1. Sadiew

    Keeping my new headphones in shape?

    A few hours ago I purchased a part of Audio Technica ATH-M50 headphones after I was recommended to them for my music listening purposes. I got them at a pretty good deal from a Hong Kong based operation (which worries me that I won't even get them but different point all together) so I'm really...
  2. WyldRage

    Who else has known bad luck with their headphones?

    I've been looking back to all the my headphones that have been damaged, or had to be repaired/replaced under warranty, and I was wondering if I just had some bad luck with headphones, or if others has the same troubles.   Let me start with my headphone breaks and replacements history:  ...
  3. LFF

    Review: Fischer Audio FA-003 - a neutral champ!

    Fischer Audio’s FA-003   SPEC’S: › Frequency range: 10-26500 Hz › Sensitivity: 105 dB › Impedance: 64 Om › Input power: 120 mW › Length of a cable: 3.0 M › Color: bronze/black › Etc: additional cushions, 6.3mm screw-on jack adapter.   EQUIPMENT USED ON THIS REVIEW: Portable...
  4. lemon2

    Goldring DR150 vs NS1000

    Hello   I just got the Goldring DR150s, and the sound quality is good.   However the Goldring NS1000s have lots of extra features, like a detacheable cable, active noise reduction and closed-cups (I want closed ones)   Is the sound quality of the NS1000s equal or better to that of...
  5. Acorn Radio

    Audio Technica ATH-M50

    hello, im new here and would like some help on deciding what pair of headphones to get.   im looking for headphones for recording music, playing guitar through, and listening to music from my laptop at home or my zune on the go.   ive read alot of reviews on here and other sites for the...
  6. rontruong

    Anyway to check if my dt990 600ohm is broken?

    I just put on my dt990s and started listening to music and I realized that the drivers aren't balanced any more.  The right one is about 30% more powerful than the left.  It seems like the highs are affected more. I plugged in my dt880's and those played fine, so its not my source or amp.  Any...
  7. x3Luffy

    Looking for a pair of headphones (Newbie)

    Hello everyone, I'm new here and am a total newbie at headphones. I'm looking to pick up my first set of headphones and have actually looked around.    For now, I prefer the headphones to be able to play well without amps. I like more of pop rock music, however, don't really know how to...
  8. nicolasete

    Creative Aurvana Live! One speaker not working. (Troubleshoting help)

    * I have read the other old thread on this topic and does not have the answers i need and i have also read the Denon 1001 recabling thread.       Well, just 10 days after my 1year Creative guarantee expired the right speaker on my CALs has suddenly stopped sounding (no punishment, just...
  9. struts

    Lawton Audio LA2000 impressions

    Just received my LA2000s, had them about 72 hours now and had to share my initial impressions with you all. In short, these are quite simply the best cans I have ever heard. For me at least they make discussions of Sennheiser-versus-AKG completely moot. I ordered them unheard based on a...
  10. julianbell92

    Denon D5000 Cable Sheath Quality Concerns

    I've had my Denon D5000s not even 3 months, and only put at most 250 hours on them, yet I am already seeing the sorts of levels of damage/wear seen in the pictures below. The black outer sheath has actually split in the first picture, not just separated to allow the wadding through as is the...
  11. 12345142

    Audinst AMP-HP: impressions and reviews

    You might know Audinst for their HUD-MX1, a good-sounding and affordable DAC/amp. Well, they've recently announced the AMP-HP, a portable headphone amp. It's going to be released on June 17.
  12. Sovkiller

    Edcor 2020

    Does anybody had tried the Edcor 2020 headphone amplifier, I have the chance of have one in the past and the sound was not bad at all, of course I had no chance to A/B it at that time or now, against any other, and I would like to know other opinions about it, one thing is sure, is an...
  13. ardilla

    Integrated Amplifiers and Preamplifier with Good, Great or Excellent Headphones Output - Contribute to a LIST of amps!

    I've been searching for integrated speaker amplifiers/integrated amps that doubles as a great headphone amp, and now I am the proud owner of two such pieces. There are other threads that have tried the same thing, but not all threads are easily found on this site - and I've tried to formulate...
  14. aznx2high

    how does a Ipod Lineout Dock Cable make the audio output better than a audio to audio cable

    how does a Ipod Lineout Dock Cable output audio better than a audio to audio cable?   i have been looking about portable amps and i see people with their photo posted with Ipod Lineout Dock Cable   and i am wondering if it makes a difference.   please tell me what you think or know...
  15. ambchang

    W3 breaking ... what next?

    My W3 right earpiece is lately coming on and off, and it turns out the cable seems to breaking right before it enters the earpiece.   I am not really looking into a cable upgrade, but is looking to just simply fixing the cables themselves.   I have seen prices from $150 to about $500 for...
  16. Graz

    hd25-1 impressions thread

    Well, it’s been 14 months now since I first purchased the Senn HD25-1, and I just have nothing but love for these headphones… These’re the only headphones that I definitely use every day…at the office & on my commute. They’re virtually indestructible. I toss em in my backpack everyday...
  17. A

    Custom IEM socket issues

    Hey guys,   I got my UM customs (with additional drivers) from a warranty repair back today. The problem was that one of the units (right) had a loose socket which caused it to fall off the cable and crack. They've fixed it.   It took a long time, mostly because of postal issues on their...
  18. Spinlight

    Have I Damaged My M50's?

    So I recently got the ATH-M50s, but the straight cable was ridiculously long, so I braided it to look like But now I'm worried I've damaged that part right there since I didn't really pay attention to it before and last night, when I was touching it, it wiggled a little bit, left to right. Is...
  19. Adamora

    Disappointing AD2000 Build Quality

    First the thin earpads which i had to stuff with a breathing tube for fish, now the cables feel like one tug and thats it, kapoot, how the hell did this kind of QC get past Audio Technica?   By the far the weakest headphone ive purchased.   Anyone else with the same problems?
  20. 188479

    Upgrade Bug

    Hello All:   Sorry for the longish post, but I would like a little advise and thought I should give a bit of background.  My current setup is a PC laptop running J.River 16, mini cable to RCA into a Little Dot MK III (Voshkod 6ZH1P-EV Driver tubes) and then into my Audio Technicia...
  21. Tacoboy

    1/4" adapter that screws on

    .I'm looking for the 3.5mm to 1/4" stereo adapter that screws on, the headphone jack on the cords of my headphones is 3.5mm with the threads for screwing on the 1/4' adapter.  
  22. mooshimuushi

    ATH-M50 | Straight Cable --> Short?

    Hey everyone,   As the title states! Is there a way to shorten the straight ATH-M50 cable without damaging them and changing sound quality?    Thanks in advance :3
  23. thomaschacon75

    Grado SR 325i - Need Cable Repair (Again)

    I've sent them to Grado twice to have the cables replaced, paying $45 + shipping each time.   When I get them back, they're in pristine condition, but the cables fail shortly thereafter (less than a year). I use them daily, but it's not like I'm a sound engineer, using them 10 hours a day...
  24. agoston.berko


    makes it sense to change the original cable for PS1000 to achieve better SQ ? which you prefer ? please help. thanks   is it worth to buy JMoney Headband for PS1000 ? Anybody attached the PS1000 with the dark brown color ? Please post pictures ! Thank you
  25. Chaay

    Xbox 360, Sound Card, and Mixamp/DSS Help

      tl;dr: Can I get sound on my Xbox 360 from my sound card, and also get Dolby Headphone (5.1 or virtual 7.1) from the Ear Force DSS/Mixamp? I will be ordering the Xonar DG for use with this.   I have a couple questions about the best way to get sound on my Xbox 360. So right now I use an...