1. dett

    Lightweight Over-ear recommendations

    Hello everyone,   I am in need for some portable lightweight headphones. I really like the over-ear design over the on-ear. Also, as these will serve as travel headphones, I would like it to have iPhone/iPod microphone inline remote. I went to Best Buy and looked at the Bose AE2i and they...
  2. l1lJ

    beats by dr. dre worth it?

    I'm wondering if I should get the beats or if there's anything better. I"ll be mostly listening to hip-hop/rap. Thanks
  3. twigedd

    looking for the right headphones

    hey guys im looking at spending between 300-400 dollars on a pair of headphones. i listen to alot of heavy bass music like dubstep and drum and bass, i need the best possible headphones available for my price range. im looking at using them for recording so i need them to be loud and CRISP...
  4. wpautz

    Passive noice isolation or Active noise canceling? Considering Bose QC15, or Koss Pro4AA, or other quality isolation.

       Hi, I'm new to the forum. Sorry if I haven't my homework, I haven't read many of the threads, I'm very very tired and should be in bed.    I have an ipod, and rather long commute on a rather loud Skytrain + bus (Vancouver, BC). I need some serious noise reduction. The noise pollution is...
  5. Matty02

    Recommendation for noise isolating headphones £50-£80 budget

    Hi guys,   I am going travelling soon, lots of plane time to endure. I am looking for a decent pair of headphones with sufficient noise isolation; my budget is £50 - £80. Currently I have a pair of Beyerdynamic DT770 Pros - I like the sound of them, could do with a slightly more powerful...
  6. mbarry

    Looking for new portable audio equipment suggestions

    Hey guys, I'm basically looking for suggestions on:   Noise Isolating/Noise Cancellation headsets/IEMs/Anything.  Blocking out noise is more important than perfect sound reproduction, because if the outside noise is preventing you from hearing everything in your music, what's the point?  I...
  7. Roundwounds

    So my Dad bought me a present, am I going to be disappointed?

  8. subxero

    Thinking of gettin Kicker EB101

    anyone have experience with these?
  9. neil.belt

    Newb looking for a basic start (Total Bithead?)

    I have read many posts and they are helpfull but I have to admit that they frustrate me a great deal as well. There are so many choices out there for me to get started with my gear and many of them are far too expensive for me. I am considering a Total Bithead or other comporable sub $200...
  10. pineapplemilk

    You opinion please?

    I'm looking for a good, sturdy pair of noise-canceling cans. This is my first time investing in a really good pair of headphones. So far I'm looking at these:    Sennheiser HD 205 Studio Monitor DJ Headphones Shure SRH750 DJ Headphones iFrogz EarPollution DJ Style On-Ear Sterea...
  11. K_19

    Say what? An Active NC Can? Denon NC732 review

    Even at first glance, it can be glaringly obvious that Head-fi in general isn't a fan of Active Noise Canceling Cans, and there are valid reasons for this; for one, the active NC module is prone to creating noise and distortion in sound on its own, and for two, there simply aren't too many good...
  12. headphones911

    Review on Sennheiser PXC 300 Noise Cancelling Headphones

    Sennheiser pxc 300 Canceling Headphones, fold and flipheadphones are designed for ultimate comfort, the ergonomic headband gives you two-point suspension and soft ear cups, and you can adjust them to several different positions. The switchable Noise Gard active noise compensation attenuates...
  13. zap427

    ZEM noise cancelling head phones?

    Anyone tried a pair of these? They are all over the net and I wanted to get an opinion.   Thanks,   zap
  14. CooLy_oNE

    sound recording editing software

    Hi guys..   i'm looking for a software to edit my guitar playing you guys know that the recording also pick up some background noise, some buzZZZzzzZzZzZ, some hiSsSsSSssSS, and so on..Is there a software that I can use to annihilate that low decibel background sound?    ...
  15. rocker030594

    Best headphones?

    What is the best noise canceling headphones? (any price range) Are Bose Quiet Comfort 3's good? Don't mind the price. Is it practical? Because once the battery runs out, it won't work. I've borrowed someone's Bose On Ears and they're really comfortable. What other headphones are as...
  16. flamesfan

    need help? best noise cancelling headphones? Bose QC3, Akg495 or audio technica anc9?

    I know you guys have probably seen this post thousands of times but hear me out.. I know a thing or two about headphones and i know for just pure sound quality bose is not a name i should mention. However circumstances have popped up where i will be travelling by plane and train. I want to say...