1. madaboutmusic

    New to Headphones

    Hello I am new here.   I have owned my IPOD Touch for about 3 years now and was getting bored of apple headphones. So I want online and read reviews and decided to buy the Audio Technica ATH M50 headphones, and I did buy them yesterday.   I am mainly using them for my IPOD and they are...
  2. JiggyJones

    Open-Ended Headphones with Bass Similar to M-50s?

    I'm looking for the ideal pair of open-ended headphones for me, Ideally something that can be driven off of an inexpensive amp (like an E5). I have a pair of ATH-M50s that I like very much, but I want to find something with better soundstage. They have to have very good bass response. Price...
  3. Genocide174

    I need confirmations about the DT770's!

    I'm so sorry to bother you with another "oh help me" sort of thread, but it's my birthday this friday and I'm looking to buy the DT770's. Now, I've decided to go with the DT770's after a LONG time of observing here at head-fi and I thank you all very much for any information I might have gotten...
  4. Tryptonaut

    Upgrading from my Shure 440s (Quick Question, I hope!)

    Hello head-fi!   I've been a long time lurker, as mostly I've gotten headphone advice from my brother who is a regular here. First post of mine though, hope I don't clutter up the place (the thread that was supposed to consolidate questions seems dead).   I'm looking to upgrade from my...
  5. FLHKE

    How would your rate Head Direct's RE0 against Grado iGi ?

    I'm on the market for my first pair of good IEM for under $100 and I've been looking at reviews for the praised Head Direct RE0 and the Grado iGi. Both are priced around $80 and they seem to be similar in some ways, but I've never seen a direct comparison.   I'm currently using a Sennheiser...
  6. kds4121

    Audio-Technica, Grado, AKG?

    I currently own the Audio-Technica ATH-A900's and one of the 3D Wing Support cushion pieces broke off, so my money is being refunded to me.   Should I purchase the same headphones again and stick with Audio-Technica, or look into a different pair of headphones?   I listen to mainly...
  7. spacemanspliff

    RE0 or RE1?

    Jeez, they are the same price. I have PK3s and think that for portable I will use those most of the time. I have a REALLY nice receiver with a decent headphone amp. Would the RE1 be a more high end sound than the RE0 in this case? I am trying to get decent sq under $100 (I am saving up for...
  8. metllicamilitia

    Okay, so let's stretch the budget and start asking more about SQ and memory

    So, I've decided I may as well save up and not just get something to tide me over. I want a good solidly built mp3 player that will not break on me anytime soon. I have about 2,000 songs, however they are all in mp3 or wma format of varying quality. I only own the cd's for about half my music...
  9. renji1337

    How to use FiiO E5 with Xonar DX and AD700'S and RX700S

    i want to plug my FiiO E5 into my xonar dx and use it with my ad700s and rx700s, but my question is   How do i do this, what volume settings should i use. and could the E5 damage my headphones?
  10. gene1123

    FiiO E5 + Shure SE315?

    I will be using only "Samsung Galaxy S with latest V9 Voodoo installed + PowerAMP player" as the source of audio, and I'm new to portable amps, I never have one before and I don't know if  FiiO E5 would fit for a  Shure SE315 or not?   FiiO E5 is dirt cheap now, so I thought I want to get...
  11. DeadP1xels

    HippoBox+ used with a second amp???

    First of all   Hello Head-Fi!! Long time lurker first time poster i've gotten into portable audio from head-fi and started of with a generic 2gb mp3 with stock headphones   Heres the stuff i use its nothing special but its a start   Sources: Zen X-fi 10gb (8+2) , Htc Wildfire...
  12. renji1337

    FiiO E5 Distortion with Bass boost on

    Apparantly if i max the volume of foobar and turn on bass boost i get nothing but distortion..but if i leave bassboost on and turn foobar down a little i get no this supposed to happen i just got this e5.
  13. Michael172

    FiiO E5 - Will it power 250ohm Cans?

    Hi all.   Ive been asked by a friend to reccomend him some good cans. His initial choice were the Dre Beats, but I said save yourself some ££ and get some Beyer DT770's.   His taste lies with Rap, D&B etc.   He listens to music through an iBoard or whatever it is, and an mp3 player...
  14. estreeter

    Fiio are starting to freak me out ...

    From a company that had a single, tiny 'bass boost' amp just a couple of years ago into a company which seems to push new product out the door every 4 weeks : guys, I love my E9, but is our cosy little boutique audio world in danger of being swallowed up by this unstoppable juggernaut ?    ...
  15. renji1337

    Can i plug a portable amp like the FiiO E5 into my xonar dx?

    would it damage anything/lose sound quality and if i can, do i just connect the front out/headphone out port to my fiios input port?
  16. jaybz

    Looking for a portable amp to use with a DBA-02 + Cowon J3 that's around $100 or less

    Hi, Head-Fiers.  I'm currently looking to replace my FIIO E5 with something better and also more durable for use during commutes.  My E5's output jack is no longer properly connected to the circuit board so I figured it's time to upgrade.  I also own an RE0 and a SoundMagic PL20 as backup so...
  17. JiggyJones

    How much of a difference does my Fiio E5 REALLY make?

    First of all, let me explain my setup. I have a Fiio E5 headphone amp, a Fiio L3 line-out dock for my iPod 4g, and last but not least, a pair of Audio Technica ATH M-50s. Now here's the catch: I recently misplaced my line-out dock and had to revert to using a 3.5mm - 3.5mm cable to connect my...
  18. qualm

    Sansa Clip + to car stereo I need more DBs. Will my E5 work or will the hiss transfer?

    So I have a Clip + and just got a stereo with a line in for it.  I want more volume from the Clip + and the stereo.  Will any amp work for this?  I have an E5, but I hate the hiss that comes out of in during moments of no music.  I am sure that it is still there during when the music plays, but...
  19. aznx2high

    can youhave me solve this equation? ipod+ which portalable amp+ my HD 30 pro = best combo?

    hey guy and gals   does anyone have a suggestion for an amp that will make my ipod sound less crappy than it already is? i don't know whats my price range right now but if at all possible please tell me from cheap, average,to high-end. i have been looking around like filo E5,cmoy, just...
  20. MicroNik

    Portable setup opinions?

    Hi, what are you're opinions on my idea for a portable, budget setup?   iPod Nano -> LOD -> Fiio E5 ->Ksc75   I don't want to jump into other headphones that have mixed reviews or more expensive portables because I'm not too sure if sound quality really is that big of a deal to me. But I...
  21. doctorx

    Looking to improve my personal listening equipment. Help needed.

    Note: I also posted this in the "Buying headphones?" thread but I got no replies so, I'm attempting a new thread. Sorry if this is not allowed.   Hi there. I'm looking to improve my personal hearing equipment. I have read a lot of the threads around this forum but, I would like direct...
  22. renji1337

    Can i do this? with my sound card?

    I currently have my xonar dx/windows volume/game volume at 100% and while it's loud for music, for some reason games arent "as loud"(can still hear easily just want it louder) i was wondering if i plugged my FiiO E5 into my Sound card, and then my ad700s into the e5, is that okay?   will i...
  23. melmoth123

    IEM headset equivalent of ATH-M50

    I have the ATH-m50 as my set for home use and am looking for something with similar sound for walking around.  Not looking for best sound for money, just whatever gets me close to ATH-m50, since I like them a lot.  I am only looking for something with a mic, for use with my iphone (but they...
  24. ImSikhWithIt

    First Headphones

     I was looking into buying new headphones. I used to have some crappy Sonys that I got for like 10 bucks but now I feel like upgrading. It'd be great to get some suggestions for first headphones. I mostly listen to music with heavy bass such as Rap and Dubstep, but I don't want everything else...
  25. red sky

    Am I getting decent enough sound from my other equipment for my 'phones?

    Hello everyone.  I was just pondering whether or not my equipment is producing a decent enough signal to get almost the most from my headphones.  I have a pair of Grado SR80is. Presently, I use my DROID X, Zune HD/120, and my Dell Studio 1747 to play media.  The only headphone amp I have is the...