1. queuewindow

    Sennheiser IE8 losing sound in right channel

    Like the title says, my IE8s are losing sound in the right channel. In fact, it's barely audible anymore. For logistical reasons I can't really send them to a workshop, so I'm checking to see if anyone's had this problem before. I have a feeling it might be a problem with the cable, but I can't...
  2. Sedoc94

    Hip-Hop Bass Heavy Monitoring Earphones?

    Hey,   So today I received my Westone UM3x-RC and I already didn't like the sound signature the first time I put them in. Compared to the amount of bass I am used to for HipHop related genres, this one's bass sounded so tiny! So I repacked them and put them for sale on eBay.   Before I...
  3. shadow82x

    Looking for some suggestions

    Hello Everyone, I am looking for some suggestions on some high end earphones. What I am looking for is (In the ear) light weight, portable earphones.   Perhaps something along the lines of the klipsch x10? Sound quality is also the second biggest important thing to me - the model must sound...
  4. Rawratchu

    Wearing IEM's in opposite ear?

     I find that on my sm3's, that its way more comfortable for me to wear the right earpiece in the left ear and the left earpiece in my right ear. Is this wrong to do? Oh and something else that is weird is that i can listen at louder volumes without hearing a distortion in my left ear that i...
  5. dweaver

    A tale of 2 IEM's (Montser Turbine Copper 1 vs Monster Turbine Copper 2) How different burnin techniques gave me two unique IEM's

    OK I know that burn-in is a touchy subject for some but I want to state at the start, I have been monitoring the actual decibal levels of Monster Turbin Copper 2 at set frequencies as they have been burning in and they have definitely changed as the headphones have burned in. So for the purposes...
  6. djbasketball1

    Radius DDm vs Sennheiser IE8 (in terms of bass quantity)

    I was wondering which of these two have a bigger bass quantity. Also wher can i get the DDM?
  7. Kaeo

    Headphones around $500 in Total

    Hi, looking for new headphones, for home and outdoors listening. I want to spend about $500 in total, would be happy to save some money, but can spend more if needed. I picked some phones, but need your help to choose the right ones.   I mostly listen to trance/electro, dance, metal (50%)...
  8. DirtyD916

    Shure SE215. Are they really worth it?!?! Audiophiles convince me please!!!!!!

    Okay so I am new to the forums, but have always had the audiophile like passion for music. Now that I'm listening to music nearly all day long and think its time to upgrade my equipment to something that I can fully enjoy my music with. With that said I have been really really liking the Shure...
  9. BLL00

    Best IEM for $400 max (House, trance, Chill, Nujazz, Hiphop)

    Hi, as my title mentions, I'm looking for IEMs that deliver incredible bass (really low), and yet deliver instrumentals and vocals clearly and without much effort. I really looked everywhere online and I keep hearing mixed opinions about a hundred pairs of IEMs which fit the profile. I'll be...
  10. WisdomListens

    Best IEM's for classical music, ~$200 budget

    I'm relatively new to classical music and I just finished listening to Beethoven symphony no. 7 and wow. Just wow. I need better earphones than my current Klipsch S4. I'm going to be listening to orchestral and violin concerto's mostly. What are the best for this at around $200?
  11. lksndr

    Im thinking of trading my Ie8 for Se425 for instance ..

    IE8 sounds nice, thats not a problem, but they have too much bass for me. I enjoy music more when bass is just another sound like highs, not so big and almost overwhelming like ie 8 output is ...  They fit perfectly even with smaller tips, i suppose i have small ear canals so i always get...
  12. djbasketball1

    Fischer DBA-02 or Klipsch image x10 (please help!)

    Hello Head fiers,   First of all i am asking because there are very little posts on the Fischer DBA-02. I heard that the DBA-02 are similar to the Westone 3, is that true?   Are the DBA any good, how do they compare to the x10's? Which of the two have more bass?   Thanks...
  13. musiccraze

    Looking For A Pair of IEM's, Under $200, Fluid Bass, Noise Isolation Fit For An Airplane! Help me choose!

    New to posting on Head Fi, but have read many posts on this excellent website.   Here's my situation:   I am looking for a pair of IEM's that fits my criteria (as posted in title): - <$200  - Fluid Bass, Not loud bass like the Sennheiser IE8's - Noise Isolation to Block Airplane...
  14. K-MONEY

    A little IEM poll, your knowledge and excellence will be appreciated!

    Performance wise, the IEM you chose, in what characteristic what does it shine over the others in?   I apologize if I missed some good IEMs, I'm only going by what's on the top of my head.
  15. Teerdz

    Samsung provided earbuds.

    So my IE8 cable has been broken for a few weeks now. All this time that I am awaiting my new cable I have been using alternatives, such as: HD 280 and HD 595.    Now the strangest thing happened to me... I favor the earbuds I found lying around in the closet that my mother got with her...
  16. seanmo

    Proposed IEM audition/trade with other members...

      this seemed like a better place than the buy/sell forum but if you think it should go there let me know I have a problem...maybe   is that problem named the head-fi buy/sell forum...perhaps am I addicted to getting packages in the mail every week or so containing...
  17. willw

    Atrios for classical??

    So how are the Atrio M5s for classical music? Do they handle violins and piano well? Legend says that there are those who prefer the Atrios over their Shure 530s.... Me I can't afford the Shures, but I know I love the sound of IE8s and if they'd only stayed in my ears I'd have kept them. Are...
  18. unknown909


    I want to know which one has more bass and clarity and can it be use with my ipod nano 5th gen.?
  19. Novella

    Basshead looking for a perfect IEM

    I certainly do more reading and buying than posting here. Since joining I started with a set of Grado's. Moved on to a set from Ultrasone. Next moved to iem's and got a "like-new" set of IE8's. Wanting to find something better I went out and thanks to many reviews here bought the Monster Miles...
  20. MRiNiCK

    Which IEM is perfect for me?

    Ill be using this for commuting, source is ipod nano 16gb fiio e7.I have used UE tfi10, but I'm going to be selling them due to the fact the comfort on these thing arent great. Sure, the sound is phenominal and detailed but comfort is a must for me.So I need your opinion. What IEM should I get...
  21. Novella

    Need a sub for my IE8

    Ok so after about a year of pretty heavy use of my IE8's they pretty much look like they've been in a war. One of the stems popped out and needed to be gorilla glued back in place and then the coat on the wire is separating from one ear piece and you can see bare wire. Maybe it's just my set but...
  22. Singhisking2011

    Need in-ear headphones up too £400 please help!!

    Hello people I'm new on this but heard this was the best sight for help on headphones. Well the problem is I'm looking for in- ear up to £400 with massive amounts of bass but also alot of clarity. I previously owned the ie8 and wouldnt mind purchasing them again as they got stollen. From my...
  23. boarderofcanada

    Sennheiser IE7s discontinued

    Sorry if this is embarrassingly old, but it was news to me. Stopped me dithering about whether to buy them or not!
  24. mirwolf

    Help me make a choice! Ultimate Ears Triplefi 10 vs. Monster Pro Copper

    Hi everyone! So ive been spending quite sometime reading through the forum trying to decide on a new pair of IEM's. Im looking to spend $200 give or take and after reading multitude of reviews, im still at a complete loss. My previous set of IEM were Shure e3c that recently broke. I liked the...
  25. thechungster

    Would like to start afresh with a new IEM.

    Hello, haven't been on here for a year+ now. I have absolutely no idea on what's new nowadays.   I'm getting a tad bit bored of my Sennheiser IE8s now and would like to replace these with something that has a bit more detail in the midrange and treble. I also have a pair of Grado HF2's and...