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Dynamic drivers IEM searching, ie8, monster turbine pro, and what else? any suggestion?

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  1. T.F.O.A
    OK, wasn't planning to do this, but I've decided i'm going to anyway.
    I first started my audio journey with shure e2c, which is a dynamic driver iem, and then upgrade to westone um2.
    And I found i don't really like the um2 sounds, after a while, and now while my friend is in the states.
    I'm thinking of getting another iem but dynamic driver, been reading reviews about ie8, and monster turbine pro and shure se 215
    Any suggestion guys? Since i know those 3 are not the only dynamic drivers iem, so please put in some suggestions.
    OH and what's the difference between turbine pro gold and copper? I want an iem that presents the music as a 'whole' not separately(that's my impression of um2), and no westone 3 please, i've auditioned them and don't like how they sounds.
  2. Kunlun
    The coppers are very nice, with good balance and very nicely extended treble.
    The Future Sonics Atrios with new MG7 driver are very nice, too.
    The Sony MDR-EX1000 is another dynamic driver heavyweight.
    The JVC FX700 is yet another.
    Check out my review of the dynamic driver custom, the Future Sonics MG6Pro Ear Monitor (link at the bottom of my post).
  3. bisayaboi
    Miles Davis Tributes, Radius DDM and the Radius W21 coming out in about a week.
  4. Anaxilus
    Might want to consider other things like isolation, fit, etc.
  5. dweaver
    reviews of the SE215 will start to arrive over the next couple of days and continue over the next month. I would wait to see how they are recieved by head-fi members before buying. Also the new Radius IEM is also going to start to have reviews. This will give you $100 option and another $300 choice.
  6. T.F.O.A
    Ok, thanks a lot guys, just check radius, don't like how it looks, so gonna skip that one.
    OH yeah, is the jvc fx700 any good? Btw, i'm in beijing and i found a store that sells the ie8 and turbine pro copper, for the same price which is $375
    Any suggestion which one i should go for? 
  7. T.F.O.A
    Oh and Kunlun, i found the future sonics mg7 as well, how do they sound compared to copper and ie8? how's the fit? Thanks.
  8. james444 Contributor
    Sony EX1000, JVC FX700, ... just click the links in my signature to find more info.
  9. T.F.O.A
    Hi James. the sony ex1000 is better than ie8?
  10. tuahogary
    IMO, EX1000 is a big step up from IE8 in everything they do. IE8 also has a similar sound signature to W3 so you might not like it
  11. james444 Contributor
    I second that, the EX1000 are the first dynamic driver IEMs I've heard that I consider a significant upgrade to the IE8.
  12. T.F.O.A
    Wow, the ex1000 is an upgrade, that sounds interesting, the ie8 sound signature is similar to w3 huh? yeah then, i won't like it so much, what about monster turbine pro copper?? anyone?
    Or should i just go with the shure se 215 and see if i'm gonna like how dynamic driver sound? 
  13. yooss
    We have a re262 preorder at $150 in HD. I think it is a pretty good deal.
  14. bisayaboi

    That's probably the best value IEM if you can get it at $150. RE262's are fantastic.
  15. dweaver
    Joeyrusso's impressions of the SE215 sound very promising. It appears Shure has made a significant improvement in the dynamic IEM arena from their previous attempts. I would continue to watch the SE215 thread and see what a few more impressions are like. I certainly will be posting mine as soon my pair arrives.
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