1. renji1337

    AD700 lack of bass. Can i EQ it?

    Can i use foobar 2000 to EQ since im using ASIO plugin, or should i turn ASIO off and use my soundcard?   Or should i buy a Fiio E5 and keep ASIO on and just hit bass boost or something? i liked the sound when boosted in foobar, but does that ruin the sound?   xonar dx btw      ...
  2. bassophile

    Lowest octave missing on the HD650?

    Compared to the Audio Technica M50 - this is genuinely what it sounds like when quickly A/B'ing them.   There is NO rumble on the HD650 and as a result it feels like you're missing the lowest notes on the recording...   Does anyone have similar experiences with these 2 headphones?
  3. DjSlyth

    Headphone Purchasing Decision, Please Help

    Alright, first off I want to say thanks in advance. Basically I am in the market to buy nice headphones. I listen to techno on my iPod and want a high quality pair of cans. I am a noob and would like some help deciding. Right now I am debating between the dt 770 pros or the ATH-A900. I want...
  4. oceanwave1000

    Headdirect REO with Sansa Fuze

    Is Sansa Fuze mp3 player enough to power REO, basically do I need a portable amp to go with it? Will I be ok with just the sansa fuze?
  5. High_Q

    Headphones with lowest distortion

    What headphone?
  6. mertdumenci

    A *cheap* headphone for a half-audiophile

    Hello,    I am an 15 years old guy from Turkey,    I *have* sensitive ears, so I dont like those bad headphones.   I have a Sennheiser HD201, and I like them, though dont like their noise cancelling.   But they are onear, I need inears now.   I got the SoloHD's as a present...
  7. Frylock

    Need advice on portable DAC/Amp for Denon d2000

    Haven't bought the headphones yet, will do once the price drops a bit hopefully. But pretty much narrowed it down to the denon. Source is through laptop, ipod and iphone which have pretty bad DAC's. I travel a bit so it has to be portable . The E7/E9 combo is pretty much out. I'm thinking Fiio...
  8. Desertblood

    FiiO E5

    I am getting the HFi 580's, and this is the only amp I can afford with the left over money. So is the E5 any good for home use with these headphones?
  9. kjozsa

    portable amp/dac with android phone?

    I'm into buying a FiiO E7 in the near future. My question is, would it be possible to also use with my Motorola Defy android phone? Of course ideally it'd get used as a DAC instead of the Defy's lower quality sound chip.. I tried to search on the topic but did not find much, but praises of the...
  10. cactus_farmer

    Is my Fiio E5 damaging my HD650?

    I'm limited on funds right now, I had no headphone amp at all (not even something like a hifi receiver as I don't own speakers) so I quickly bought a Fiio E5 to use through an iPod Classic's line out dock as a temporary solution to power my HD650.   However, because the Fiio E5 is such a...
  11. citrus

    Purchasing a Sennheiser HD650; need amp recommendations

    Hello Head-fiers,   I've been using this site for about a year now to help me in my search for a great listening experience. Currently I own the ATH-M50s without any amplifiers of any sort. I am embarrassed to admit that my knowledge of amplifiers is extremely limited. And in this case, I am...
  12. MusicHolic

    Is it okay to stress your IEM?

    Hi, I have a few questions...  I have Earsonics SM3 version 1 (I reviewed it in >> here <<), and I accidentaly played 15khz frequency (using SineGen, you can google this) through my FiiO E5 amp at max volume! From what I know, FiiO E5 max output is 100mW at 32 Ohm... Considering SM3 is 34...
  13. lorriman

    AKG K271 + Fii0 e5 = heresy ? Trying to avoid busting budget. What about the Ortofon 0-one?

    I've been considering the AKG K271 but my budget is limited and I don't have an amp. I'll be using them from a clip+ which I understand will not be the greatest at driving these headphones. I've also read that without amping the k271s sounds "veiled". Will it be worth my while buying the Fii0...
  14. 1212magicman

    Amazon selling Fake Headphones?

    So I bought a Hd-555, and the right ear cup would always make a cracking sound with loud bass. So I got the Hfi-580. Now these make cracking sounds with loud bass. All I'm using is my E5 with bass boost. I thought these were somewhat high end headphones?
  15. yahya94

    Etymotic HF2 vs Monster Turbine?

    Hello headfiers! I currently own Etymotic Hf2  , i love their  clarity, mid-end and high end. However they are lacking in bass i used to use them with tri-flanges and the bass was really weak, but when i tried Gliders (ear tips) the bass is pretty strong now except for some songs where i know...
  16. excelsior

    need recommendation what and where to spend

    hi head-fi, i have around 130euro to spend but i m getting confused about what should i buy im looking not only headphone but other equipment as well(dac,amp,dap etc) i like to listen jazz,pop,rock,rnb mainly actually im quite happy with my current set up but having money to spend really...
  17. jc222284

    Fiio E5 + ATH M50?

    I am thinking about buying the Fiio E5 for my m50's, has any one ever tryed the E5 with the m50? Is the E5 worth it?
  18. Bartmasta

    New headphones or amp? (HD 201)

    I currently have the HD 201's. They are pretty decent quality but I would like to upgrade my sound. New headphones would cost me about $100, but I heard an amp really improves the sound quality of the 201's, so I could get a E3 amp for $13 and save some money.   What do you guys think?
  19. Fr1nge

    Need a Headphone Amp *URGENT THREAD* Please Help!

    I currently have my Steelseries 7H connected to my Xbox. The Speaker cable is connected with an adapter to the Left and Right Stereo RCA Cables and my Mic is connected into my controller through an adapter. The only problem I am having is that the audio is to low. When I am in game or in a party...
  20. WindCatcher

    Phonak Audéo PFE 112 with iPod Nano 3rd Gen needs an amp to work well?

    Hi, i just ordered a pair of Phonak Audèo PFE 112 and i'm waiting to be shipped at my address. I already own a iPod Nano 3rd Gen to match with them, but now i struggle asking myself if they need and amp (i'm thinking about Fiio E5) to be driven properly or even to work better (or an amp would...
  21. Hydrophoenix

    Help with my Shure SE215s

    Hey guys, first time poster, long time lurker here.   I just bought a pair of SE215s today, I just have 1 or 2 quick questions for you guys.   1. How the HELL am I supposed to remove the tips on these? The instructions say twist and pull but they won't even "twist"!   2. How do these...
  22. DrGonzo

    AIAIAI TMA-1 - Amp Needed?

    Hello Head-Fi Community,   I have been browsing these forums for about 3 weeks now searching for some good headphones.  I am a long-time music lover, but new to music gear.  For years I have been listening to my music from my 80gb iPod Classic through crappy earbuds or through computer...
  23. Surag238

    ATH m50 + e5 vs xb 700 or any other bass heavy hp

    So do you think with an e5 the athm50 would sound bass heavier and louder than the xb700...and then when I want to listen to classical or rock i can just remove the e5?  From what I understand the m50 are miles away the best for the price point for full size.  Is this correct? At this point I...
  24. KruperTrooper

    Headphones for Dubstep, Rap, Hip Hop, and some Punk and Rock

    I have a couple of pairs I'm looking at.   ATH-Pro700 GD's ATH- M50 Ultrasone HFI-780   Which ones do you think would be the best for those genres?     -Thanks
  25. Surag238

    Portable amps and ATH-m50s

    First timer here.  I've been lurking recently because I realized I needed new headphones and I dont know who to trust for advice.  seems like people here know what they're talking about!  So thanks for existing.  haha.     I just bought the ATH-m50s after returning my Klipsch image s4s.   ...