1. incursore61

    best amp for my Grado IGI

    Hello ! Listening to rock and pop music with my ipod touch 3G, headphones GRADO IGI  and Yuin G2A, but with the (with the Grado) the sound level is too dry, rugged ! wich portable amp I know that combined for my set , price of around $ 100-150. ??? Tank's a lot
  2. steve823

    FiiO E5 cable question

    Hey guys. I use a FiiO E5 for my AT M50's ,but recently I've lost the cable that comes with the FiiO E5 amp (L cable). I still have the one that connects it to the computer and charges it ,but the one that connects the amp to the source is gone. It was a little cable and I was wondering if it...
  3. Foresight

    e5 question

    would the e5 bass boost + ad700 be a good combo when playing rpg games like dragon age etc
  4. F


  5. WakiDabeast

    Fio e5 vs Srs

    Which fio portable amp is best and which is best for Srs iPhone "amps". Are they even amps Or just an eq modifier I know the fiio is an amp but wat is the difference with that and the Srs "amp"
  6. topthis

    Help start a good audio setup

    Hello I listin to hip hop screamo(mostly screamo) some techno and alternative rock. I was thinking of getting the HD 558's after some research and do the foam mod to get them closer sounding to the HD 598's but have better midrange from what I've read. Now I have never listned to good headphones...
  7. MonkeyBanana

    Need help in deciding which headphone/earbud/etc

    Hey guys, I just got a Yuin Pk3 with the e5 amp combo and did not like it at all!  It does not block outside sound( which i'm trying to get)  Although it has pretty good quality sound.    Basically what i'm looking for is a headphone/earbud/whatever around 100$ that block outside sound, got...
  8. Fozzie

    Need advice on a new IEM's

    Hi everyone,     My current gear is Cowon D2+ and Fiio E5 with Shure E3c and SoundMagic PL50. I need a recommendation for a new pair of IEM's.   I'm listening to all genre and mostly to Vocal Trance in Lossless quality. I'm looking for comfortable IEM's with good bass (I love deep...
  9. a3ds

    Kind of a noob question, can you use Sennheiser HD 203 on a portable device?

     I have a Sony Ericsson Elm, the headphones delivered with the phone are crap. I want to upgrade with hd 203, I would like to know if these headphones can be driven full throttle by a portable device, do I need to go for "streetwear" like the px series for best results? I would like an answer as...
  10. skree

    earbud to rival MDR-EX35? comparison to Senn MX-880

    I've got a pair of Sony MDR-EX35 and i quite like the sound of them but find them a bit lacking on my (not very good) source. I also don't like the noise cancelling function - it WORKS for me and i dont get on with it out in public, they're my first inside the ear buds. I'm all about sound...
  11. jc222284

    Just Ordered ATH M50 Do I Need An Amp?

    I was thinking should I get an amp like a Fiio E5 Maybe?
  12. TenMoonsNorth

    Fiio E5

    An old Fiio E5 of mine that still works fine with a few little nicks and scratches. Does not come with any accessories.   Postage to UK residents is free and will be sent first class. I do not recommend buying this for international buyers as the cost of postage will easily exceed half the...
  13. F


  14. WindCatcher

    Earphones around 100$ to match with FiiO E5 and mobile phone

    Hello to all, I would like to start listen to music from a -new level of detail- point of view, so I plan to purchase the FiiO E5 headphone amplifier to match with my mobile phone and now I'm looking for a pair of earphones that would match this stuff. This is the first step, so the bugdet...
  15. Basick

    What's better the BD DT770 80 ohm or AT M50?

    From browsing around the forum, i think these two are the best for around my price range.   I listen to Kpop (pop, dance, rnb) and rock   I like my bass, but then again i like overall sound quality.   So I was wondering if the dt770 was really worth the extra bucks over the m50?  ...
  16. rockytt

    Yes, another "which would be better" threads...

    Sorry for this (then why post??), but I've searched, read, and gone back and forth so many times that I'm more confused than when I began. Will be picking up some of the SleekAudio SA7s when they come out and want something (much) better than my iPod mini to play my lossless audio files on -...
  17. sebhuber

    Head-Direct RE0 Appreciation Thread

    Hello everyone, I thought it was time for the RE0 to receive its own appreciation thread. I hope to get some opinions on tips, genres and sources. In my opinion the RE0 is awesome in particular the smoothness/detail combination. Artists like: Bob Dylan, Steely Dan and CCR sound great. I...
  18. evillaugh1985

    Headamp for Beyer DT990 250 Ohm

    Hey, bros. i am looking for an amp for DT990 250 Ohm. Somebody gives me advice cause i am a newbie. I was told M3 is a good choice but i prefer the portable one.    
  19. ace1262

    HELP! Where to go from the RE-0?

    Hey all! I'm a long time lurker, but its my 1st time please be gentle with me! :) Been meaning to ask you for opinions for an upgrade, or a switch in sounds...preferably a lateral upgrade rather than vertical. It can be amps or a new pair of IEMs altogether...i've even thought...
  20. ace1262

    Opinion on this cMoy amp vs FiiO E5

    Hey all! I found this cMoy amp online from eBay. It's a JDS Labs cMoy amp... Seems to have gotten awesome reviews even from our legendary reviewer ClieOS. I currently own a FiiO E5 > RE-0 and thinking of a bang-for-the buck upgrade for my mobile music gear...
  21. Stebo

    Need advice on an amp for new portable rig

    Hey Guys, I am new to this forum on the advice of a good friend of mine. I had never been into the portable audio world and used to use my phone for a few MP3's on the go with some decent IEM's nothing to crazy. I always put my money into my home theater setup or my car audio setup. I...
  22. navidkasem

    Need help for choosing the right headphone !

    Hey everyone, Love the forum. There is a lot of great information here, and love all the reccomendations and how to guides for buying headphones. Really love the job that you guys are doing and making good contributions.   For the past few days I have been searching for the correct set of...
  23. SumLuckyGuy

    Brainwavz M1 vs ProAlpha

    Hi everyone   Just joined head-fi after a few weeks of lurking on the site, glad to be here!   I am looking into my first proper IEM setup, and looking for a sub $100 cost c/w amp   Right now mp4nation is having a pre-sale for the Brainwavz M1 and the ProAlpha, and I am unsure of...
  24. Tacoboy

    Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro 80-Ohm Thread

    I'm trying to start a thread were people can talk about what they are using to power their DT 770 Pro 80-Ohm headphones, I'm currently using a Asus Xonar DX sound card and Muse 6922EH tube headphone amp. So what have other people used and what has worked for them and what has not?
  25. Reagan0mics

    Sennheiser HD598 or 600?

    Which one is better? I have an E7 amp and I'm not buying a new amp soon (although I may buy the E9 in the future).   I've already read this, but I want to hear more feedback.