1. Matt193

    Looking for Inexpensive Headphones for Traveling

    Hello everyone!   I am going to doing some air travel this spring and summer and I am in the market for a set of new headphones or earbuds that I can use while I am on the plane.   I have a cheap Sandisk Sansa MP3 player and in the past I used the ear buds that came with it. Needless to...
  2. ThisIsaName

    Newbie looking for good all around cans.

    Hello there Head-Fi. I've been reading this non stop trying to decide what headphones to get and finally decided to just join and ask. I'm very new to the whole audiophile business so here we go.   I'm currently using a pair of on-ear JVC noise canceling headphones that I got as a gift a few...
  3. WaveRider69

    Good Noise Isolating headphones?

    List any that you can think of.  I need something that will absolutely block out the exterior sound of nonstop outside noises, chirping birds, air conditioners, nonstop barking yappy dogs, lawnmowers, etc.   No IEMs as I'll be wearing these 10+ hours a day, things in my ears for that long...
  4. murfhom

    headphones for low price range

          hello    I  need  some  advice  from  you  about  which  headphones  to  choose     my  price  range  is  between  20  to  35  dollars  .  while  searching  in  the  forum     I  noticed  that  at  these  prices  koss  kostapro  is  the  most  recommended  .     now...
  5. randomAverage

    Suggestions for IEM

    Hello all,   I am new here and I am looking for IEMs. I would greatly appreciate some advice. Here are my requirements:   1. Shut out external noise to the extent possible. I study at school in a large hall that can be rather noisy. I was first thinking of getting the Bose Noise...
  6. mindsg

    Newbie needs advice. Noise-isolating headphones for studying use.

    I am looking for something with good noise isolation, but is comfortable and not too warm on the ears after a few hours. Used primarily for studying in noisy environment, and also watching movies on laptop. Preferably cheap and durable too as I am a student on a tight budget. I am currently...
  7. wertyxhts

    Recommendations on First Headphones

    Hello Head-Fiers,   I was looking for reviews on Beats Studio by Dre & Bose headphones sold at Best Buys, and I stumbled onto this site. It looks like these are frowned upon here. After doing some research here and going to through many pages. I am now overwhelmed with many choices. I was...
  8. james444

    Field test: JVC FX700, Radius DDM and FAD 1601 + Active Noise Cancelling = better isolation?

    As an owner of several IEMs with great sound quality but weak isolation I've been pondering this question for quite some time: would it be possible to use something like the Final Audio 1601 on the move with active noise cancelling headphones on top? Needless to say my inquiring mind wouldn't...
  9. TheBananaMan

    Supraaural vs. Circumaural for noise isolation?

    Title says it all. I thought supraaural cans had better noise isolation than circumaural but I'm seeing different views now, which is better for noise isolation in general? Or are they both the same?
  10. Bertus728

    Need help buying a gaming/music Headphone.

    Hi there, I searched the forums and reviews but couldn't find what I was looking for.   I am looking for a headphone with a mic, around 50 bucks or so, but of course if there is something so much better for 80 or so please tell me. I like to game, so I don't want to wake the whole house by...
  11. Noyan

    Bose AE 2 vs. ATH-M50

    Aw ye, another one of these, lets go. Two headphones around the same price point that don't need amps. Which is a better buy?
  12. macoockeron

    Over Ear Headphoens in the $100 - $150 Range.

    Sorry if this thread is just clutter for the site, just redirect me if this is completely unoriginal. Mods=Gods.   So I've been wanting a good pair of over ear headphones in the $100 - $150 range. I've been finding a lot of really sick headphones by Sennheiser like the HD 595's or 555's and...
  13. wonderba

    Gift for a friend: $150 Budget, Foldable + Case, Noise Cancelation, Better than Beats by Dre

    Hey guys, planning on getting a gift for a friend who mainly listens to his iPhone.   Basically I am on a 150$ budget (Though I would prefer 130 max), and he wants a foldable headphones with case (Like Beats by Dr Dre), noise isolation/cancel, and better than Beats as they were his last...
  14. Audiophile1811

    What's so bad about noise cancelling headphones?

    Seriously, what is it that so many Audiophiles dislike about properly priced ($300 - $500) noise cancelling headphones?  I know it's the sound quality but how bad are they to deserve all the negative complaints? Can a brilliant yet well designed pair of NC's like Denon's AH-NC800 be any good...
  15. tas236

    non-ANC isolation headphone recommendations?

    Friends,   I'm new here, and I love the site. I'm interested in a non-ANC noise-canceling headphone, i.e. a closed headphone with really good isolation. Price: Under $150. Current equipment: Vintage AKG K141, Bose Triport (barf), Fiio E5, and Yamaha CA-810. These headphones will be plugged...
  16. rmask

    Are there any IEMs better than ER4P for NOISE CANCELING?

    I'd like to buy some IEMs for noisy environments, mainly air travel and server room visits ;-)   Are there any IEMs better than ER4P for NOISE CANCELING?   In similar price range (£144.96) I should probably note, that I do not want to carry amplification (I use rockboxed sansa)  ...
  17. bumbulbi

    Noise cancelling cans

    Hey folks, it's about that time! Can y'all suggest me some cans that have awesome sound quality with a good amount of bass and can cancel noise from airplanes?
  18. rbarrell

    IEM isolation vs. active noise cancelling?

    I recently bought a pair of Sony MDR NC-60s but am disappointed in the sound quality and feedback from the NC. I am considering buying a pair of Soundmagic PL50s instead - how might the isolation compare to the Sony's NC for taking the underground to and from work?
  19. danb7777

    Noise-cancelling headphones...

    I have recently bought a pair of Sony MDR-NC60 noise-cancelling headphones. I HATE THEM! When I walk around wearing the headphones each step I make is amplified. It's like when your head is underwater in a bath and you tap the side with you hand. Is this normal? Literally, every step I...
  20. FenderP

    REVIEW: Sony MDR-NC300D Noise Cancelling IEMs

    I travel for work quite a lot and have for the better part of the past 10 years. I remember when I first started flying in the mid-90s, I tried some of the Panasonic noise cancelling headphones and they colored the sound too much. With the advent of affordable in ear headphones, I’ve been fairly...
  21. VegasSirk

    Hello all a Noob in need of advice on noise isolating ear buds.

    Hi everyone! Im new here and wanted to first of say thanks in advance for any advice you can offer.   I currently in the market for a set of in ear headphones / buds. I was looking at the Shure SCL2 and Klipsch Image S4s but couldnt make up my mind on whats best for what Im looking for.  ...
  22. Deusdies

    Noise cancelling, or no noise cancelling?

    Hi guys.   Till recently I had Sennheiser HD212 and it is with them that I realized how much I actually like good sound and good headphones.   Since my dad loves them also, I gave these to him and I'm now in the market for new headphones. The problem is that I am not sure whether I need...
  23. a11en

    Active noise reduction -v- sound isolation IEM's

    Hi guys,   I've been toying with getting some Sennheiser PXC-450's, mostly due to a recent spat of rambunctious office mates.  I was tempted with over the ear mostly due to my belief that they may add more sound isolation.  But, maybe this isn't true?  And that's why I'm here.   I tend...
  24. Filththenwah

    Non-audiophile looking for headphone advice

    Recently my Audio-Technica ATH-M45 crapped out on me. And I'm looking for somewhat of an upgrade. The only thing I didn't like about the old headphones were that they weren't noise canceling and that I could still hear sound around me (if that's the right term). My price range is probably around...
  25. WaveRider69

    What Headphones will block the TV sound in the next room?

    My bedroom is right next to the living room.  But I like keeping my door open.  The people watch too much freakin tv and it drives me nuts.   What good sounding headphones would block out this sound at this distance?  Even when I'm not listening to anything.   looking for $200+/-   I...