadedend
    Thanks for the reply.
    Yeah see I used to have the bass knob turned up to the max on the IE8s and loved the huge boom, and I'm not OVERLY concerned about the treble too much, the IE8s sounded fine to me, but that's on MP3s (of course). However I'm all for any improvement on sound quality.
    Seems I can get the W3s for like 350 USD shipped to Australia, are they really all they're cracked up to be? I appreciate the design and the better isolation (as I can tell from other users). I just don't want to have an experience like I did with my SE310s, which I had for a matter of hours before I basically chucked them out and bought the IE8s because the bass was literally non existant. With me being a basshead, do you think the W3s would still satisfy my needs as well as giving a nice clear sound for the mids and highs?
  6. dsf3g
    From comments I've read the Monster Turbine Golds might also interest you.I've got regular Monster Turbines and they're nice with good Bass punch. The Golds are uspposed to up the bass from what I've read. Isolation is so-so but can probably be improved with aftermarket foam tips.
  7. yello131
    New Radius W21 Dual Drivers could be a contender.
    No-one has heard it yet but it due for release from on March 16th.
  8. imadedend


    I'm looking for a fairly good and comfortable seal. I like to have them in for hours so comfort is a must. I've looked at the Turbines breifly, what's the major differences between the copper, gold, and normal types?
  9. dilpal
    just get another pair of IE8, there are not many iems out there which are similar to ie8, also u seems to like it.
  10. imadedend


    I am now tossing up between the Westone 3s or another pair of IE8s. Problem being Westones are cheaper to buy for me... I do love the IE8s, but I did have issues getting the isolation right. Plus the W3s appear to be more comfortable...
    Final question before I make a purchase: Coming from the IE8s, will the W3s disappoint in terms of bass? Or are they good enough, but with better highs?
    Oh, and where's the cheapest place to get the W3s? Earphonesolutions? Free international shipping
  11. Photofan1986
    Id' say go with the W3, they offer enough bass quantity and excellent isolation, which the IE8 lack.
  12. imadedend


    If there aren't any other suggestions I'll go with the Westones :)
    Thanks for your help guys!
  13. shamrock134
    I've just got a pair of W3's two days ago and also own the IE8 which I've had for a couple of years. I have to say I really like the highs on the W3 compared to the IE8, however it does not surpass the IE8 for bass quantity with the knob to max. It is still very nice with electronic music and I like to have sparkly cymbal crashes. I find I get more than adequate isolation with the IE8 using sony hybrid tips and wearing them in the "wrong" ears.
    Hope this helps.
  14. mikerobe
    I'll add my "go for it!" on the W3s.
    I have a headphone shop near me, and you are allowed to try out everything before buying.  I have taken them up on that offer multiple times.  On my IEM day(s), I certainly felt bad for the guy working there as he just kept the alcohol/sanitizing solution out and had to use it a lot that day. 
    They had a HUGE selection of IEMs, including the JH audios and the main three mentioned here (IE8, W3, Monster).  It came down to the W3s and the IE8s in the end, for me.  I think if I had gone in totally blind, I would have probably selected the W3s.  I went in almost planning to buy the IE8s, however, so everything was contending against that.  I have never regretted my Sennheiser purchase, but if I were in your boat I would gladly get the W3s just to try something different (that I happen to know is every bit as good).
    My only concern is: will the W3 survive a washing?  Happy to know, from your experience, that my IE8s will.
  15. dsf3g


    The seal on my Turbines is decent though not as good as my Shure SCL4s... however the Turbines are much more comfortable (for me at least). 
    Here's a comparison of standard Monster Turbines, vs. the pricier Gold and Copper models:


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