1. telephonedude98

    If mine are Acoustic Noise Cancelling headphones, is the bass weak?

    I like listening to a lot of dubstep and electro house, and I owned a pair of Beats Studios for about a month. I returned them today because they sucked. I exchanged them for a pair of QC15's and I think the QC15's are veeerrrrry nice.    But if its "acoustic noise cancelling" headphones...
  2. Tapash

    Best noise Cancelling Headphone for travel under £225

    Hi, I have an Akg450 for a month or so. Good sound but due to travelling noise cancellation on this is not so effective. And I'm very much irritated by the noise of but train an surroundings. So went to the shop to check out couple of NC headphone. Tried Bose QC 15 & 3 and amazed by the...
  3. driddri

    Advice on Noise Reduction Headphones

    Hi all!   I'm looking to buy one noise reduction headphones as I am constantly travelling and also working in a quite noisy ambience. Many people told me to get a Bose QC15, which I tested and seemed really nice, but unfortunately I can not afford 350$ on a headphone now. Would anyone...
  4. Immortalmuso

    Sennheiser PXC 310 BT

    Hey,   I am looking into buying myself a pair of the Sennheiser PXC 310 BT. Would they be good for me, I plan on using them on a iphone, ps vita, laptop ect. What is there shound quality like? I own a pair of shure se535, would they size up with that type of sound quality?   IMMORTALMUSO
  5. asc1198

    Audio-Technica ATH-ANC9?

    Are these good enough headphones that spend $200-$250 on? I need headphones with great comfort (around ear) so that they could be worn for 5+ hours without breaks. They also have to be very good at noise cancelling. I found a pair of these on eBay for $198 and a pair on amazon for $240. Please...
  6. asc1198

    Bose Quietcomfort 15's?

    Are they worth the $300? I am looking for very comfortable noise cancelling headphones with preferably leather ear cups. Thanks!
  7. HeadphonesCom

    [REVIEW] Phiaton PS300NC

    TRAVELING IN STYLE Noise -cancellation headphones are designed with commuter in mind – someone who is going to be in a noisy, sonically-aggressive environment.  With this in mind it makes sense that size would be a contributing factor in one’s final    The Phiaton PS300NC is one of the...
  8. bobbert

    Noise Canceling, Detoning, and Reduction?

    I found that what makes my listening expirience amazing is actually being able to HEAR my music. With the Audio Technica ATH-M50s I can't do that. There is so much background noise where I live and hangout that I cannot hear the fullness of the cans. The sound quality is amazing but I just can't...
  9. Empire1

    Denon D600 vs Bose QC15

    Edit: I realized most members here haven't gotten to try the new D600 yet. Please feel free to replace D600 with the D2000 for your opinions :) ------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey everyone I'm new to high end headphones (most of my current high perfomance...
  10. sexualchocolate

    question about amping NC headphones

    first off, im new here so this might be a stupid question.   would an amp still work for noise cancelling headphones, if the headphones can turn the nc off? i have the monster inspirations and am thinking about buying an amp for it.
  11. Vetlem

    Noise canceling?

    Hello!   I am currently looking for a pair of new noise-canceling headphones and are wondering if you guys had some tips? I would like them to be less than 1000$.   Thanks   Regards V
  12. suppuplex

    Replace HC500

    Hello. Perhaps i am beating a dead horse here but i need an advice.   I currently own Panasonic HC 500 which i love for NC and sound quality.   Mostly i listen to dubstep and some TV/Movies.   No, i don't have dedicated amp, but i do have DD amp instead - sony entry level for my PC...
  13. what?

    Absolute quietest headphones?

    id like to be able to enjoy music while i refinish/sand floors. (i do about 15 a year with my work)   its a pretty noisy job, would active noise canceling headphones work or do i need to diy/custom build myself a pair of really isolating headphones? 
  14. dnbVintage

    Noise Reduction Headphones

    Hello all, hopefully someone can help me with my predicament. I am looking for specific noise cancellation headphones for my farther, but unfortunately i can't seem to find suitable ones.  He works away and has to travel in a c-17 globemaster which i believe inside is about 86 dB and i'm...
  15. HiFiGuy528

    Is this possible to do? Remove the Noise Canceling feature on Dre Beats Studio?

    I am not smart enough to do mods. Perhaps someone here can advice. Is it possible to remove the Noise Canceling feature on the Beats Studio so it will work like a standard headphones without a built-in amp? Has anyone researched this? Please don't turn this thread into "why waste time on Beats"...
  16. SVegetto

    IEM with active noise canceling and inline mic

    hey everyone, I know that active noise canceling is not seen highly around these parts, but please amuse this post (and my gf that flies ALOT) if you know of good IEM that have active noise canceling and an inline mic (and preferably music control). Any input welcome and thanks.
  17. Maukey

    Bose QC15 - Completely Shocked!!!

    Now I know most on these forums say that Bose is overpriced, and in some instances, I agree. I must admit though,  I'm really loving the sound of these cans.  It's known that the noise canceling is the best in the business, but I honestly didn't think I would enjoy the sound this much. It's not...
  18. Bassluvr

    I am on my last straw...

    I have been looking for the right headphone for quite some time and I'm abusing the leniency of Best Buys return policy.  I am looking for an over ear headphone.  I would like Noise Canceling (but I would like them to work without a battery if it runs out or its not on), a single removable 3.5...
  19. Aersol

    Noise cancelling headphones

    Hello, I'm new here so I apologize if this is in the wrong section. I am looking for a pair of active noise cancelling headphones. I don't know much about headphones, but I'm not completely uneducated and I am willing to learn. A couple of headphones that I have been looking at are the Bose...
  20. ahmedwk

    Denon AD-H 1100 vs Bose Quiet Comfort 15

    I am completely new to this headphone frenzy. I am planning on a VERY LONG TRIP to Australia next month so I started checking local stores for sound-isolating headphones. I eliminated all except two. I know some will say they are completely different and it's like comparing apples to oranges...
  21. turkletont

    Looking for noise cancelling headphones, can you please point me in the right direction!

    Every day I work I spend 1.5 hours on a bus and at work I sometimes wear headphones as well.   I'm looking for something with a good combination of noise cancellation, comfort, and audio quality.  I listen to rock, everything from instrumental to metal to acoustic.. but rock nonetheless...
  22. weemaddox

    Noise Cancelling Headphone Dilema

    Ok so don't shoot me...   I'm not not well versed with portable hi-fi equipment and technology. I have a small predicament and am not sure how to proceed...   My piece of crap Dr. Dre StudioBeats that I bought  from a colleague for $160 broke down and I plan on replacing them with a...
  23. mvtm

    Amazing Headphones <$500

    Hi! I've been a long time member here. It's been more than 5 years since my last post. I'm looking for the very best headphones under $500 or $300. I've had 2 Grado's SR60 and a Grado SR80 thanks to your recommendations. This time i'll like something closed, to have a change from open air. I...
  24. Gwarmi

    So what is wrong with this 3-way headphone review from Oz? K550 vs Spirit One vs PSB M4U2

     Take a look at this..    Perhaps I should take my own medicine and not criticize the noise cancelling PSB M4U2 unit given  that I have not heard it. However, I have yet to hear...
  25. pattanbd

    PSB M4U 2

    Hi Folks,   Any reviews yet on PSB m4U 2 Noise cancelling headphones?   Thanks