1. WakiDabeast

    Audio Technica ATH-ANC9 Review –Quiet is an understatement

    The Audio Technica ATH-ANC9 –Quiet is an understatement. Opening the box….                 The ANC9 is packaged very simply, when you open the box all you see is a plastic wrapped zip up carrying case. Now when you actually open up the case you will be surprised by a sufficient amount of...
  2. earphone gawker

    Bassbuds 2012 : have you heard of them?

    Hey guys,   I was wondering if anyone has bought these new bassbuds. The website looks quite good!
  3. I Live in a Box

    Noise Cancelling Headphones

    As recommended, I purchased a Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro 80 Ω. As it turns out, the isolation it offers is insufficient. Thus, I must turn to noise cancelling headphones, yes? Or ear plugs,  even?   What are your suggestions?
  4. smallrewards

    pant nc21m noise. Cancelling or ath sj55

    sorry, pioneer nc21m. well, as the title alludes, I have a simple choice. Sj55 to 30 bucks or the new nc21m for 40. In Japan right now, just looking for fairly cheap headphones with decent quality that I can get cheaper here than America. Let me know what you think. Can't find much info on the...
  5. headwig

    Why does active noise cancelling make me feel uncomfortable?

    Hi,   I'm curious about something: I do most of my listening on Westone 4R, ATH M-50s, Grado SR80 and Hifiman RE0 heapdhones. This week a friend lent me some Bose QuietComfort 15 headphones, because I was curious about active noise cancelling. The sound is what I expect from Bose - a chunk...
  6. rmax

    Audio Technica's CKS90 x CKS77 (x M50!)

    What's up guys and girls,   I'm totally new here and not quite an audiophile =]   However, as an owner of a pair of AT CKS90 I've entered this journey of enjoying listening to music in joyful ways.   I've been amazed by the quality of the 90's, it seems a remarkable achievement to...
  7. elsa9711

    Earphone with Noise-Cancelling below $85?

    My choice is only limited to Sennheiser, Beats, Phillips and Skullcandy (My country only sold them). I know beats are not a very good choice, they are overpriced with that kind of quality. And Skullcandy? It doesn't match for my mom. Yes, I want to buy one for my mom, she's 40 and likes, mostly...
  8. mepds9

    Need help choosing between Klipsch Mode M40, B&W P5, AKG K490NC & K495NC, and Sennheiser PXC 450

    I'm in an incredibly confusing debate regarding to the headphones I wish to purchase. I own the Klipsch Image S4, and I like the details in bass and treble. However, I feel they're a bit empty on the middle range, and besides they give me headaches (excessive bass & In-ear). I'm searching for...
  9. scottzehm

    Polk UltraFocus 8000 headphones

    Does anyone have any experience with the new Polk UltraFocus 8000 headphones?  I listened to them at this years CES and they sounded great.  However, being the inexperienced listener that I am I would like some input from other more experienced listeners at to the quality of these headphones.  I...
  10. daniel521

    Sennheiser pxc 450 vs Audio technica ATH-M50?

    I want to buy headphones for me to use in my iphone which I can carry around a lot. I also want a comfortable headphone that doesn't hurt after some time of use (I find beats studio very uncomfortable since they hurt after  about an hour of use), good sound quality, closed so that other people...
  11. Pimothy

    Top of the range headphones for opera

    Hello all,   I am looking to get my dad some top of the range headphones, where price is not an issue. He is a real audiophile with sensitive ears, but needs to get something for when he is not at home.   He would use them exclusively for opera and classical music (for example: Verdi...
  12. mepds9

    NC Headphones vs. closed back headphones.

    I know one really can't compare nc headphones to high grade closed cans, and even less to open ones. But could headphones with really advanced driver designs present better clarity and quality than high performance closed cans? Take for instance, the Sennheiser PXC 450s are NC, but have really...
  13. smeghead68

    Help choose noise cancelling headphones $150

    Been reading these forums for a while now and have been a great resource for anybody looking for headphones. Now I need advice from the head-fi's out there.   I looking to get a new pair of $150-$200 active noise cancelling, over ear (back enclosed) head-phones for use on city transit. I...
  14. KittyLaBamBam

    Your expert advice needed here...

    Hi there everyone, I heard there were a number of experts on here regarding headphones, so I thought this would be the place to post my queries. I am looking into buying a pair of (awesome) headphones. I was initially looking in some noise-cancelling ones, as I travel quite a bit on planes and...
  15. astroid

    New AKG K495 and K490 Noise Cancelling Cans

    These look nice! K490 top ,K495 bottom 
  16. Reboech

    Which noise-isolating headphone ($150-200)?

    I need a new pair of closed, circum-aural headphones for car travel, and I've been searching these forums and found several interesting headphones - I'm just not sure which would meet my requirements:   Good passive noise-isolation Good comfort with glasses Preferably useable without an...
  17. blownrx7

    Recommendation needed for noise-isolating headphones under $100

    I'm looking for the best headphones under $100 that would serve me well on an airplane. I suffered with a pair of earbuds and quickly realized that I had to get something that would block out the airplane noise. I would go for a noise-cancelling type but I am afraid I would have to sacrifice...
  18. imkenny

    Similar to Bose QC15?

    I have a big head and glasses. The only NC headphones that I can actually wear comfortably are the QC15's but they are really expensive. Are there any other alternatives that are wide and have soft pads like the QC15's?     Thanks!
  19. needbassndetail

    Marshall Minor

    just wanna ask about marshall minor,   i've heard some issue about this earbud. they dont have good noise canceling and let the noise form outside...   i love the look of minor... but i usually wear headphone in a car, train or plane which is need a good noise cancelation   is...
  20. thewolfisnear

    Yup... Another one of These threads.

    Hi, all. I'm new here. I created my account about 20 minutes ago and In reading over many opinions of headsets I must ask the masses for help in choosing a pair of Headsets. First, a little history. I first started off very slowly in terms of music, MP3 and headphone choice. "As long as...
  21. vinnievidi

    New Klipsch headphone model: MODE noise canceling headphones

            From Macnn: "Klipsch has quietly introduced a new upscale pair of over-ear headphones. The Mode steps up above Klipsch's regular pair with active noise cancellation but also promises to fix the short runtime the earpieces often have. Full noise reduction should last 45...
  22. speecialedwin

    Good $300 us closed circumaural headphones with good isolation?

    Hi all,   I'm new to the forum and even though I've been interested in good sound for a few years, I haven't actually researched sound until a couple days ago. I recently purchased a pair of QC15s and after lurking around on head-fi for a little while I found that mostly everybody finds Bose...
  23. will1258

    Looking for a portable system for the ride to work via bus

    I take the bus about 2 hours a day too and from work. I currently use a sansa c100 express and some creative ep-630 plugs but I want more sound.   I listen to mostly hip-hop, reggae and R&B and I like bass/deep sounds.   I was thinking of getting the fiido e5/ some m50's and just keep my...
  24. jjmai

    what active noise-cancelling IEMs are available nowadays?

    I am considering upgrading my active noise-canceling sony MDR-NC22. I'd like to know if people have experiences with these relatively newer IEMs from around 2010~2011:   Audio-Technica ATH-ANC23 Audio-Technica ATH-CKS90NC Sony MDR-NC33 Phiaton PS 20 NC Pioneer SE-NC31C-K Creative...
  25. noise-phobe

    looking for sound-isolating headphones compatible w/ glasses ..

    Heya, So I'm currently in the market for a new pair of headphones. I've been obsessively researching for the past week, but keep getting overwhelmed by the sheer number of variables involved, so figured I'd finally stop torturing myself and ask for help. I have a noise sensitivity issue due...