1. Juiced

    High End Portable Rig

    Soon i hope i'll get my yearly bonus from work and i was thinking to upgrade my portable rig (earsonics sm3 + Cowon S9) to a high end portable rig.   so i need recommendtions for :   - Custom IEM (JH16pro?) - Exellent source with the abilty to play up to 24-bit/192khz flac files -...
  2. AudioCats

    recommandation please: Westone4 vs. Earsonic SM3 vs. Westone UM3x

    If you have these phones, can you please give some comparasion insight? Like transparency, speed, bass texture & quantity, etc....   Interested because they all have very high sensitivity (115db and up), might be fun to play with.  
  3. twylight

    Why go full custom when you can get custom tips like um56? (curiosity thread)

    I have been going back and forth on what top end iem to get.  I know the nozzle holes might be different, but why not get the top non custom JH audio (or other brand) and just stick my um56 on it?   Some ideas I thought of:   1. Transference of sound waves to more of the ear might make...
  4. zychan1

    ACS Custom Tips. Impressions?

    Hi all,   I recently got my hands on the TripleFi 10s and like a sizeable amount of us here, had problems trying to get a good fit with them. So far I've gone through the stock tips, Sony Hybrids and the Comply foams. The Complys seem to work best but I can't get a good fit consistently...
  5. jinque

    Recommendations for <$400 IEMs?

    Hello, I'm looking for some new IEM.. what would you guys buy with up to $400? Personally I appreciate a nice soundstage, good bass, and durableness. I am using an iPod Touch out to an Fiio E7. Thanks.
  6. shureThing

    Help Rig Building. Budget: $1000

    I'm not exactly sure that this is right section to post this, but here it goes anyway...   I'm looking to build a rig under $1000.   To give you an idea of my music tastes, I like listening to hip hop, rnb, rap, metal, and most of billboard. I enjoy a nice punchy bass, e.g. I liked the...
  7. juneblaize

    jvc ha-fx700 bass compared to atrio m5

    Good morning Head-fi family. I'm currently in the market for a new pair of iem's to replace my reliable ATRIO'S, and so far I'm tossed up between the fx700's and the Earsonics sm3's. According to the specs, it seems as if the sm3's with a sensitivity of 122db is the loudest of the three,but with...
  8. bryan1918

    sennheiser hd800 in iem form?

    Im not sure if theres a iem out there that sounds like the sennheiser hd800 but could anyone suggest one that comes close?   currently i have a ie8 and is great for portability but want to get better clarity.
  9. JasonMS

    Custom tips for Earsonics SM3

    Hey Everyone,                       I wanted to know if anyone of you has tested any Ear-tips for Earsonics SM3 IEM (other than what comes with the package). I am interested in buying better tips which would keep the sound balance while improving the overall experience. My budget is around $50...
  10. alphahelix

    My W4s Came In! Preliminary Review Inside......(Westone 4 Vs Earphonics SM3)

    Side Note, I have another thread which I created a few days ago, and it's got a lot of information in it if anyone feels like getting more detail. But for sake of simplicity, I am going to go ahead and ask in this new thread since I've searched and I haven't really found a good comparison of...
  11. alphahelix

    IEM Hunting 2011 ( A bit long)

    So I thought I'd throw the 2011 in the title there since I've been searching thru a lot of good threads on here and it seems like you all really know what you are talking about! However one thing I saw a lot of was that some threads are quite old and I know so many new models of headphones have...
  12. juneblaize

    Looking to replace my atrio m5's.. any suggestions Head-FI members?

    Hello to all, I'm currently looking for the barest of essentials that I need in my life, and that would be be bass, good ole clean bass. I was wondering if there are any products out there currently, that would flat out beat the Atrio's in loudness, bass, and clarity. Your input would be greatly...
  13. ohhgourami

    You know you're an audiophile when...

    You are passing by a girl and you keep trying to see what kind of IEMs she's wearing.  Once you realize they're crap (or not), then you realize she's actually a very attractive girl.     You keep staring at the guy sitting across from you cuz you heard him mention something about...
  14. baglunch

    Recommend closed headphones for around $450?

    I've got about $350-$400 I can spend on a used set of closed headphones, which I figure should mean $450-$500 new, yes? I'll be using them at work almost exclusively, in a open/cubicle environment (where people have complained about my open phones in the past). I listen to most everything, so...
  15. Schiso

    Help in choosing IEM

    Hi Im a newbie when it comes to audio related things. I would just like to ask you guys what iem would you recommend to me That would be my very first IEM :)   Preferred genre:   Rock RnB Contry Songs Some hiphop :) Slow songs..   Not really a basshead but i prefer my iem...
  16. Zinte

    JH5 treble rolloff

    Hi guys. I previously owned a TF10, and recently switched to a JH5. I really miss the extended treble on the TF10, which is missing in my JH5. Is there anything I can do about it? Any mobile amps to reccommend to extend the treble? Or will changing the cable help? What else can help me extending...
  17. tastethemercury

    IEMS for DJING - Suggestions? :)

    Aye guys, just stumbled across this site and it's fantastic! =)   I'm currently on a hunt for IEM's around the $350-$450 USD range (I'd like to spend more but I just shelled out for new gear) for DJING. Headphones don't provide the isolation and protection I require (I cue / mix in my...
  18. SantinoSan

    I am interested in an iem, with sound like the TF10, but with more bass.

    I recently discovered the TF10s and love the sound from them, but I would like more bass.  Is there any balanced driver iem that has a similar sound signature, but the sub-bass close to that of the Atrios?  I am considering full custom as well as universal. As it is, I can eq the TF10s to have...
  19. vclb

    Custom IEMs for 14 year old

    Hi I want a pair of JH5 pro but I am only 14. Would you recommend customs to a person this age?
  20. Rawratchu

    Wearing IEM's in opposite ear?

     I find that on my sm3's, that its way more comfortable for me to wear the right earpiece in the left ear and the left earpiece in my right ear. Is this wrong to do? Oh and something else that is weird is that i can listen at louder volumes without hearing a distortion in my left ear that i...
  21. DirtyD916

    Shure SE215. Are they really worth it?!?! Audiophiles convince me please!!!!!!

    Okay so I am new to the forums, but have always had the audiophile like passion for music. Now that I'm listening to music nearly all day long and think its time to upgrade my equipment to something that I can fully enjoy my music with. With that said I have been really really liking the Shure...
  22. Die Roboter

    Upgrading from westone UM2. - what to buy and consider

    Hi. i own UM2 and im very pleased especially with comfort. Im aiming for UM3x. IS anything better out nthere....im out of the loop kinda   NO Shure recs. Dont like them   Budget: 350$ ...ish
  23. Die Roboter

    Quality built between UM3X and Earsonics SM3

    Im intersted which of these are more durable with better cabling? Can someone check who owns SM3 where they're built?
  24. Teerdz

    Samsung provided earbuds.

    So my IE8 cable has been broken for a few weeks now. All this time that I am awaiting my new cable I have been using alternatives, such as: HD 280 and HD 595.    Now the strangest thing happened to me... I favor the earbuds I found lying around in the closet that my mother got with her...
  25. seanmo

    Proposed IEM audition/trade with other members...

      this seemed like a better place than the buy/sell forum but if you think it should go there let me know     First...do I have a problem...maybe   is that problem named the head-fi buy/sell forum...perhaps am I addicted to getting packages in the mail every week or so containing...