1. th3hate

    Help me choose between Sennheiser HD 518, Shure SRH440, and Shure SRH750DJ

    Hello.   I'm going to buy my first set of headphones after using some cheap IEM's for a long time. First off, I'm not really familiar with the open versus closed cans. I know that open is supposed to leak more audio in and out but my only concern in sound quality, and I don't care about...
  2. sebastianlow

    some questions about sennheiser hd428

    I just bought a sennheiser HD 428 a few days ago, the sound quality is not what I was expecting, I expected more from it. Anyways, here are the questions. 1. If I plug in an amp, for example a fiio e6. Will they produce better sound? 2. I am currently using a HTC desire, so if I plug in a fiio...
  3. FasterX

    Has anyone ever tried Beats Studios with an amp?

    Being that they have very high impendence, I don't see why an amp couldn't be used on them.   Does it improve the sound quality at all?
  4. staxxx

    Giant Killers

    After reading the T50RP thread, I see that posters said that a modified T50RP can compete with flagships. Are there any other headphones out there that can be considered giant killers or deliver amazing performance for the price?
  5. BotByte

    [REVIEW] HD598 Long Term Assestment. 600+ hours

    HD598: The 600+ Hour Assestment         So I see a lot of reviews from right after that person bought that headphone. But they are also are within the love or hate “Honeymoon” period. So saying after a good, roughly calculated, 600 hours of listening, I’m conducting my long term...
  6. zpolt

    Shure SRH 840s SQ after Bass Boosting using Android Poweramp

    Hi guys,   I love my 840s and I also love the balanced imaging of the phones ( flat EQ, not that bassy ). However, sometimes you just miss that bass heavy sound or what we call "fun" sound if you know what I mean.   So i tried boosting the bass using my Android Phone w/ Poweramp w/...
  7. CaptainRusko

    DT880 Blown Driver?

    I have got these DT880's that i have been sitting on in a non-working state for about 6 months now that have got a problem with the sound being greatly reduced and distorted on the right hand side, yet still resembling the music you are playing. Now I asked this about what the problem might be...
  8. Pulse14

    I'm back, and looking for the next step.

    Well I have been on these forums for a couple of years, but I'm actually just returning from a hiatus due to being so very satisfied with my MS1's, PortaPros, 238's, and 75's. These headphones, especially the 238's and MS1's, have kept me occupied for quite a while, and so I focused my very low...
  9. Hexidecimal

    Shure SRH440 First Impressions

    I know there have been a lot of other threads with impressions about these headphones, but I love them, and I needed to say why to someone else who would understand.   For reference, I am using these with the SRH840 Pads, powered through a Creative X-Fi Fatal1ty Titanium & Behringer Xenyx...
  10. cha0sh3r0

    Sennheiser HD 428 vs Ultrasone HFI-580

    Hi,   I currently own a pair of HD 428s, and I am looking for a upgrade, with my budget at ~$150, as I feel that they are not my type especially for rock. I am looking at the Ultrasone HFI-580s with their huge bass, but with their huge price difference( ~$120+ including shipping since I got...
  11. lemon2

    Fiio amp for HD 595s or Goldring DR150s?

    Hello   Following other discussions on these forums I am getting the Senn HD 595s and the Goldring DR150s. (I'm only keeping one of them long-term)   I will mostly use these big cans with my PC, but if I were to use them with my Galaxy S2 would a Fiio amp improve SQ?   I really...
  12. Koopa989

    Is the Fiio E5 the only portable amp with a clip?

      i miss my E5 for working out and other active stuff while listening so i was thinking about getting another one.   but then...if theres a worthy upgrade out there that has a clip thats similar to the E5 id like to know about it.
  13. seraphjei

    Maverick Audio DAC/Amp

    Does anyone own this or have any experience with this product? I'm thinking about taking the leap and giving it a shot.
  14. Justinsane82

    Dac VS Amp or Dac + Amp?

    I'm currently running a set of Sony XB700's with a Fiio E5 and a Toshiba Laptop. I'm new to this world and figured what I was using was enough but I've been bit my the upgrade bug. I'm not sure if it's because I want new headphones or what but from what I've been told in other forums that for...
  15. ClieOS

    FiiO E6 - story of the tiny amp continues... (w/ review on 1st page)

    Here is the new chapter for the story about FiiO's tiny amps' line-up: E6 has been in development for over a year now and ready to be launched months ago. But due to the respect for Westone, which has decided to bundle the new E6 with some of their IEM, the launch is delayed till 25th of August...
  16. joker190

    Anyone can help me with this? please

    Sorry for the repost, but the original post only had 1 reply (without the answer I was waiting) and I want someone to help me with that, please I really need help with it.   First of all I have to say hi to all to you, this is my first post here, I am a 18 years old venezuelan student. Nice...
  17. joyog

    fiio e11, e5, or cmoybb

    I have been looking at portable amps under $100.  It would be used with an Ipod touch with audeo pfe 112's or sennheiser HD238's.  First off, do I even need an amp for this set up?  I do have the volume at about 80 to 90% most of the time.  Would I gain any sound quality with an amp?   I...
  18. CPizzle

    What headphones should I buy?

    I listen to mostly Hip-Hop, Rap and Pop. I want very clear, balanced audio, but I preferably want a pair of cans that can provide a nice amount of bass too. A good EQ response would be nice too :)    My budget anything up to £200.    At first I was thinking low-end, the Sony MDR-XB500's...
  19. joker190

    Needing help finding the AIAIAI TMA-1 in Miami

    First of all I have to say hi to all to you, this is my first post here, I am a 18 years old venezuelan student. Nice to meet u all   I'm starting at this of high fidelity audio because the music is the thing what I love the most in my life, and I really enjoy listening to good music. I...
  20. K

    Which one would be a better choice for $50?

    I would like to buy some new headphones mainly for PC use. I currently use just an onboard integrated sound card and a Gamecom 367.   My question is which of the following is a better choice: HD 201 + FiiO e5 or Superlux HD681.   I am also in Canada so the choices to buy are much slimmer...
  21. lemon2

    Up to £50 ($80) IEMs for smartphone use

    Hello. I have previously posted these questions on AV Forums, but I think this forum may be more useful. I am looking to spend up to £50 ($80) for in-ear headphones for listening to MP3s and Youtube on my Samsung Galaxy S2. I will be running with them, so they need to be able to stay in the...
  22. RevAmped

    Sennheiser HD595, Sony XD700, or Shure SRH84

    Which headphones should I get???   I listen to Rock, Metal, Rap, and Hip Hop Love Bass, but accurate, non flat Bass   Also should I get a FiiO E5 (or other, if so please specify) Amp I need the amp to be just as, or more, portable and cheap
  23. gladia2r

    Best IEM < $100

    Hi, im getting tired of dragging my DT770 Pro with me on the bus and considering buying some IEMs. I would not like to spend more than 100bucks as I am not convinced IEMs is my thing. (A more portable closed headphone at the same price can also   Source is a Sansa Clip+ w/ Fiio E5 amp. I...
  24. zrlan7710

    Investing for Headphones+DAC

    I have the Senn HD 438 and I fell in love with the sound signature and thought that I'd go another level with Sennheiser so...   In my location there are Sennheiser HD518, 558, 598 (EDIT: Oh yeah, and AKG K518LE White) and for amp: FIIO E5, E7, E9.    What's a good combination for the...
  25. ammarmalik

    Headphones vs Earphones for movies

    Hello all. I'm looking to buy headphones or earphones and my range is ~200$. The make and model will be decided later. What I want to first decide is whether an earphone or headphone is the way to go. I am perfectly comfortable with either or them. Here's my usage pattern:   I listen to...