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recommandation please: Westone4 vs. Earsonic SM3 vs. Westone UM3x

  1. AudioCats
    If you have these phones, can you please give some comparasion insight? Like transparency, speed, bass texture & quantity, etc....
    Interested because they all have very high sensitivity (115db and up), might be fun to play with.
  2. AudioCats
    hmm, I forgot the IE8.
    So please compare:
    Westone 4 / UM3x / Earsonic SM3 / Senn IE8
    Thanks [​IMG]
  3. Vlooienuker
    The SM3 is everything the UM3X has to offer but in a wider and more "crispier" way is what everyone else is saying. Though I dont own any besides the IE8 I cant say anything. The IE8 is definitely for bassheads alike and is a darker earphone than say the UM2 but it still maintains enough detail for more without any harshness, its a great earphone and FYI I put the bass knob just under half way.

  4. ClieOS Contributor
    Listened to SM3 two night ago. Don't like it because it is way too dark. I'll take UM3X over SM3 any day of the week.
  5. james444 Contributor
    I've heard three of these. The SM3 and W4 are both similarly proficient and refined, but the Earsonics have a thicker note and less treble presence, so the Westones sound more transparent to my ears. Bass texture and quality is roughly the same, the SM3 may have slightly more quantity, but I haven't heard them side by side. The IE8 are a completely different beast (dynamic driver vs. balanced armatures) and have a very natural and non-fatiguing sound signature, but are plagued by a pretty large mid bass hump that makes them warm and veils midrange detail. If you're prepared to EQ or find some other method to flatten their hump (a bright amp or such), they become surprisingly able competitors to the others, though I'd still give a slight nod to the W4 for better transparency.
  6. T78Power
    And watch out for the reviews that were done when the SM3 just came out they had pretty bad FOTM going on.
    At first they were regarded as the best thing since sliced bread until people slowly started noticing things.
    (not that SM3 is bad at all or anything)
    I prefer the UM3X (silicone tips for me, comply on these muffels them a little too much for me) over the SM3 in sound signature, comfort, and cable.
  7. kuraninja
    I own westone um3x, this IEM is pretty dark sounding (compared to the treble heaven CK10) and have proficient bass. 
    Personally never compared it directly to the SM 3.
    But pretty much interested in upgrading it to westone 4 .... (don't know if it worth the money)
    The reviews in this forum are widely vary, so it's really hard to determine the correct earphone for your taste.
    Just buy / borrow to test them then :)
  8. Omnirai
    SM3 is warm and dark sounding, very mid-centric. I did not like it at all, contrary to popular opinion that they are the best thing ever. Bass impact and texture are there. Technically all the IEMs you listed are proficient, they just differ in signature.
    W4s are of course very balanced and to me more transparent than the SM3s due to not sounding so thick, and it's an excellent all-rounder in general for a price (hard IEM to dislike, unlike the SM3 which is fairly polarizing).
    UM3X are excellent for me as well, also balanced and capable across the dynamic range, the mids are smooth and slightly forward without being warm and thick like the SM3s, good bass impact and extension and overall presentation is smooth and comfortable to listen to. I prefer both the W4 and UM3X ergonomics-wise compared to the SM3 as well, but if you are interested in that the SM3 has a version 2 that is supposed to improve on that front.
  9. HynchSidrick
    I heard all 3 recently. Overall w4 is superior
  10. lucozade
    The w4 and Sm3 are very similar is technical ability's , both being very proficient  and highly detailed , the most noticeable difference being that the Sm3 has a more forward midrange with a richer vocal presence .The midrange is a little more 3d like on the sm3 .Both have fantastic bass texture and quality, id give the edge here to the w4 , drums sound wonderful on the w4 , id say the w4 has slightly more bass quantity but its fairly close and i would also say the w4 has a slightly more extended treble and is slightly more transparent sounding than the Sm3 .
    The IE8 although a totally different animal  is totally out classed by the other two with its midbass bleed into the midrange , its veiled silky texture which is so unrealistic sounding in my opinion and although its treble displays a good amount of micro details for a dymanic phone it just sounds sharp and spiky  in comparison to the smooth tingly treble of the w4 and Sm3.
  11. BrianMB
    If you haven't already taken a look http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/553745/top-tier-showdown-updated-w3-um3x he's compared all of the IEMs you have mentioned here, with some good observations IMO. I should have my W4s tomorrow, so I'll be able to put some thoughts about it once they are in my hands, albeit fresh out of the box with no time on the drivers.
  12. AudioCats
    Thanks guys, I have bought the SM3. Sounds pretty nice, especially when driven by a good amp. I might have a chance to audition the UM3X soon.

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