1. Amnesiac1

    SENHEISSER HD598 - Replacing the adapter

    Hello, I'm wondering how everyone feels about the adapter included with the Senheisser HD598. I've been using it to connect the headphones to my iMac and it's worked just fine so far, but would I notice a significant difference if I replaced the adapter with another one? I need a male to...
  2. Helgen

    What do you call headphones with the jack built into them?

    I forgot the term used for the type of headphones which let you use your own headphone jack cable in them. I saw some woman a while back with a pair, forgot the name, but she could take out the jack from the headphones (standard headphone jack.)   Some recommendations for some under $100...
  3. Mooe

    Shure 750DJ (180$) vs ATH-M50 (238$)

    Greetings! I have been looking for headphones to replace my Steelseries Siberia V2 which I drive with my computer using the audio card Asus Xonar D1, and possibly my CAL! which I use for my Sansa Clip+ 8GB (I bought it after my Cowon D2 broke, but admittedly the Clip+ does not have the best AQ...
  4. d_headshot

    Why don't more headphones have replaceable cables?

    I've only seen a few models where the cable is replaceable and even has different cables for different applications(angled jack for portable, coiled, longer straight, etc.). Why don't more manufacturers implement this into their designs?
  5. drhoooon

    iPhone 4 and custom iems without lod amp

    hi I'm interested in unique melody miracle, I was wondering if it was worth the money if I plan to use just straight out of my iPhone 4 jack without any Dac/amp. I don't feel like carrying around that big mass along with my phone...
  6. ocelotdragon

    Do AH-D2000 cable still tangle?

    I have a old set from 2010 and the cable gets tangled. Do the recent ones still do that. I might pick up a new pair.
  7. starNdust

    could i fix my headphones?

    hi i have bose around ear and the left cup start not working , but if i twist the jack it will play and i must hold it in a position so it stay work . dunno if i could get rid of the wire i have and replace it with lets say...
  8. Boombastic88

    Modified Sony MDR-ZX100

                                                        So a couple days ago I came home from Walmart with these: the Sony MDR-ZX100. And for $20 I was impressed with the overall sound quality (after I took the fabric off that was covering the drivers of course). The highs and mids were good for...
  9. dauwd

    Sennheiser HD25-1 need repair? Bass seems to be gone?

    Any help or advice very welcome, my Sennheiser HD25-1 seem to been seriously lacking in the bottom end.  Iv compared them with others of the same model and its not just me.  Not sure what to do?  Try rejigging the cables abit to no avail.  Iv had them for a few years, and dont really blast the...
  10. mataso

    Sennheiser HD558 right chanell vibration

    Bought new HD558 for my Xonar Essence ST. Fired up and noticed strange vibration (distortion) from right chanell. Anything I can do myself or just RMA?
  11. ElkBit

    Skeptical of Recent Portapro Purchase (Legit?)

    I just purchased a pair of PortaPro headphones on eBay for $25. I was expecting the standard color headphones, but instead I got a black pair like this. I'm not sure if these are legitimate or if they are standard eBay fakes. The seller claimed they were authentic and his feedback score was in...
  12. Danny Fekete

    Life after Etymotic ER-4p?

    Hi ho, folks.  I've been using a pair of Etymotic ER-4p IEMs for the past few of years and have been gradually losing signal in the left monitor due to cable issues (when I twist the bulgy connection where the cable splits into the two monitors, I can temporarily get my sound back until the...
  13. burkerg

    New HD650 Crackling - Cable Replacement?

    Hi, guys -   I received my new HD650's on Friday and spent the weekend breaking them in a bit and enjoying the hell out of them.  However, I've noticed that occasionally I'll hear some slight crackling in the sound.  If I stop the track, apply pressure to the connections between the cable...
  14. Velocity

    Need to know if I have the DT-990 600ohm version.

    Well, yesterday i was going to my local Hi-Fi shop to buy a pair of DT 990 600 ohm. But the funny thing was that is wasnt marked on the box wich Ohm version it was, so I asked them if they was really shure it was the 600 ohm version. They opened the box and look around after any confirmation...
  15. Katun

    HD600 vs HD650 - Initial Thoughts

    Alright, so I've been comparing these two for the past hour.   So far, I'm liking the HD600 quite a bit more. But first, I should start off saying they both sound very similar. Main differences include the HD600 having a larger soundstage, more neutral and balanced sound, and being more...
  16. USAudio

    LCD-2 Rev.2 cables

    Has there been any discussion here on the new Audeze LCD-2 Rev.2 cables? Aesthetically at least, they seem to be a step backwards IMHO.  The new cables seem very mass-market'ish to me, the Rev.1 cables look to be of higher quality. I know there are plenty of 3rd party cables for the LCD-2...
  17. ssrock64

    A Socially Unacceptable Audiophile Addiction

    What product is so socially unacceptable that its makers hide it in cigarette boxes? Why, CMoy headphone amplifiers, headphones, and related audio equipment, of course. These ADDICTED audiophiles spend more on audio equipment each week than a methhead will spend in a month on drugs. The main fix...
  18. sacd lover

    mini review/ JVC HA-D990

    I have owned these headphones in the past, for four years. I gave my original pair to my brother when the earpads wore out. I recently traded another head-fier for another pair. I have been listening to them at work for the past several weeks, almost every day. They sounded just as good as I...
  19. CaptainRusko

    DT880 Blown Driver?

    I have got these DT880's that i have been sitting on in a non-working state for about 6 months now that have got a problem with the sound being greatly reduced and distorted on the right hand side, yet still resembling the music you are playing. Now I asked this about what the problem might be...
  20. The Monkey

    HD 25-1 Bass Bias?

    I just received the HD 25-1 that I purchased slightly used off of ebay. My initial impessions (I've only had 'em for a couple of hours) are very good. They seem more like my Grados than other Senns. That said, I am a bit confused about the comments I have seen here about the bass bias and...
  21. ViolinDude82

    Getting Better Quality out of HE-500

    This is my first post and I wanted to thank all of you for the knowledge offered on this great forum.   Previous experience with headphones consisted basically of iPod earbuds and Bang and Olufsen earbuds that I got for a birthday... After many late nights of reading countless posts, I...
  22. donthurtme

    Portable well balanced headphones < $300

    I've been eying the AIAIAI TMA-1's and they seem like a good match except that they supposedly lack on the higher end (treble). I listen to a lot of hip-hop, electronica/techno, dubstep, but I also listen to an equal amount of rock, acoustic, classical, and jazz(!). I don't want a pair of...
  23. dranorter

    A question about one-sided removable cords

    Hi, previously I've been using an iPod touch with iLuv iHP615 and was fairly happy with it- so I'm not a guy who puts a huge investment in headphones, but anyway I'm now using a Samsung Android device for music so I'm trying to figure out how to duplicate the experience. I'm planning on getting...
  24. Nachash

    Question about Audio-Technica ATH M50

    Hi, i was looking for a pair of m50s, and i saw that on (I'm european) they have two versions of m50s: this one (that doesn't ship to italy)...
  25. Audiofiler

    FS: Superb Lot Of UE Ultimate Ears Limited Edition Zippo Lighter, Flask, Wrist Band, Ear Plugs, Customs Cable (Clear) - 64 inch

    This is a clear customs cable produced for the UE10/11 and use the old connector-type. (I say that because the website shows a different type of connector for models produced after 2010)   They are getting hard to find anywhere.   I always preferred these cables because they are more...