1. ry_goody

    AKG K702 sound degradation from plug + internal wiring?

    I used to have a pair of AKG K701's with a black dragon cable on them. I thought they sound excellent. Then one day out of curiosity, or rather I think a hair got stuck in the driver, I opened them up to look inside. I noticed that the drivers had two rather large mental poles sticking out of...
  2. snurrstuk

    Amp for T70p - Price = 2-400 USD

    Hi, have preordered Beyerdynamic T70p from my local audio dealer. It should be arriving next week :D!! But i need an amp for it. Im totally clueless in this market . The amp should be as small as possible and price around 200 usd, but i can go as high as 400 if the difference in price is...
  3. Skoobs

    Need Charger for Original ALO Rx Amplifier

    Hey guys, in the mess of cables lying around my house, I seem to have misplaced my charger for my ALO Rx amplifier. Mine is the original one, and when I bought it, there was a paper in the box telling which chargers will work. however, I cannot find the paper either. Does anyone know the specs...
  4. 3602

    Anybody experienced greening IEM cables?

    This problem hits IEMs with transparent cables only. After some time (shortest I've seen: one week) the internal wiring goes completely green and becomes more rigid than original. NOT MY PIC Why does this happen? Skin excretions penetrating the cable dielectric? IEMs as recent as the...
  5. archaeonut

    Advice on Shure SE535 earphones

    I've had the usual issue with my Shure SE530s and the cable fault has caused them to fail outside warranty. Despite debate with Shure as to how prevalent this fault is they refuse to replace them. I'm being offered the Shure SE535 model for £260 with a fresh two year warranty with them. Any...
  6. artcore

    Sennheiser HD 600 Cable

    Hello.   After some people here in the forum recommended the Nuforce Icon HDP, ive decided to finally get one. ;-)   My concern now is, that the original cable which came with the HD 600 might not be sufficient enough to get the best audio performance with the Icon HDP.   What do you...
  7. Guidostrunk

    TF10 Flip Flop MOD and what i found.

    Well i did the flip flop mod with my TF10 , by unplugging the monitors and switching them to the other cable,and at first listen they sounded horrible. The bass impact was all but gone, the mids were completely recessed and it didn't sound like the TF10. So i felt there was a possibility that...
  8. Spinlight

    Portable Headphones for Metal/Rock

    My friend is in the business for a new pair of portable headphones in the $100-$150 price range after his Skullcandy G.I.'s finally broke on him. He's looking for something with good mids and bass. The bass, specifically, from drum solos in songs. He listens to quite a bit of metal and (hard)...
  9. Dustwolf


    I recently got a replacement for my ip-595s (iM-590s with mic) and I noticed that the cable has been replaced with a rubber one instead of the braided one it had before. Does anyone know the reason behind this?
  10. ryencecheung

    SM3 upgrade SM3 v2?

    i am using the sm3 and love it very much. Now i have a problem, upgrade to sm3 v2 or not. i'm wondering will there any great improvement when change to ALO CABLE OR remold it, If i upgrade to v2 and change cable, does it require any amplifer? I tried the pico slim, only slightly different.
  11. JamesMcProgger

    The Perfect Portable [a multiple choice poll]

    Let us have a poll to determinate the most desired specs and features in portable headphones.   Besides the sound, What are the most important features you look for in a portable headphone?   You can select more than one option, but please dont select them all, IEMs dont apply.  
  12. Pott

    Getting AT M50s in Europe?

    Only places I found them so far are amazon DE/FR but they're expensive (150 euros). Is this really the normal price in Europe or are they overpriced compared to other stores..? And of course since I live in Luxembourg of all places, no stores in the country carry them...
  13. poliact

    Audio stuff from Thailand?

    Hi all, will be heading to Thailand on vacation starting today. Was wondering any good shops nearby there to reccomend to get audio stuff particularly cables or headphones while im there. Based on what im gathered,theres a shop opposite pantip plaza whr they sell audio stuff and cables. Any...
  14. firefox360

    The Westone UM1/UM2 Appreciation Thread

    With alot of new Westone UM1 owners (myself included), and a solid amount of fans for the Westone UM2's, I thought it'd be appropriate to start a "Westone UM1 / UM2 / 3 Appreciation Thread"! I just received the UM1's today, and I'm awed with how great they sound, for the price I paid. They...
  15. dctrombly

    Building a Sennheiser HD 25

    Does anyone know if the 25 SP headband would fit on the 25-1 speaker elements? It's much cheaper to buy the parts from Sennheiser and assemble it. And which cable is best? Thanks.
  16. kiteki

    Custom IEM DYNAMIC driver reshelling service ≤ Ø14mm - $220

        I've been investigating the possibility of dynamic driver reshelling and contacting the various custom IEM companies on this planet.   Very few are willing to do it due to the nature of the proceedure, it's more complicated and they say it can take 5 to 6 times longer than a balanced...
  17. Taco799

    Suggestions for cable thump free in-ear earbuds?

    I am a college student and i walk around all day between classes, the last thing i want after coming out of math and putting in my headphones is to get a headache from the cable hitting my chest and stomach, and just ruining all the sound.   i am just looking for a pair of in ear headphones...
  18. DJDestroid

    Disgraceful Koss costumer service

    I tried to take advantage of the "Lifetime Warranty" on my Koss Portapro again as yet again the jack had gone wonky. I eventually got a hold of the distributor here in Ireland, TNS Distribution. I sent it off to them and don't hear anything for a few weeks. I eventually emailed them and they...
  19. aimSNAPfail

    upgraded b&w p5 cable

    Almost completed my cable upgrade for my B&W p5's and i figured i would just share my progress. DIY cable from double helix cables, as well as jacks.   a few touch up solder points and redoing some heat shrink to look pretty and im in business.   from what i listened there was a nice...
  20. twiztedjoker

    Futuresonics Atrios re-wire

    Hi i'm looking to get my Futuresonics Atrios re-wired cause its been a couple of years or so and the wire is annoying the hell outta me. I'm just curious if anyone has done this before, and if I should look out for anything important if I do end up carrying out this project. My main issue is...
  21. Swiftes

    Can I fix my JVC HA-RX 700's? (Possible blown driver, not sure)

      Yo guys!   Recently, the left ear of my rx700's stopped working :( thinking it was a cable issue, i recabled them. Whilst doing this, i discovered that the whole left speaker/driver unit doesnt work at all, like if attach the wires to the + and - theres no sound, yet on the right side...
  22. Bmxant

    Ultrasone PRO 2500 problem

    Hello all, I've had my Ultrasone PRO's since August 17th 2009, and recently the right ear has been cutting out. If I play with the earpiece for a while/adjust the band, it kicks back in. Is there any way I can fix this issue myself? I'm hoping it's just a wire or something small.   My Senn...
  23. JaZZ

    Want more bass from your HD 800? – Easy mod

    Actually I never found the HD 800's bass too weak, it rather had too much treble to my ears, particularly out of the box. Break-in helped a lot, and finally I could enjoy it, and it was the best (most honest/accurate/natural sounding) headphone I've heard. One day I was philosophizing about the...
  24. A

    Cases for Full Headphones

    Hey,   So i'm looking for Full Circumaural headphones that play jazz/classical well.   I've pretty much settled on one of three:   Beyer DT660 OR AKG K271 MKII OR   Shure SRH840   However, i'm still open to suggestions.   I'm looking for three main criteria in my...
  25. Amnesiac1

    SENHEISSER HD598 - Replacing the adapter

    Hello, I'm wondering how everyone feels about the adapter included with the Senheisser HD598. I've been using it to connect the headphones to my iMac and it's worked just fine so far, but would I notice a significant difference if I replaced the adapter with another one? I need a male to...