1. Smoothduder420

    Just got the Koss Pro DJ100...

    I have no idea what would make headphones good or not haha but I heard these was some of the best pair for under $100 , which was my limit.   They sound okay but im just wondering are they meant to be used for an ipod? I heard you should get an amp but not really sure what that is or where...
  2. JiggyJones

    Quality earphones/IEMs for under $75?

    Hi, I am looking for a pair of earphones/IEMs to replace my portable setup (M50s). They have to be the best sound quality/price ratio, and under $75. Thanks!
  3. mystickatdaddy

    Airplane Use

      Howdy,   I fly a couple times per year and just want something that is not too expensive that will let me hear the sound on my laptop if watching a movie or playing a game. I don't really need super awesome quality sound and being able to block out the noise of the plane is the most...
  4. Hubert007

    Amplifiers- Question

    Well I have been around this forum for few days now and have learned alot about headphones but I am still unsure when it comes to amplifiers I am not sure if I should get a portable amplifier to go with my Ipod touch 4g. I have never been intressted in sound quality that much but I have decided...
  5. Fargoth

    Koss DJ100 - Bass Disappointment

      Don't get me wrong. Vocals sound great on these things, and I've found them surprisingly comfortable. However, the bass feels weak. I looked into it, and read that people had recommended an amp to drive them. If I get an amp, it's probably going to be portable, something like the FiiO E5...
  6. os2k

    SoundMagic PL50 in great condition

    SoundMagic PL50 in great condition - includes original accessories and box - price drop $old shipped Optional - Fiio E5 portable amp in great condition - includes original accessories and box - for an additional $old   Asking $old for both.   PM me with any questions   US only...
  7. wickitom

    Nationite OS-72HR 8GB version + FiiO E5 Headphone Amplifier

    I am selling a used Nationite OS-72HR Portable Media Player with 8GB. This sale also includes an FiiO E5 Headphone Amplifier.   It plays...
  8. superson!c

    Zune HD and headphone amp

    Just purchased a Zune HD refurb for cheap before I realized that it doesn't support LOD  xD   The headphone out does sound pretty **** good as is, but am wondering if it's wise or necessary to add a headphone amp if your cans don't need the extra power? (Denon ADH-2000) If it may sound...
  9. Unicorn!

    [Advice Wanted] I Need a new Portable Amp

    My current lousy FiiO E5 has after 1 year given up so I'm looking for a new portable headphone amp and I was hoping someone here may be able to give me some advice on what to buy and where to buy from. There doesn't seem to be a huge range of portable headphone amps available in NZ so I am happy...
  10. babyphish

    Do I really need an amp for my RE0?

    Hi Head-Fi,   I am going to buy a pair of RE0s as my first step into hi-fi sound, upgrading from the likes of EP630/C300, ATH-CKM50 and my current M9s. The ones I've used have all been rather cheap, all did not require or have any recommendations for amping.    I decided on the RE0s...
  11. jsdodgen

    My first amp

    I just got my first pair of decent headphones, the Audio Technica mth-A700. I have been told that they do not need an amp, but will definitely help. So i am wondering would the fiio e11 be a good starter amp? or should i go with a completly different kind.   -please help, Josh
  12. jsdodgen

    dt770, akg701, or hd598

    I am looking for a pair of headphones that are a nice step up from my current audio technica m50s. I absolutly love my m50's. They were my first pair of decent headphones and now i can not listen to anything worse. It was the subtleties and the accurate bass, it was like hearing a song for the...
  13. Reecesterful

    AKG K99?

    So i need a pair of under $90 headphones. Suggestions? I.E. i use a Zune HD to a Fioo E5
  14. heidrin

    Headphone to stereo output?

    My grandfather is about as deaf as they come, and his wife can hear a cricket fart. Just framing the situation here. He wants to watch tv while wearing headphones but she can't hear if he does so. If he doesn't wear them then he has to turn the volume up to high and... circular problem yeah. Is...
  15. mokies

    What IEM to get? SoundMagic PL50/Brainwavs M1/Grado iGi/Meelec m9

    Hi guys,   I just need some suggestions on what IEMs should I buy? Maybe a big upgrade from Philips SHE9701. I'm not that basshead and I prefer a much more detailed ones (punchy bass, warm mids, bright/crisp highs). And also, IEMs that I can match up with FiiO E5.   I'm looking at...
  16. ggops

    Hifiman re0 or re2 with Fiiio5 combo

    I know there are many posts comparing these but I would like to know what would be the better choice because these would be the first actual good quality headphones. Previously ive owned the klipsch s4, meelec m6, lenntek sonix and such, but i find them to be a bit too colored and i would like...
  17. eMotion3287

    Need info on some Acoustic headphones. HELP THIS NEWBIE!!! XD

    ok guys I've decided that my next pair of cans will be Audio Technica. With that outa the way all i have to decide is what model. i know of all the top models (A700, A900, AD900, M50 and the M30 and 20) i want that smooth acoustic sound with poppy plucks and rhythmic strumming on high and low...
  18. ccaian

    How good is the Ordance Amplifier .22

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  19. mouba3

    Need Help & suggestion on HipHop/Rap Cans below or around 130$ ... thanks

    that's my second post I was looking to pick sennheiser HD428/438/448 one of them but it seem that i can get better, I’m looking for a headphone that have a accurate deep base that don't overpower the clarity also good in blocking outside sound, my first headphone was the skullcandy nba hesh i'm...
  20. radicalchamp

    Sennheiser HD 438 vs 448

    I am wondering which is a better. I want something with good sound quality overall and a  of bass,considerable amount I've read that the hd 448's have inadequate bass for tehcno, electro, house, trance. I am also wondering if I get the hd 438's will the enhanced bass make the songs that have...
  21. mouba3

    Need Help & Opinion from Owners of the Sennheiser HD4X8 Series

    sup fellas, i want your professional help and opinion cause I’m a newbie to the headphones world I want to get a sennheiser headphone but don't know if i should go for the HD 428/438, I have read a lot of helpful reviews and analysis here, I need opinions and help from somebody that owns or...
  22. OwneddMuch

    $80 Budget - PS3/PC Headset

    Hey guys,   Brand new here, and I need your help. I've done quite a bit of research, and I'm not really sure what I exactly need.   What I'm hoping for: A standard headset (headphones + mic, just to clarify) that works with my PC and PS3. The problem here is not the PC, but the PS3. I...
  23. Atriya

    50 ohms too much for a laptop onboard sound card?

    I'm thinking of buying a pair of headphones which have a 50 ohm impedance rating (Sennheiser HD 558s).   However, I'll be listening to them mainly on my late-2007 Dell Inspiron 1520 laptop, which has onboard Intel HD audio (no dedicated sound-card).   Do you think things should sound...
  24. JiggyJones

    Headphone Amp/DAC under $100?

    I am getting a pair of Fischer Audio FA-011s and I am wondering if it's worth upgrading from my Fiio E5. Should I get an amp for it, or a DAC?(It doesn't matter if it's portable.) My computer's sound card is pretty powerful, but I want something to improve the sound quality, too. Under $100...
  25. WhiteLabel

    ATH M50s flatter bass after burn in? Can the "subs" bust?

    Hi guys     When I first got the M50s, the bass was, full and accurate with a rich depth. Now it is flat, less forward with less rumble. The highs appear slightly harsher. I used them for dubstep at full volume with a Fiio E5. Are the cans bust? The sound seems night and day..Any ideas?