1. CareyPrice31

    Pico Slim with IE8?

    Has anyone tried this combination?   How does it sound?   Is the Pico Slim a good portable amp?
  2. yliu

    Pioneer SE-CLX7 First Impressions & Small Review.

    I saw these for 60 dollars, so decided to pick these up and give it a try.   Packaging (9/10): The box it comes in looks very cool, shows the IEMs and all the eartips with it. Easy to open.   Build Quality (5/10): Cable is very thin, as thin as the CX300s cable, and the splitting point...
  3. ickle97116084

    Confused!!! What Comply tips are best for the IE8?

    I have searched the forum and read reviews and comments on Sony hybrid, Sennheissers own stock tips and have tried an old pair of tattered T400s. I have read some comments on users trying the t500, can anyone confirm as one website claims the Comply t400 is suited for the Sennheisser IE8 whereas...
  4. kitkat12012

    Suggest me something new...

    I like bassy phones.  I currently have the turbines and have an eterna and a vb coming in the mail.  I also have a few bassy phones in mind I'm interested in buying like the hje900, meelec m11, ie6/ie8, atrios, etc..     But now I'm thinking I wanna experience "the other side of the...
  5. sofastreamer

    IEM with wide Soundstage out of the head

    first a short summary of the iems i already own(ed):   EP630, Koss The Plug :-), ue300, UE 5 EB, IE8, UM2; TF10   from these i like my tf10 best. But usually i am listening to my shure srh-840 at home. I like the warmth and the great 3d-alike soundstage the Shures produce.  ...
  6. rangerid

    What is the best AMP to improve CLARITY on IE8s?

      Hey guys I love everything about my IE8s and I find they are absolutely perfect for my taste except in one area, clarity. I find they have a sort of a cloud over the sound, which isn't quite noticable until I switch to my other IEMs. I have considered getting other top tier IEMs but I can't...
  7. Arsenalicorn

    Help, Burn in for Sennheiser

    Hello everyone! I purchased the Sennheiser IE8, and I need some information for burn in they.   I prepared a wave like this: 5 minutes of silence 10 minutes of Violet Noise 10 minutes of Blue Noise 10 minutes of White Noise 10 minutes of Pink Noise 10 minutes of Brown Noise 5...
  8. Caldoran

    Which of the following IEMs do you feel has the best quality cable?

    So, as the title says. Personally, I prefer the Sennheiser cabling for its high-end IEMs. So soft, flexible, and strong! Not to mention zero microphonics!  
  9. SleazyC

    BEWARE: Provantage selling fake Audio-Technica ESW9A headphones

    I recently purchased a pair of ESW9A's from Provantage thinking that I was safe from all the counterfeit versions floating around the internet seeing as Provantage is listed as an authorized internet reseller (According to this -- Audio-Technica - Microphones, headphones, wireless microphone...
  10. CareyPrice31

    What IEM's should I buy with $500.00

    I want to try a couple of universal IEM's.   My music consists of Dance, Club, House, Techno, Pop, Rap, R&B and other genres (not as much).   What are some IEM's I should pick up?
  11. chocky900

    I miss my Westone 3s

    I'm currently using Sennheiser IE8s with ACS custom tips and I'm just not that happy with them. I really miss the Westone 3s which I got rid of for two main reasons. The first was that ACS could not get their custom sleeves to fit. The second was that the cable started to disconnect after 18...
  12. ruben1691

    weird ie 8 questions

    hey everyone, so i have finally decided to buy the Ie 8, but as i was about to click the "ordert this item" button,  a couple of questions popped up. so, let's get to the point:   - "sound leakage" since I usually listen to music while I am studying (at the library, or at home), what I...
  13. rangerid

    What is the best AMP to improve CLARITY on IE8s?

    Hey guys I love everything about my IE8s and I find they are absolutely perfect for my taste except in one area, clarity. I find they have a sort of a cloud over the sound, which isn't quite noticable until I switch to my other IEMs. I have considered getting other top tier IEMs but I can't seem...
  14. bigtim

    Can I Buy A Single IE8 Headphone??

    Hi. Anyone know if it's possible to buy a single IE8 headphone? I've managed to snap the stem that goes into the ear off one of them. Really annoyed at myself as I did exactly the same thing with a pair of SE530's a couple of years ago. Both were done trying to remove Comply tips which had...
  15. grokit

    Flagship headphones, by manufacturer

    I'm trying to come up with a list of the best headphones ever, by manufacturer. I'm not trying to rank them in a competition against each other, just trying to come up with the consensus all-time flagships within each headphone manufacturer's current and past offerings. This is why I have ranked...
  16. Aud1oph1le

    what high-end IEM to buy?

    Hi   I've been reading a LOT of reviews recently and several times I've been close to placing an order, but each time I am getting close to buying, I find a review or a comment linking some other thread with some different opinions on that pair, advising someone to buy something else. So...
  17. yliu

    Sennheiser IE8 cables? where to buy?

    I just realized that connector nickel plating on my IE8 cables are starting to come off, so I I'd like to get a new cable just in case the old one breaks but I can't find any place where they sell spare cables. Is it just me or other people is experiencing the same problems?
  18. Totally Dubbed

    Denon AH-C710 - Bass

    Hey there!   I recently bought the Denon AH-C710's for £93 :) Quite new atm, trying to burn them they haven't really had much playback time.   My previous set were their brothers: Denon AH-C751's.   My question is: The bass on the 710's seems to distort? roll? muffled...
  19. inarc

    In ear and amp !?

    Does it make sense to get a portable AMP (like the next Fiio) for inears in general? Exspecially the IE8 ?
  20. tmxkn1

    Just have a question about buying an ie8 from ebay

    I know the fact that sennheiser ie8 has too many faked versions on ebay throughout 2009, but are those fakes still there? I'm bidding an ie8 on ebay now and the temporary price is about 83dollors. Basically, I think it will stop at no more than 100 dollors. There is no more pictures from the...
  21. tuckers

    Need help finding a different kind of headphone (save me from buying Beats Pro)

    So I have a lot of experience with headphones, from the Stax Lambdas I owned in the eighties to the Audeze LCD-2s I have now as my reference.  But my lifestyle has been changing the last couple of years and some of my musical tastes.   I have started working out like a maniac (I've lost...
  22. ickle97116084

    Arghhhhhh I hate you Royal Mail

    I ordered a pair of Sennheiser IE8s on 29th Dec Next day delivery and today 06th Jan 11 they still have not arrived. Its not Amazons fault as they were dispatched within plenty of time. Two weeks ago there was delays due to festive break and snow but they have no excuse now! I so want to burn...
  23. ori88

    Triple flange for Triplefi 10?

    Hifi newbie here. Sorry if this was asked before but I didn't find an answer. I'm going from a pair of Shure E4C with triple flange tips to the Triplefi 10s. I can't use them right now as none of the tips are comfortable. 1) Does anyone make the triple flange tips for the Triplefi 10s...
  24. budgetboy

    JH13 or ES5 for Cowon J3?

    I want to start saving up money for a top-tier custom in-ear monitor for use with my Cowon J3. Right now I've got W3s and I'm loving them, but I know my music could sound better, and I want the comfort and isolation of customs.   FWIR Impressions:   ES5 - Pros: Clarity, build quality...
  25. vrln

    Europe Deals Thread

    Hello fellow Head-fiers! As I´m sure many from Europe have noticed, the main deals thread isn´t that useful for us as we have to scan out the deals actually willing to ship over here. And unfortunately we´re often left in the dark (hi!). So due to popular demand, I present the Europe...