1. singha

    IEM help: Looking for my last IEM

    Hello guys. As fun as this hobby has been, I have now spent about $800 in headphones and realized that I need to end this obsession. I am a med student and spend way too much time on these forums and can't really afford to play around with this hobby anymore cause I'll be $150,000 down in loans...
  2. Warlax

    TF10 causing me headaches? Advice please!

    Hello!   Alright so here is my situation; I've been researching for a couple months on this website and others trying to find out where would be the best entry point into the hi-fi world.  I made a post a couple weeks back looking for advice on what I should choose and I wound up ordering...
  3. MattSPL

    Earsonics sm3 v2, Westone um3x or?????

    Hi I'm new to the forum and looking for information/ideas please. I have some Shure se210's and want to upgrade. I'll be using the headphones with an iPhone, and also have the option of using my headphone amp. I listen to electronic music mainly(Aphex twin), and will also be using the...
  4. MusicHolic

    Earsonics SM3 v1 Impressions

    Well, first time posting here... In essence, I am posting my impression of IEM vs over-the-ear-open-backed-headphones in general, and Earsonics SM3 v1 vs Sennheiser HD-555 in particular :) Background Since I was born, until 1 year ago (when I saw head-fi.org), I only heard some cheap...
  5. aznritard

    Earsonics SM3 Tip Replacement Help!

    As the title says, I just lost 3 of the 4 included stock bi-flanges.  T.T And I desperately need to find tips that fit/work well with the SM3's.   I couldn't stand the comply tips as the sound became much warmer and the treble ever so more "recessed".  I looked into the Sensorcom bi-flanges...
  6. dweaver

    Loving my SE215 but how would they stack up to the Sennheiser IE7?

    OK I love the mid-centric nature of the SE215 but the treble is not all that sparkly. From what I read the IE7 is a more mid-centric IEM than the IE8 with slightly less bass and about the same treble. Is that an accurate assessment from those who own or have owned them? Or is there a newer IEM...
  7. BLL00

    Best IEM for $400 max (House, trance, Chill, Nujazz, Hiphop)

    Hi, as my title mentions, I'm looking for IEMs that deliver incredible bass (really low), and yet deliver instrumentals and vocals clearly and without much effort. I really looked everywhere online and I keep hearing mixed opinions about a hundred pairs of IEMs which fit the profile. I'll be...
  8. alphaman

    HiFiman RE262 vs. Sennheiser IE8 anyone?

    As far has better IEMs, I own IE8s (as well as Shure 530s). The IE8 is pretty much a hands-down winner between the two. The IE8s are about 2.5 yrs old now so methinks newer designs may be better. I'm thinking about Earsonics SM3 v2 (have no experience with Earsonics, but they do seem to have...
  9. sofastreamer

    Which customs have the most out of the head soundstage (like ie8 or better)?

    hi,   i am looking for a custom iem, that has a soundstage experience like that of the ie8 or even better. after testing most of the high end universals, there is none, that has such a deep, wide and out of the head projection as the ie8. so i hope to find that in a custom with the clarity...
  10. Bigbuddha

    Soundearphones.com am I in good hands here?

    Hello All,   Just joined head-fi, great source of info for a IEM noob such as myself.   After a huge number of recommendations on the forum, I purchased a set of re0 directly from head-direct.com and recieved them promptly, love the re0's by the way.   However, I happen to see the...
  11. AudioCats

    which one is more comfortable, earsonic SM3 or the westone UM3x?

     which one is better for long (4~10hr) wear?    
  12. Bigbuddha

    Earsonics SM3 - Quick Review

    Hello All   Here is my very quick review of the Earsonics SM3 (V1).  I received them last night.   Absolutely Outstanding, WOW, Unbelievable .. I am still trying to get my jaw off the floor at how good these are.   Will expand on this review once I listen to them more, because...
  13. DefQon

    In-Need for the best universal IEM availabe

    Hey, thread title just about says it, I listen to all genres of music, mostly electronic genre music techno, industrial etc etc, I do mixes (not Dj'ing), the current IEM's I have are listed in my sig.   Any opinions, recommendations and help would be valuable.   Thanks
  14. jo53mo

    need new earphone

    Hi... I own UE fi5 pro's and hate the way they fit and the bloated bass. I also own Etymotics 6i and like the way they fit but very little bass. The more i search the net the more confused i get.  I narrowed it down to the UE triple fi and the Westone UM3X. Now Earsonics SM3 pop in to the...
  15. SolidVictory

    Describe Your IEMs and Headphones as Cars! (with pictures)

    I thought it would be fun to have a thread where we all mention our IEM or headphone and compare it directly to a car, with a picture.   Just a simple concept for summarizing the sound quality/sound signature of a particular IEM/headphone without all the technical jargon of head-fi! Just a...
  16. quetzalcoatl

    SM3 with Roland TD-20 expanded

    Hello Head-Fi. This is my first post but Ive been lingering on these boards for a while now. Just ordered some SM3's and cant wait to get them in. Im kind of a newb in terms of high level audio equipment. Ive been using low end IEM's (S4) and headphones (mdr-v700) for a while, the SM3's are my...
  17. loremipsum

    SM3 v2, SM2 v2, and SM1

    Apparently EarSonics is releasing new versions of their SM2 and SM3, as well as a new SM1. They have new housings (even more Westone-like than before) and replaceable cables (same as JH/Westone/UE). I'm not sure if the drivers themselves have changed or if it's only cosmetic...
  18. odiofile

    UM3x / westone 4/ sm3 / shure se535

    Hi!   I have been wanting to upgrade from my ue tf10 pro....Still love it....but somehow i miss the mids...I feel I want more....loved the mids that i received from klipsch s4.....I want to experience a wow factor...its i want combine s4 and tf10pro or sth....or should I just upgrade my...
  19. Eilatan

    Looking for a pair that will blow my ears away

    Okay, so I absolutely love music in every way, and I love hearing a nice crystal clear bassline on any genre. I'm also an absolute nerd when it comes to games, movies and tv shows. I love to hear stuff, seriously and that's why it's so important to me to get a perfect pair of earphones. So two...
  20. miken024

    Someone steer me in the right direction please...

    I've been on this site for a while but I haven't really made any posts. Just reading, soaking in all the knowledge from other Head-Fi'ers.   Now for the purpose of this thread; I am looking to purchase a new pair of IEM's, one's that will last forever (or as long as possible). I listen to...
  21. Notdaniele

    Earsonics sm3 V2

    So i went to Earsonics' Website today out of boredom and noticed that Earsonics has released a new version of the sm3. Sm3 V2!! Description: EarSonics SM3 pushes further the limits achieved by the SM2 for universal in-ears: more aeration, a wider sonic image, more defined lows and detailed highs...
  22. trent77

    Headphones for I pod classic 160gb

    Gentlemen: I am new to this forum and would like your expert knowledge in selecting a set of quality headphones to replace the earbuds packaged with the I pod classic.   I am interested in  a set of closed ear headphones as well as a set of "in ear" headphones  that can reproduce a natural...
  23. cirque

    $500 - new IEM's to last "forever"

    I own two pairs of IEM's: - Etymotic ER-4P - Ortofon E-Q7   I like the sound of the ER-4P's, but I simply love the E-Q7's. The problem is the cabling on the Ortofon. They have some sort of nylon "sock" that have developed a rip, leading to a situation where the inner wiring is more or...
  24. chengbin

    A few questions about RE0 -> DBA-02

    I currently have a pair of RE0, and I'm looking to upgrade. I'm thinking of upgrading to the DBA-02, and I have some questions regarding it. Right now I don't like the way the RE0 fits in my ear. It doesn't make a lasting tight seal, and the isolation isn't very good (compared to my old...
  25. jasontsay

    Best Phone for Music?

    In terms of listening to music through headphones, are iPhones the best? How do they fair in comparison to music dedicated phones such as the Nokia XpressMusic series?